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Kim Tae Woo’s agency responded about his father-in-law appeared on the Blue House website

Kim Tae-woo got 'debts' (debts too, I was a herd). Kim Dae-woo, a 26-year-old man who lent money to his father, said he had not received it. 
On the 13th, the bill on the National People 's Petition petition on the 13th of the day said, "I am accusing the god Kim Tae - woo, the father of Kim Oeo, the wife of Wife Kim Ari." 

The author claimed that his father borrowed money from an apartment loan in 1992 and lent money to his father, but he did not receive it. The author's house eventually passed on to the auction, and the author's family added that Kim OO had to go into the ring house of the Yeonnam-dong where he lived. 

The author who claimed that Kim OO escaped to the US while his father was working in Andong complained at that time and recently Kim OO has come to Korea from the US but he is not suspending the prosecution. He insisted that he did not meet them. 

The author said, "I have experienced many bad experiences that I would not have experienced until I lived in Daldong, and I hate Seoul so much that I hate it. "Kim Tae-woo and Kim Ae-ri are urging Kim OO to contact him, and promise that he has not been able to keep for 26 years. . 
On the other hand, god Kim Taewoo is married in 2011 and has 1 male and 2 female. 

Next is the Blue House National Petition.

Kim OO, in 1992, asked my father to buy a nightclub in Seoul and asked him to borrow money as an investment, but he refused several times that he did not have any money. But he kept asking me to borrow money and he said that he did not keep the money. So now he wants to borrow your house as a security and ask him to borrow it. 

In the endless rejection, my father made a loan from 'Choheung Mutual Savings Depository' as an apartment collateral. As soon as he got the loan, Kim OO took the money to the loading river OO and took it out. One or two months after I borrowed the money, the principal is not even given. 

So why do not you give me money? Kim OO says that now the company is in a lawsuit with Konkuk University. 

I waited and contacted that the apartment was going to be auctioned. So I told him that Abuji went to the Kim OO office in Yangjae-dong, Seoul and went to the auction house to find my house. You are here. 

Eventually, the auction came in, and I remember that my house had a red ticket stuck at my house, and then I moved to an apartment where the apartment moved. I remember when I was young, but my dad went with a red tag, and I saw a red tag on the TV and household appliances in the house, and I told my mother that she should not take it off.

So, I was living in that house for 9 months while I was living in that house for 9 months. My father asked me to go home several times and visited Seoul several times. I did not want to ask for it but I did not find it. I will move in the month. It was a very nice mansion and it was a three-story house. Kim OO lived on the second and third floors, and the first floor was ringed, and when I got there, I lived without gas range at first. My father had to commute to the Kim OO office from time to time to find the house somehow, and he stayed there and monitored it. 

Meanwhile, Kim OO made a food company in Andong, and his father and Kim OO's Load River OO reside at Andong factory. While my father was living in Andong, I moved out of my house and we moved away. . So, our family of four made a dowry in the inn room. At that time, I was in the second grade of elementary school, and I remember going to the back door at the inn and going to school. 
After all, I went to the Kim OO company and started to get angry. At that time, Kim OO gave me 10 million won for the money, and asked me to get a house where I would get a monthly rent of 100 million won. So at the end of November, 1994, I went to a villa in Donggyo-dong, and I moved to elementary school.

However, I did not pay a monthly rent after moving, and I received a monthly salary of two million won for one year and six months working in Andong. We had to cut off the school that we did not have money, and because I was away from the school, I went to school in a voyage car. While my father was working in Andong, Kim OO flew mainly to the United States. 

At that time, my parents, who had no way at the moment, arranged their house and got 3,000,000 won to go down to Busan to save the room. Kim OO and the rivers OO were sued by the eastern subdivision. The river OO was investigated, but the victim was the victim and all actions were directed by Kim OO. At that time, Kim OO was accused of escaping Han Sangtae, I thought Kim OO had recently come to Korea from the United States, but I do not think he was suspected of prosecution. 
I have contacted Kim OO through my acquaintance in Seoul, who know all of these facts several times.

I have had many bad experiences that I could not experience from going to Seoul to living in Daldongne, so I hate Seoul so much that I hate it. There are too many bad memories of sexual harassment and similarities at a young age. It is because of the lack of money for the head of a family living well. I have to invest .. I do it quickly. I'll pay you back soon. I'll give you the house as a security loan. Let me make an urgent complaint. I would like to punish Kim OO, who has been steadily buying fraudulently for the rest of his life. 

My child was like that and I lived well. My house was broken and my mother had a sore job from day to day. My house was day, night, girl and me and my sister. I had to be a mother since I was 8 years old. I can not tell because my parents know it is hard even if there is hard work, and after I have suffered so hard, I have bought my house right now, and my mother will be knocked down by cerebral hemorrhage. 

It was the 4th blood cancer, and I received the 3 month sentence, but did not give up until the end and saved my mother. 

My father worked in the evening and I sleep 1-2 hours a day. I went to school by going to school and nursing my mother in the ward for over a year. My mother is paraplegic in the upper right half. I did not have the university that I wanted, and my dream had to be folded, and the house that I bought at that time was eventually a house full of debt, not a whole house, .

There was that house, so my mom could have cured it. Until it became a body, the money that was earned by bones became eventually ill, and the hospital which had not been able to go for several million won came to hospital bill of a few billion and there was no insurance at the time. However, the child of the Kim OO con artists is living so well, and I am so angry that my house still lives hard. 

Even now, I hope Kim OO will find the house and apologize to my father sincerely. 

Kim Tae Woo and Kim Ae Lee should contact Kim OO, and if you are a promise you have not kept for 26 years, please keep it now. If you want to be a parent who is not ashamed of your child, please be sure. I have a child with three children and I have no choice but to be a father who does not show up on the face of such a child. 

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