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FTISLAND’s Minhwan and Yulhee enjoyed a family outing!

FT Island Choi Minhwan and Yul Hee went out with her child.  
On the second day of the KBS 2TV 'Sommer Boys Season 2', scenes of Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee's wife went out with a child.

Choi Minhwan and Yul Hee went to the hospital to vaccinate their son. "I do not know who you look like, but I felt like a man. I wanted to be like me," Choi said in an interview with the production crew. 

Choi then headed to the shopping mall to buy his son's clothes. "I was not able to go out and had a date, but when I saw her excited, she felt good," she confessed.  

Yulihui was pleased to pick clothes, and at that time Choi Min-hwan's son stood up. Choi hurried to buy a diaper, and for a long while I was looking for a diaper corner.  

Choi Minhwan and Yul-hee ate cakes in the café, and Yul-hui was delighted that she was like "dating when I was dating a long time. But the two of them had no idea when their son started to cry. You have to wash your baby bottle to give your baby milk powder. 
Choi looked for a place to wash with a bottle. In the end, Choi Minhwan and Yul Hee went back home with tired eyes and glanced at the troubles caused by child rearing.  

Choi Myung - hwan 's wife Yul - hee boasted the girl group beauty. 

On the second afternoon of the afternoon, KBS2 'Saling Men Season 2' (hereafter, Salim Nam), the stories of the former and current idol Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee were revealed. 

Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee and his wife prepared to busy the morning for the second flu vaccination of their son Chan-yi (Choi Jae-yul) and went to thehospital . When he arrived at the hospital, he looked at the medical equipment with a strange eye, but he fell ill after the shot. But the doctor who looked at the expression in five seconds was astonished. 
The two people who were excited about going out of the tidal zone did not hide their disappointment even after the vaccination was over, and eventually they went to the shopping mall to do a shopping for their clothes that were not planned Yul-hee, who had not had much opportunity to go out after giving birth, made Choi Min-hwan, who watched him as he watched his son's clothes while he was shopping for a long time. Choi Min-hwan said, "After giving birth to Chan- chi, I have not been able to go on a date -dating date, but I like seeing Yi-hee excited." Yoo-hee hesitated for a while and immediately went into the store with a bright expression I tried watching the clothes you like yulhui was very happy, beautiful Beautiful 

Choi Minhwan has not kept a close eye on his wife's transformation. Among them, Yoo-hee said, "It is strange to wear a dress for a long time after searching for comfortable clothes ." Choi Min-hwan admired "it is really beautiful". But for a while, the happiness of the couple suddenly burst into tears, and the couple fell into confusion. Choi Min-hwan is the first car-chan physiology clothing store after the diaper was replacing, for chingeol distance the balls in the café to find 'Mamma' shed sweat. Eventually, the two returned to their homes without tasting dessert . On the same day, the story of Kim Sung-soo, who found a family-like manager's house, was also drawn. On the day when the cold wave broke out, Kim Sung - soo 's house boiler broke down. The woman was "too cold," muttering, trying to beat each other's body temperature and win the cold. Then Kim Sung - soo called the manager "I remembered how to do it." The manager told her that her wife was in her home, and Kim and her wife decided to flee to the manager's house. I found a place to stay until the boiler was fixed. The manager 's house was three minutes from Kim' s house. 

It was a sudden visit, but the manager said, "Stay at home like home." Kim Sung-soo and Hye-bin were hit. In the interview, he said, "It's 30 years with Kim Sung-soo," and he is more friendly than his nephews. "So the manager offered Kim Sung-soo a hot drink and let him drink. The boiler was able to rest comfortably at home of manager who normally operates.

but the manager prepared a deliberate meal with freshly cooked rice, but without the meat, he had a healthy diet made with fish and vegetables and brown rice. The manager said, "It is not good for meats to eat meat," saying, "It is good for eyesight if you eat a lot of mackerel ." I watched the meal and pointed out how to use chopsticks and eating manners. Hyebin said, "I do not know whether or not to eat rice," I was dissatisfied, Also visible cushion was restless seemed to sit in. 

Kim Sung-soo bodeon noticed after a meal is to push forward their own two dishes, but the manager watched his appearance as a restless eye continues to be a nagging hagetdamyeo (the dishes) his own living room, Kim Sung Soo I spent. in fact, the manager of Kim Sung-soo will also dishes to clean is also deowotdeon the dishes of Salim heodang Kim Sung Soo US filled with clean Salim M for completeness. 

The manager then turned the cleaner and started mopping. Kim Sung-soo and Hye-bin were uncomfortable, but the manager repeated the words "Stay comfortable" to Kim Sung-soo. "I felt shame and wanted to go home and get back home," he said in an interview. Kim Sung - soo 's manager went to bed at 10 o'clock in the night and led two men to bed , and Kim Seong - soo , who had a nightmarish meal, secretly ordered chicken and ate it. Hyebin said, "I felt my father's preciousness today." But soon the two of them heard this from the manager, and they heard it again. Eventually, they left the letter saying thank you to the manager, "I will collapse because I'm uncomfortable" and headed home again.

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