Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Seon Ho, Moon Ga Young, Ahn So Hee, Shin Hyun Soo, and Kim Ye Won have been confirmed to join “Waikiki” Season 2  in  News

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Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Seon Ho, Moon Ga Young, Ahn So Hee, Shin Hyun Soo, and Kim Ye Won have been confirmed to join “Waikiki” Season 2

Kim Sun-ho · Lee Lee Kyung · Shin Hyun-soo · Moon Young Young · Ahn Sohee · Kim Yee-won 'Waikiki 2' confirmed

JTBC New Moonwoo drama "Eraga Tea Waikiki Season 2" (play Kim Ki-ho Song Ji Eun Song Dong Bum Seo Dong-bum, director Lee Chang-min) will come back with a stronger honey combination.

'Wait for the first time in Waikiki Season 2' ('Waikiki Season 2'), the official 'laughing vending machine' for Lee Seung-joo, Kim Sun-ho, Shin Hyun-soo, Moon Dae-yeong, An So- do. The "Warakata Tea Waikiki" broadcast in February was filled with the generous energy of the youth, the delightful laugh that is full of complexion, and the reality that gives empathy, and it was loved by viewers as a new concept youth drama. It is a novel episode that transcends imagination. It is a hard act that does not live on a solid script, and the actors who amplified the laughter with the hard carries, and the sensuous production which coordinated the smile sharply make the perfect triple beat every time, . 


Since the end of the season, Waikiki has become a true youth drama with rediscovery of popular actors such as Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Jung Sung, Seung Won Jung, Jung In Seon, Kwon Won Hee and Lee Joo Woo. Meanwhile, 'Waikiki' crews are re-intrigued, and they are pushing the audience's expectation to the season 2 production. The combination of Kim Sun Hee, Shin Hyun Soo, Moon Ge Young, An Soh Hee and Kim Yee Won, who will lead the new energy with Lee Kyung, who has been greatly loved by hard carries in season 1, already stimulates expectation. 

'Rea Cha Cha Waikiki Season 2' is gathered again in the guesthouse 'Waikiki' where the waterfall of the hostage is flowing, and delightfully depicts the challenges for friendship, love and dreams of youth. In the first season, Lee Joon-ki (Lee Lee-kyun), who has twisted college alumni, is now in high school alumni. It is noteworthy that what will happen to the winners of the youthless guesthouses' Waikiki,  

The first victim, Lee Jun Ki's twist, was taken over by Kim Sun-ho. Caries is an aspiring singer from the 'nameless stone', and the world is not even craziness. I will go into the plan of Junji and invest my entire fortune and come into "Waikiki". Kim Sun-ho, who has led the box-office gangster with a variety of performances ranging from 'Jinji and Comic' to 'Kim Dae Jang', 'Strongest Delivery Agent', ' It is forecast. 


The laughing bomber who created the legend every time, Lee Kyung-eun holds the center of laughter with "Waikiki 2" with Lee Jun Ki. It seemed to see the light, but when Joonji returned to the living actor again, he pulled out the crampons and the Gobong to raise the Waikiki, and the struggle without wind began. I can not wait to get a nickname of 'Jim Carry of Korea' in an infinite transformation that does not buy me a body, and Lee, who left a character in life, can not wait for another laugh to raise the expectation for 'Waikiki 2'.  

Shin Hyun-soo was the victim of the victim, who had fallen to the sweet temptation of Junji. Gibong, who once was a promising baseball genius, is now reaching the bottom of his life by investing in Waikiki. Shin Hyun-soo, who has been drawing various faces of youth through 'Youth Age', 'My Golden Life', 'Twelve Night', made a powerful smile bomb in the 'Waikiki Season 1' with fitting model with foot- I have dropped it. Shin Hyun-soo, who has shown outstanding comic acting, is going to visit viewers after he prepares 'Navel Stiller' in earnest.  

The first love of the 'Waikiki' youths, who were filled with purity, Su-yeon, who suddenly suffers from a disastrous day on the wedding day, is destined to dwell in Waikiki, jumping into Rebecca's nomination. Expectations will be amplified to what kind of laughter the new transformation of Moon Geul Young, who paints diversely into various genres ranging from 'Unprecedented Exhibition', 'Witch Watch', and 'Jealousy Incarnation' 

There is also interest in the transformation of Ahn So-hee who has accumulated various figures as an actor by the movie 'Busan Line', drama 'Heart to Heart' and 'Anthuraji'. Ahn Soh-hee is a drama comeback for three years, "Waikiki Season 2," and is a motivational and feature-length drama film. It is going to play a full-fledged role in the aspect of Ojirapuruga crush which can not pass through the dirty and unfamiliar character to the dull personality which does not have the first degree. Finally, Kim Yu-won joins the tea ceremony of the Chunsun tea ceremony. The glass that dreams of the second Baek Jong-won is the top predator of "Waikiki", which carries not only the caries but also the Junji and the Gibong. Kim Ye-won, who has been working in various ways without limit, has been well received as a thriller 'door lock'. From comic to thriller, Kim Ye-won, a non-controversial acting actor, will emit another charm and boost the explosive power of laughter. On the other hand, 'Seungrakcha Waikiki Season 2' will be broadcast on JTBC in the first half of 2019 following 'Snowy'. 

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