Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently talked about how she felt about her upcoming movie “Monstrum,” her public image, and more.  in  News

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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently talked about how she felt about her upcoming movie “Monstrum,” her public image, and more.

When you group a girl, the public thinks it is pretty and bright. Hyeri, a girl from Death Girl, is a star that perfectly matches the conditions. Such a hyeri was wearing rags and his face was more black. I have not seen a mirror. Hyeri, who met the mountain girl, laid down 'joy' but it looked pretty good. 

'Mulgok' is a film about the struggle of the strange beast masses and the people who chase him who appeared suddenly in 22nd year of the Joseon Dynasty. Hyori took the role of the daughter of Yoongwang (Kim Myung Min) Sync rate with the character was significant. Even so, he still said he wanted to resemble a man. 


▲ It's the first movie. How did you look at yourself on the screen? 

"Before I saw the movie, everyone around me said, 'I will not see the movie and I will only see you.' I felt 100%. It was the first time I saw it at the premiere, but I was so nervous that I saw someone who was not there. It was the first time I saw my face on the big screen. I was feeling completely different from that time. It was like when I first appeared on TV when I made my debut. "

▲ Is it definitely different from drama? 

"I did not expect anything like this. The screen was definitely different from the tube. When I shot this, I thought I shot each detail one by one. In the meantime, if you only felt fun when you were watching a movie,

▲ It's my debut, but it's the first time I play the drama. I think the burden was big. 

"The genre of the drama was unfamiliar, and I wonder if the drama can come to me. It seemed like we met an unknown world. I heard a bit of a bad feeling first. Rather than being a creature, I was overburdened with the historical drama. So I thought I'd have to make a character personally. " 


▲ Actually, when I was acting, it was not a situation where I saw a bullion. Did you have any difficulty in getting emotionally involved? 

"I usually read like a novel when I read a script. But when I saw the 'bull', I was reading it while imagining. I thought that was fun. Actually, when I imagined it, I did not know the mass was so big. I thought about the size of the elephant, but when I went into filming I was bigger than I thought. Especially when you take a full shot, you can see different people. It was difficult to keep breathing like that. The person who wears the tights band was wearing tights and he gave me an opponent, but he acted like a real bully, so I became immersed. "He was wearing a rag dress very well. 

"Is not the blessing of the young woman at the end? (Laughs) If it goes well, it is a success. Originally, I had many images, so I was wondering how I could reduce it and show them as a person. I would rather have heard that you are not giving up on your appearance. " 

▲ I mean the public image is old. What do you mean?

"Ansen?" (Laughter) I also had an artistic feeling, a singer, and many things I wondered if I could get buried in the historical drama. Unlike other actors, the first thing I know of the public is 'real man' and then 'answer' 1988. I also work on Girls Day. I think I was worried that it would be dispersed because there are many fields of activity. " 

 I think that I took a lot of practice with the character who shoots the bow well. "I used to bow archery at the 'Awakening' (Idol Star Athletics Championships) once upon a time. I just said that we should learn to play archery as a playful idiot, but I did not know it would help (laugh). The first image I thought about this movie was the bow. So it was so cool. When I first practiced bowing, I asked my teacher where I had shot it. I do not think it was hard because I liked it. When I went to the action school for the first time, I got excited and called 'I want to shoot another one' I practiced with the feeling of playing rather than feeling like working.

"I live in a mountain of people in the pole, so I tell my father, 'I can not read books anymore.' That thought was wonderful. I can live with my father in the mountain and settle down to reality. The person wants to see more of the book and wants to go where I need it. I also have a willingness to challenge any one of them when choosing a work. I felt like that. It felt cooler than the sync rate was high. I would like to do that, but it does not seem easy. " 

▲ As I said before, I was challenged when I chose the work. What did you want to challenge through" Waterball "? 

"The medium of film was a big challenge for me. At the time when I chose 'Mulgil', I had about 8 months of work and term. I had a lot of trouble at the time. It was when I asked myself 'What should I do?' Of course, I do not have a comfortable role, but I can not relax in a little comfort. When I think of myself, I think I was more willing to challenge myself than to say, 'This is not about people being good at this.' It was the opportunity to make this work. I think it was probably after the 'overtake'. I did not do anything at the time. I worked for five or six years without a day off. If you think that you want to do better, I think you need a rest in your head. So 'bulging' is a big challenge for me. " 

▲ Do you feel burdened by the evaluation of smoke stones? If expectations are high, you might get bad evaluations. Do you care?

"At first, I do not think so. I'm passionate when I try to think of 'How can I not swear?' But when it comes to listening to the evaluation, I feel tremble and fear. I can show the public somehow not satisfied. I guess I can not help but keep on working hard. I worry too much about the bad evaluation. But when I think about it, I'm the one who made it. I think I can change that. I think that there are a lot of things missing in my first movie. It is my duty to make more effort and change. My heart is sore and I am hurt, but I will accept it with the best of heart. " 


▲ I was worried when I was working without rest. 

"I thought it would be a big deal if I took a break (laughs). I had an obsession that I was going to have to do something during a day or two when I was active. But I just want to rest for a month and I want to rest for two months. And the things that I was worried about, the things I kept thinking about and dreaded, did not do anything. I think I can catch my mind as the space that I can think of in my head empties little by little. I used to think it was a waste of time to let go of time, but it helped me. I feel good when I feel comfortable. It's been two years since I realized it. There are some people who are afraid of not doing anything, but I think it is a good rest to be able to do other things enough to be lying in bed without any thought. I do not have to quit my job (laughs) "

▲ I was worried that the images would be dispersed, but I think it is not easy to achieve in many areas. 

"It is so nice to see that. I'm not the one who originally planned the future. Then I choose something good at that time. So I have never felt a big regret. I think I'm going to make it. That way, I would be very happy if you look pretty as an entertainer or a singer, and love a movie as well. I want to show a better view than satisfied here. " 

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