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Bad influence of ultraviolet rays on skin


The warm winds on the cheek tell us that the spring has come to the full, but I can not love it. With the spring breeze, an uninvited person called ultraviolet rays is pointing out his head. There are many factors to skin damage and aging, but ultimately it is ultraviolet. 

If you are interested in beauty and skin health, you will know that ultraviolet rays are harmful to your skin even if you do not mention it again. However, they do not know exactly what effect they have and how they should be managed, so they are exposed to ultraviolet rays in a defenseless state. Let's look at the bad effects of ultraviolet rays on skin. 

◇ What is UV? 



Ultraviolet light is a kind of sunlight, which refers to light that is shorter than visible light and that is invisible to the naked eye. The German chemist JW Litter discovered by photographic action and also called chemistry because of its strong chemical action. 

The ozone formed by the combination of air and ultraviolet rays exists as an ozone layer in the stratosphere and serves to protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation is divided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, which are completely absorbed by the ozone layer. 

◇ Negative effects on skin

Ultraviolet rays are rays that cause chemical action enough to break down and decompose molecules of life. It is used for disinfection because of its strong sterilization effect. A certain amount of ultraviolet rays helps the production of vitamin D.

However, when exposed for a long time, it causes redness, pigmentation, and so on. In addition, it can affect various functions of the internal organs. In case of overexposure, it causes skin cancer. 

◇ Correct sun care method 



The most important thing when choosing a sunscreen is to consider both the SPF index and the PA index, which can simultaneously block UV-A and UV-B in ultraviolet light. SPF30 or above for light activity or indoors, or SPF40 or above if you enjoy leisure or long outings. Do you know that it is not free from ultraviolet light in your home or office? Please note that UV rays entering through the window can damage your skin. 

The organic UV blocking agent which absorbs ultraviolet rays and prevents skin damage by chemical method is good because it has no whitening effect. However, it should be absorbed beforehand 30 minutes before going out and fully absorb UV rays. If you want to have the effect of sunscreen immediately after your skin is soft or you have applied the product, choose a sunscreen that is called a 'weapon'. 

It is much more important to apply sunscreen several times than to apply thickly. Usually, every 2 to 3 hours to add sunscreen effect can be seen, 500 yen coin size is effective to reduce the size. If you can not wash your hands when you are outdoors, you can carry a portable puff or use a fact type product. You can take a tube-type product out of your hand and put it on a portable puff, so you can finish it with care without touching your skin.



Do not worry about

1 eye-sensitive skin! Triple-barrier sun cream SPF30 PA +++, a daily sunscreen that can be used with confidence for both sexes. Hypoallergenic test and non-nano test. UVA and UVB are blocked at the same time to prevent dullness and wrinkle formation, and whitening and wrinkle-improving function simultaneously solve skin care. The blend of natural ingredients from Isomien minimizes the whitening phenomenon that is unique to a weapon. It cleanses even with the first cleansing without secondary cleansing.

2 Atofamotokotopataru Sun Factor SPF43 PA +++ Sun Factor is safe and fun to use for children who are reluctant to apply sunscreen to their face. Skin irritation tests have been completed and 100% inorganic sunscreen ingredients have enhanced safety. Vitamin E and Panthenol moisturize and comfort the facial skin, which is easy to be stimulated. 

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