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Girls' Generation Tiffany's debate over Debt

Debut of the debtors of the family's debt victims is continuing. Among them, the victim of the fraud by her father Tiffany (Tiffany Young) appeared. 
"I lent money and lent it back, but I did not get it back. I gave up for 10 years and gave up my courage," said A, who was the first to know Tiffany's father Hwang Moo in Manila, Philippines in 2007. 

"The last contact with Hwang was in April 2008. After that, I tried to make a lot of inquiries, but I was not able to get in touch with him. I heard that Hwang had been in a big accident three years ago, "He said. 

"Tiffany and his elder brother know about this incident," said A, who recently recalled his past incidents by watching the celebrity family's "debt" incident. 

Mr. A also posted an article on his bill on the Korea National People's Petition bill on the same day. 

A said he paid tens of millions of won for his business to Hwang in the post, but he insisted that all of the golf course receipts Hwang said were fraudulent. He added that he had been threatened by Hwang's acquaintance, saying, "I have put a person who has been living in a systematic violence and his juniors and once again threatened me and gave me no money." 
He also explained why he confessed that he was late, saying, "The world has changed, and now society has become a world in which people can freely talk about events that have happened to celebrity families. 
The following is a letter from Mr. A's national petition. 

I am Kim Yeong-ho, a 79-year-old living in Cheonan, Chungnam. 

**** *** My father is a victim of fraud. 

In September 2007, I met LEO Hwang ** (59 years old) with his acquaintance in Manila, Philippines. 

At the time, Hwang **, who graduated from Yongsan High School, 

immigrated to the United States following his father, who was a general,  and joined the US Army. He joined the US 

Embassy in Yongsan and served as a military officer  

He said he would take over some of the US military facilities in Subic, Philippines (Subic Bay Golf Club, Majestic Hotel, Forest Hill Village and Subic Airport). 

At that time, Hwang ** had 

established and operated a company called Rio & Rio Group in the Tectite Building in Orissa, Manila, Philippines  

I will visit the Subic Bay Golf Club, Majestic Hotel, Forest Hill Village and 

Subic Airport, which will acquire and operate Hwang **. I will  visit the two times and rent a shadow house in the Subic Bay golf course for a deposit of 50 million won. Of the total. 

In addition, in the case of filing and acquisition of mining rights and mining licenses in the Philippines, a total of 35 million won was paid to a person with a monthly salary of 5 million won, 

However, the acquisition of Subic Bay Golf Club, which Huang ** talked about, was all fraudulent and did not have the ability to take over, nor did it apply for mining rights, mining licenses and heavy equipment rentals. 

After that, I demanded the return of the money I had paid to visit Subic Majestic Hotel, where Hwang ** was operating. Then Hwang ** called me to his office and put a gun on my desk and I will give him money to wait. I have spoken. 

Day as I returned to Manila in the Philippines at the time of the incident Huang ** Korean Internet sites Peel Café 24  

In addition to informing the fact that fraud happened to Huang ** as the author name of the site, including Naver and Daum  

happened to sulfur and sulfur content Fraud ** * * Filipino address and contact information, photos of driver's license, photos of Huang ** I photographed directly by Subic and records of telephone conversations. 

A few days later, 

I will be returning all my money because of the writing by my assistant, Song Ji -  Files and so on. 

I did not want to do anything until I got all the money back, but at the time I was staying at the 1707 A-Dong Twin Tower Building in Wackak, Mandaluyong, Dong 1706 residence) brother and sister, and I have also deleted all the photos, photo files, etc. that I wrote and believed and promised to return the money. 

Immediately after I deleted the post and photo and the recording file, I received 2 million won from Orgas Seven Money Exchange through Hwang ** 's secretary Songje Doo. 

After that, I met Hwang ** at Karaoke, which was owned by Hwang **, Blue Moon in Malate to get the rest of the damage, but Hwang ** said he would give me only 20 million won instead of 32 million won Of the Filipino acquaintances of Hwang **, I put the people who had been living in the name of organized violence in Korea and his juniors and threatened me again and gave me no money. 

Since then, I have returned to Korea and lived through numerous crimes. 

Before going to the Philippines, Hwang ** was deported as criminal penalties for many crimes  

in Korea and could not enter Korea until 2012. 

I also saw the connections and strength of Hwang ** while I was in the Rio & Rio group where Hwang ** was running. 

Actually, it happened in Lee **** group office in 2007. 

Late in the afternoon I went to the office by a call to Huang ** and went to Manila International Airport with Huang **. 

At that time, Hwang ** told me that a heavy-duty guest came in from Japan. 

The name of the person was **. 

** was a person who was wanted to be a major crime suspect in Korea at the time. 

After arriving at the airport, Mr. Huang met me and greeted me at the office. He gave me a ** passport and gave me an order to issue a visa to Mongolia. I was surprised to receive my passport. 

The photo of the passport is right ** but the name was different. 

I was helping Hwang ** to come to the Philippines through Japan with my fake passport and then go back to Mongolia. Soon afterwards, I was released to Mongolia. 

What could I have done to Hwang ** who could do this? 

What I can do is give up. 

I have met *** in 2007 and 2008 *** when I came to the Philippines. In addition, in the request of Hwang **, I made a phone call with *** for *** laptop (Sony Vaio Pink) problem and after that I have to call my house at Cheonan *** I also talked with my mother. 

(The notebook is delivered to the buy **** by another acquaintance of Hwang **, not me.)  

After a long time of 10 years now, there are worries and fears about talking about these things again. 

I am sorry for *** personally. 

But the world has changed, and now society seems to be a world where people can freely talk about the events that happened to the family of entertainers. 

I will not upload the contents of the accident history of other obscene cases or other victims. 

I think other victims will read this article and make their own judgments. 

I have written about all the things I have written, heard, checked and confirmed. 

If I have any false facts or have defamed a person's reputation, 

I will also take any punishment  

Hwang ** I am not a world of 10 years ago and not of 10 years ago. 

Please contact us at 010 - **** - **** and solve it. 

Many people who have suffered fraud damage to Hwang ** should also encourage them. 

uploaded images.


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