• December 28 2011

    White Night

    The idol singers will be given the task to sing songs by veteran singers, who will also judge the idols on their performance. "Immortal Song 2" will not result in any elimination and will compose of 3 components: singing, implicating own style into the song, and vibe of the show will be so that there is no pressure.

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  • December 12 2011

    The Reason Why I Live

    The 1st and 2nd episode of "I Am Alive" broadcasted on the 11th of December. "I Am Alive" is a horror drama about fighting with zombies after getting involved with them in a hospital after an accident.

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  • November 14 2011

    At the end of this way

    The track 'At the end of this way' is a piano rock style with a strong sound & romantic feelings.The 'Brain' is a medical drama telling the story of a few neurosurgeon professionals. The drama is written by Yoon Kyung Ah, directed by Yoo Hyun Ki, produced by CJ E&M, which was air its first episode on November 14 2011. The drama have some dynamic actors with Shin Ha Kyun and Jung Jin Young,…

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  • June 10 2014
  • April 07 2014
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