• 08 October 2010

    step 2/4

    step 2/4 is Ga-In's first mini-album. The song "Dorikil Su Eomneun" was used as the lead track. The song "Nitchell (Baby-G Mix)" is a new version/cover of Korean musician Saintbinary's song of the same name. All the songs on the album were heavily influenced by Tango music.

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  • 2012년 10월 5일 금요일

    Talk about S.

    Talk about S. is the second mini-album released by Ga-In. The song "Pieona" was used as the lead track.

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  • 16 November 2006

    Must Have LOVE (SG Wannabe Yong Jun & Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in)

    "Must Have LOVE" is SG Wannabe and Brown Eyed Girls collaboration single. The single was released as CD+VCD edition.

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  • 17 December 2009

    Uri Saranghage Dwaesseoyo (우리 사랑하게 됐어요; We Fell In Love) (Jo Kwon & Ga-In)

    "Uri Saranghage Dwaesseoyo" is 2AM's Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls's Ga-In collaboration single. At the moment of the release Jo Kwon and Ga-In were participating together as a couple for the TV-Show We Got Married. The song is a special Christmas release by the couple and all the profits were donated to charity.

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  • 21 December 2010

    Bad Temper

    "Bad Temper" is Ga-In second digital single. The song was intended to be included on her solo debut mini-album step 2/4, however due last minute changes it was left out of the project.Retrieved from "http://www.generasia.com/wiki/Bad_Temper"Categories: K-Pop (releases) | 2010 Digital Singles | 2010 Songs | December 2010 Personal tools Log i…

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