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BTS shares their musical roots with young people and the production process of a work

In an intimate Q & A conversation in Los Angeles, the popular Korean group shared that they wanted to ‘transmit power’ to young people through music.

Undoubtedly, the Korean boy band BTS is blowing wind around the world. With four fireworks at the Staples Center and the second album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, the ARMY fandom has expanded and is increasing every time a new product is released.

Even so, despite the success of winning the heart of the nation’s most crowded and passionate audience, the group is still framed. At the present time, breaking the sales record and interacting with each other, it’s not easy to find a foothold in the music industry.

Along with the 200 lucky fans present, the “Talk to BTS” event Tuesday night at the Grammy’s Los Angeles Museum analyzed the framework through a few deep-rooted questions, and what motivates them to move forward.
This event has exposed many faces that we do not have the opportunity to see when they come to North America: not only the ARMY audience respects them by quietly listening to them all the time, but the BTS itself is very relaxed, with deep sharing rapper Suga with MC (just up to age 25) RM. Under the direction of Grammy Music Director Scott Goldman, these are what we know more about the group and the music release process.

At first, BTS prompted the CEO of Big Hit, producer Bang Sihyuk, aka “Hitman” Bang, to form the unique look of the group. “He has always felt strongly that we should sing about our own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. That is always the focus of our music, “Suga said, pointing to the crowd behind the translator. “When we were still wet, some members were still teenagers. I’m only twenty years old. We talk about the problems we have, and that has shaped the BTS today. “We want to be a way to help the world, “said the RM chief. “Mr. Bang wants to create music and artists like that. We want to try our skills and skills and some inspiration to support the world. ”


Suga reveals important goals for the group in 2018: writing deep, private songs with the intention of healing the younger generation. “When I think back to being a student, I listen to music a lot, and it’s a medicine for me and an outlet,” Suga said. “At the moment, teenagers, young people, are listening to music, but we and I personally do not feel that there are many really good and deep songs that can help them – and there is a gap. we need to fill. ”
And the topics are endless. “I do not think it’s limited to Korea,” he said. “Young people all over the world face pain, sadness, the same problem. That’s why fans and listeners can sympathize with our music. ”

 MEANING FROM “Music & Artist for Healing”
At the beginning of every BTS video, the Bighit logo always has a simple message: “Music & Artist for Healing.” According to RM, the meaning of the phrase comes from the days before its launch. They view it as a promise.
“We promised two things: We have to share things in our mind, and we want to be useful to the world … to speak up and show what the world needs,” says RM. “Life is basically irony and many ups and downs, in their teens, they are doubled. We are always skeptical of ourselves, sometimes we want to live, sometimes want to die, they change every day – even hours. ”
RM concludes, that statement is a promise to express “confessions” and to “help their friends and their lives,” through their music.

For BTS, music, and production are not necessarily music. “It includes dance, style, and a lot of other things,” Suga said. For a big corporation like Big Hit, we would have thought that the writing process was limited to the studio. Suga added, essentially, he likened the company’s music production process as a “song camp” throughout the year, where members would submit ideas to the State Director and each piece was continuously produced. non-stop production. According to Suga, Big Hit’s production team structure is relatively equal to the producers and members of the BTS will be fair to work together.
“If there’s a barrier between the production team and us, there’s no way we’ll be able to shape our music now,” he says.
When asked about how the group split up, rapper j-hope said that all members “always strive to do their job well, whether written or composed.” I am involved in this process that makes our music more sincere. ”


Maybe we will not remember Love Yourself: Answer is the ending for an era of BTS – an era to bring the most glorious success for the group. To commemorate this moment, RM has spent some time gathering all of the series up to now and sharing the importance of Love Yourself to their careers.
“Five years ago, when we were rookies, we talked about school,” RM said. “We’ve spent three albums focusing on that. And then we also released three albums towards youth. Of course, they have to grow up, right? We are no longer a student, and the worldview has changed. What we are talking about now, and the whole world to know, is love. ”

Thus, the birth of series breaking the series record of the group entirely based on an abstract ideal of love. “Man has fallen for love and is in love. Young people love it so easily, “RM said. “But one can not love another if they have not loved one before.”
Since then, the team and creative team have come up with the idea of a four-part series – with three albums and one video – about love, loss, and acceptance. “It’s pretty risky when we spend two and a half years on the Love Yourself series … But thanks to the fans, they sympathize and say that thanks to this album, they have more respect for themselves.”

Seven people, seven personalities, disagreement occurs naturally, but BTS members are always willing to listen to honest opinions, each other and the production team. As the top optimist in the group, it is no surprise that j-hope was the first to answer this question: “If we think something is not right then we will talk straight away,” he said. “For example, when you’re feeling tired and squeezing out your strength – as I said before, we can not be younger than before – we’ll say that then improve.”
However, the less thought is the proactive freedom to jump in to share their thoughts. “There’s also a huge improvement going on in the studio,” Jimin said. “Songs and melodies can be good, then once we start recording, there will be problems … we will gather and meet and then edit.”
According to Suga, what keeps the BTS in good standing and moving forward is mutual respect.

Asked if they had seen Kpop or Korean pop music as a genre – especially if K-pop had features that kept it separate from other genres. – Suga hesitated when answering the question. This.
“I’m a little cautious when it comes to K-pop as a genre because I do not want to define it as such, so I’m a bit wary,” he said. “But instead of approaching K-pop as a genre, I think it’s better to approach all aspects of the content in it. K-pop not only includes music, it also involves clothing, makeup, dance. All of these elements form a package of visual and auditory content, which makes it different from other music or genres.


Jin has provided an example to show how the visual element plays a role in the BTS product in the form of a mixed content. According to the group’s eldest, “The theme song will be the song that we feel reflects the unique colors and message of the album, so if you want to know the main message of a particular album, You can find the video of the theme song of that album. ” From then on we will understand why the powerful ballad “Epiphany” by Jin and the colorful idol song “IDOL” inspired the era Answer, through the ideal foundation of happiness, healthy is love myself.


The chatter ended with a brief but profound message to ARMY who brought a group from Seoul to the big US market and flew tickets to tour the stadium in New York. “The fans gave us wings so we could get to the position now,” V said. “So we are very grateful to them, and we know we are standing here because of their efforts.
Then, the youngest of the group – Jungkook ended the conversation by sharing his thoughts on the group’s recent wins. “Our success on the Billboard charts has shown us the position of the group as well as the accomplishments the group achieved, and that also led us to think more about the responsibility, how we should work. and how to make music.

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