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5 Charismatic and chilling lines by Kwak Dong Yeon in “My Strange Hero”

transformed into SBS 'revenge came back "gwakdong kite caught in an inferiority complex Chairman, leave the' Analects blackened 'with seoseul conference batchin evil villain acting and can draw attention. 

Gwang Dong-yeon has a title as a new chairman of the SBS drama 'Revenge is Back' (Gwon Yoon-yong / Directed by Ham Joon-ho / Produced by Super Moon Pictures / And Yoon Seung-ho), and Seo Song Soo, who has a sense of inferiority. The revenge that has been reunited in nine years is confronted with tension and tension, and the anvil theater is getting more involved. 

Above all, Seoho envied her mother, Jung Soon (Kim Mi-kyung), who had a lot of souls, unlike her mother, who had to ignore herself and cheat. Moreover, I know that my favorite revision (Joe Boa) is looking at revenge more than 9 years ago, exploiting the feeling of inferiority accumulated in the revenge for a while, and showing 'Blackening Movement'. I also looked at the 'black 5', the best 5 ', which is making the fans who are interested in this related. 


1. “Aren’t I the one with the right to forgive? I’m clearly the victim.”

Seo, who has been appointed as the new chairman of the board of directors, has called for revenge, which has become an issue, to the school, and plans to put an end to the inconveniences that have arisen in the future. However, when the revenge was absent from the school, Seo commissioned a revenge job of 'revenge', and delivered the jailbreak to his house and invoked revenge. However, when the revenge refused, Soeho provoked that he had left the school, and he voiced regret that he had forgiven him for having committed a felony revenge nine years ago by grabbing Seoh's neck. Soho said, "Was not I forgiving? I am absolutely victim, "and he lied to me blindly that he was the victim of" the day "nine years ago. 

2. “You two will be having a hard time from now on.”

Seoh finds affectionate vengeance and correction in front of the house of Crystal and remembers his past that he could not reach even though he liked Crystal. Seo, who feared the crisis after seeing revenge afterwards, officially confessed that he would make Crystal happy, but Crystal declined firmly his confession. Moreover, the reason for the refusal is again revenge. At the end of the revision, Seo, who has hardened his expression, said, "Now I will regret the choice you made. It will be hard for you in the future. " He said that if he does not do that, he will remember him as just such a person, revealing a strong obsession for correction. 


3. “Don’t you dare do anything to her. I won’t ask for your help. If I can’t have her, I’ll break her myself.”

When Seo finds out that Crystal has a heart, Sekyung tells Seo that she knows about the existence of Crystal, saying, "Do you want to have such a child?" Surprised by a sudden gesture, Seo Ho rebelled against Seekyung for the first time saying, "Do not touch it." In the unexpected response, Sekyung tried to beat Seoho's face, and Seo, who blocked the hand of Seekyung, responded, "I am a sick man. In addition, Seoh said, "Do not touch your hand. I do not lend my hand. If I do not have it, I'll smash it with my hand. " 

4. “You two will never be happy together.”

After being rejected by the correction, Seoh, who gave a warning to me, reinstated Myung Ho (Shin fresh water), who had made a fraud with Kim for the sake of his elaborate resignation. When the angry vengeance came back to the chairman 's room and asked why he called Myung Ho, he refrained from modifying him. He said, "If the meeting of the student, Revenge and the teacher, is made known to the school, the teacher 's position will be jeopardized." Kang Bok - soo student, would you continue to do so with Mr. Soo - Jung? At the end of the meeting, Seo said, "I did not want to break up the revenge," and I asked him what he had done wrong. Seo, who wavered for a moment, said, "You two can never be happy." He gave a cool smile and exploded the tension with sharp eyes that confront revenge. 

5. “You should keep in mind that the more you do this, the more I want to get rid of Kang Bok Soo.”

Ivy Seminar, which was held by the parents of the parents, was decided to be the Ivy League champion. However, the objective evaluation of Park Sang-jin (Choi Ho-jin) led to the winner of the debut competition. However, Seoh, who got to know it, had overturned the championship team to Ivy class freely. So, after the quarrelship, Crystal, went to Seoh and protested against the winning team, Seoh stressed that it was an accomplice to be a co-star in the case of Myung Ho. She told me not to touch the revenge and the children, but she said, "You should know that I want to get rid of the gentleman." 


The crew said, "Kwak Dong-kyun is improving the tension and enthusiasm by acting as a villain, which is 180 degrees different from the previous one." Especially, in the last 18 broadcasts, Seoh has planned to make a forced transfer "I want you to see what evil Seo will do to the multiple couples in the future," he said. 

Meanwhile, after SBS TV drama 'Return of Revenge' has been expelled as a school violent perpetrator, Kang Bok-soo, who is twisted with life, returns to school by saying that he will become an adult and revenge. But, besides revenge, (Unusual and warm) emotional romance '. The 19th and 20th broadcasts will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 14th (Monday). 

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