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Hyun-ah leaves the Cube and the Pentagon remains


After all, Hyun-ah leaves the Cube, and the Pentagon remains. 

The openness of public devotion is strong. Hyun-ah, who has been a member of his team and has been playing the same team, is still enduring the harshness of open devotion. Once Hyea has left the agency Cube Entertainment, who has been in the company for 10 years. The way of the idon has not yet been decided. 

CUBE ENTERTAINMENT has agreed to terminate the contract with Hyeon-ah on the issue of hyeon-a and hyeon's departure from last month on the afternoon of the 15th. "Thank you again to the artists and fans who have been together so far," said a short stance. However, there was no official announcement about the progress of the artist. 

In the end, it is the appearance of Hyeon-bung on the recognition of the devotee with Hyun-ah. In particular, Hyeon Ahn has been showing off his dating photos on SNS through the SNS, and Hyeon who leaves Cube is adding more support. # On August 2, Hyun-a ♥, an enthusiasm → My high-speed wife Hyun-ah and Ion focused on my eyes on August 2, At that time, Hye A and I continued to make the comeback activities of Triple H, so more attention was focused. The two of them were also the cube 's future, adding to the suspicion. Immediately after the opening episode of the agency, "Hyun Ae and the Pentagon," he immediately denied the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm. It was a front refutation to the report that it was growing love for several months. # On August 3, Hyeon-ah ♥ admits admiration .. "I wanted to be honest"



But one day the situation changed. Unlike the fact that he denied his devotion strongly, saying that he was "unfounded," Hyeon-ah and Ian revealed their direct devotion. I wanted to be honest with my fans. Hyun-a said she was nurturing nude and love through media interviews. 

In addition, Hyun-ah, through SNS, "I really wanted to be honest, I always wanted to be cheerful and watchful fans like me always happily on stage, thank you very much, but there is no way to express more" And revealed his devotion to the world. 

The agency said, "Hyeon-ah and the fact that the direct affirmation of the devotees, I was late," a false report was made due to communication errors, please look at the meeting of the two candid people affectionate, "he said. # Hyeon ♥ ♥, admiration admiration hyeonhae and the father's admiration admiration was strong. There were two more fans who were fighting with their support fans because they were enjoying their triple H activities and they were attracting more attention. After that, Triple H canceled the fan signing, and suddenly canceled the music broadcast. In particular, he did not participate in the Pentagon's comeback activities.


After the acknowledgment of hyeonhae hyeonyeon last month on the 7th Pentagon fan cafe, "I was right and wrong before my choice to do this, and I talked to the members several times before I decided to make a decision, I chose to be honest rather than bigger because I chose it because I chose it and I wanted to stand in front of you. " On September 13, Cube "Hyun A ♥" decided to quit → Discussing "Disappearance" In the end, Cube Entertainment decided on December 13th to release the artist, Hyun Ah, I have worked with mutual trust and faith as my top priority. After a lot of discussion and deliberation, I decided to quit the two artists because it was not possible to recover trust with the two artists, Hyun Ah. " Hyeon was a stunner for fans because she has become a star of Cube Entertainment as a successful soloist since she made her debut with Poinmin. The Pentagon, which is also belonging to the Pentagon, was also on the rise, and the announcement of Cube 's withdrawal shocked fans. However, the Cube side said in a seven-hour period, "I have not decided on the announcement of the exit of Hyun-ah and Ian." The Cube said on October 13, "We have not yet made an official decision on the matter that Hyeon-ah and Nyeon will be removed."



# On October 10, Hyeon-a ♥ After dismissing the dating photo

debate, Hye-a turned out to be one of the most popular people in Korea. As an idol singer, it was a public devotion that was not easy, and after many admiration, I had a lot of twists and turns. 

Hyeon-ah has released several beautiful photos of dating and dating, and fans have been cheering. 

# On October 15, Hye-ae Cube and a

dating photo released After five days, eventually, Hyea was separated from the Cube. Cube Entertainment officially announced the termination of contract with Hyun Ah. However, he did not officially mention whether he was leaving with Hyun-ah or whether he would be terminated. 

In the end, Hye-ah was leaving Cube Entertainment in 10 years. As Hyun-ah continues her unique journey as a solo singer, fans are leaving Cube to cheer for a new start. 

As the separation of Hyun-ah and Cube is decided, interest is also paid to the movement of the next.

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