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Memorable, straight-out-of-a-romance-novel lines from “Romance Is A Bonus Book.”

 'Romance is a separate appendix' underlined and want to pull out again as the bloodline is boiling the hearts of viewers. 

TVN 's drama' Romance in the Annex 'appendix (Nanyang) and Cha Eunho (Lee Jong Suk) finally made the first kiss. The emotions of the two people, who were piled up in a row, met in one place and offered a sense of irreparability. Two people who know each other's heart after a long history of knowing sister and brother. 


As the most important part of the romance of the court was the delicate emotional change, the ambassadors expressing heartfelt love and the essence of love left a great resonance. So, like a poem in poetry, I have pointed out the history of 'Romance is a separate appendix', which underlines it like a sentence in a novel and unfolds it again. 

# "Cha Eunho book, I can see the new sentence." The change in the

relationship between Myeong Dae-ja , which revealed the change of the pulpit, was the beginning of Cha Eun-ho, but the only decisive room was the change of heart. After he knew the truth of the car, the car that had begun to approach the man as his brother knew, the pulpit started to show other things. The nervousness that came to me in front of Seo Jun (Lee Hoon Joon) which I thought it was a long time came to Cha eunho. To the pulpit, Cha Eun-ho was like a good book for a long time. "I take out at any time" and "I read many times to read the whole sentence was a book" was. It was uncomfortable to Cha Eunho who was comforted, comforted by the crisis of life, and who was able to reach out on the spot.

"I keep seeing new sentences. I do not know how many of the sentences I missed, I read completely new, "he said." The book did not change. The person reading the book, Mr. Lee, changed his mind. " At that moment, the pulpit realized that his mind had changed toward Cha Eun-ho. The ambassador expressing Cha Eun-ho, who has been in a long time together, was a differentiating impression that only LOTH can deliver. It was a sentence that added to her change toward Cha Eun-ho who waited a long time for her heart. 


# Like "I do not know when the season changes," the tea toward the pulpit, Ho's thoughtful confession

, my girlfriend asked, "Do you love the pulpit?" Cha Eunho calmly confirmed his mind. As long as anyone knowing Cha Eun - ho is natural enough to notice, the love of Cha Eun - hoo infiltrated into his life. 

Cha Eun-ho had a good time even when he put out the love in front of the pulpit. When asked about whether he liked himself from the pulpit, Cha Eun-ho said, "Do you know when the seasons change? I do not know when the moment of spring has come to spring, I do not know when I like my sister. " The cold confession of the tea, which was a change to the seasonal changes, left a deep sigh more than any words. "I like it. But I do not want to force it, so my sister can do it now. I did not have any trouble while I liked my sister. It is not love that is not so tangy, nor love of life, "I confessed lightly by trying to love me.

Even the moment of confession, the car that thinks the mind of the pulpit is the consideration of the favors. The car, which express deeply the mind and effortlessly expressing it, made the thoughtful confession of love more immersed in his love. Moreover, the lyrical expressions that only Cha Eun-ho, who said to express his love for the "beautiful" expression, captured the hearts of viewers. 


# "Hard to bear the day," the pulpit, and the heart of a fascinating moment to meet the heart! 

How many days were there in the history of Koh - kung, There was a day when I could not control the day when I felt helpless because I could not do anything while watching the tears of the pulpit. 

Rather than revealing deep love because of "I can not easily meet and break up," it was Cha Eun Ho who waited until the heart of the pulpit came to my mind. Since the gaze was always directed toward the pulpit, it was Cha Eunho who noticed the change of the pulpit first. When he realized that the pulpit's heart was shaking, he could not stand the emotions.

Cha Eun-ho, who is hard to hide his heart and laughter, said, "Sometimes there is a day like today. It is a hard day to bear. I have to put up with it, I have to put up with it. " It was a moment when the long history of the two went to the real romance chapter. The heart-pounding car, with a word of favors and a short kiss, painted the emotions of the two piled up with irritability. Finally, as the pulpit ascertained the hearts of each other, the expectations of the other sentences of "Romance in a separate appendix", in which the delicate emotions are panned out and the pilgrims are poured out, are expected. 

On the other hand, 'Romance Supplementary Book' is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. 

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