NCT’s Lucas, Jungwoo, and Kun, who made their official debut in NCT with the group’s “NCT 2018” project, joined @star1 for an interview and photo shoot.  in  News

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NCT’s Lucas, Jungwoo, and Kun, who made their official debut in NCT with the group’s “NCT 2018” project, joined @star1 for an interview and photo shoot.

NCT can expand the world view and act as any combination. In 2018, 18 boys gathered for a large project called 'NCT 2018'. 

 Lucas, Jung Woo, and Kuhn, who made their debut in the company, appealed to their charm with their freshness and purity. "NC Rookies," formerly known as the pre-release debut team, took a little face stamp and made a debut, and fans who were waiting for their debut came back to the album "NCT 2018 EMPATHY" Be careful. If skill is good, if it is luck, if face is face, if anything, there are three boys who will not fall, will sneak sisters heart.


Q'NCT 2018 EMPATHY 'activity is finished. 
▲ Lucas _ I have a lot of personal activities and I am having good time. 
▲ Kun _ I have a lot of private practice, and I practice singing and dancing hard. Lucas, WinWin and Seth came to China. 
▲ I am doing a lot of private practice. I want to do various musical works as well as dancing and singing. 

Q I have learned a lot through my first half year activities. 

▲ Lucas _ I saw a lot of good looks in this activity (laughs). I have a lot of fans too. I am a little worried about how I can show a better appearance in the next comeback and how to meet expectations. 

▲ Kuhn _ I was very nervous about this activity. It was more fun than nervousness. Also, I think that I was able to work more happily because there were many members and strength. 

▲ Jung Woo _ I learned a lot through this activity. It was just the beginning, so it was time to learn more about what to practice and how to study dancing, singing and gestures. 


Q: I am curious about the favorite song among the Q members' NCT 2018 EMPATHY album. 

▲ Lucas _ I would like to mention "BOSS" (boss) of course. It's my first debut song. 

▲ Kuhn _ I'm a Chinese version of 'Without you' (with out). It's good to hear my voice (laughs). I like 'Black On Black' and all the members together.

▲ Chung Woo _ I like 'Boss' and 'Black on Black'. 'Boss' is a debut song and 'Black on Black' was good because I could show the wonderful stage that 18 people gathered together. 

Q Why did the three members dream about the singer? 
▲ Lucas _ My mother liked non-seniors. I wanted to be a nice guy that my mom likes. 
▲ KUN _ I really liked music since I was a kid. I like to sing, I've been writing and composing since I was a high school student. Also, I thought that it was cool when I saw the stage of exo senior, and I wanted to be a singer in Korea. 

▲ Jung Woo _ When I was an elementary school student, I watched music broadcasts and I became interested in dancing. I wanted to go to a school and learn to be a singer. So I saw the audition. 


Q: I would have been happy with my family and people around me when I saw my activity after debut. 

▲ Lucas _ I liked both my friends and my parents and cheered me a lot. I continued to support that I would be able to do this well. Parents did not object to what they wanted to do. If he was not a singer, he would be a fireman. My body was solid and tall, so I thought firefighters would fit well in my job and I was a dream when I was young. 

▲ Kun _ Everyone cheered me a lot. I did not object when I passed the audition and suddenly came to Korea. I told my parents about a week before I went to Korea to get an audition and I did not know I was auditioning. I was surprised to say that I had to go to Korea.

▲ Lucas_ Audition My mom was really surprised that I had to go to Korea tomorrow after receiving a passing grade. 

▲ Chung Woo _ My parents supported me a lot. He always told me to work hard again. 

Q Lucas has auditioned his agency with three poses with a good-looking appearance. If you have the most confident part of your handsome appearance. 

▲ Lucas _ I have the best eyes that resemble my mother. Because my mother 's eyes are really beautiful. 


Q How long has Kuhn and Lucas been learning Korean, the members will be very helpful. 

▲ Lucas _ I think it has been about 2 1/2 years. I still have difficulty in Korean. I'm learning hard. 

▲ Kuhn _ I learned for three years. It took about half a year to learn, and I was able to understand it, and from a year I could speak slowly. 

▲ Lucas _ Jung Woo-hyung helped me a lot. Make a mistake and fix it. 

▲ Kuhn There is a Lucas word. 

▲ Lucas _ When I say it, there are so many charms that the members follow the tone. 

▲ kun _ "me, I have to fight", "me do not know" I'm so cute to say that way, the members follow. 

Q What was the first Korean word Kun learned the most? 

▲ Kuhn _JTBC Lucas showed in 'I know you'. All foreign friends in SM will be the same. "Hello, this is SM"

▲ Lucas_ I need to practice Korean so foreign friends order when I order a meal by phone. 

Q It seems that if there are eighteen people working together as an individual or a unit, the vacancy will also feel great. 
▲ Lucas _ I have a chat room and I feel like I'm always together. 

▲ Kun _ Right. If someone comes up for real-time search, put it in the group chat room and praise it. 

▲ KIM Woo _ Take care of each other There is no time to feel the vacancy. 

▲ Lucas _ I do not feel a lot of vacancies by practicing together sometimes. MBC 'real man 300' when I went to shoot the members told me to work hard. I know you saw him when he came out.


 Q What else is there in addition to music that you have recently become intoxicated with? 

▲ Jung Woo _ I'm in a lot of exercise these days. I like sports like soccer and basketball as well as mobility. If you see Gyeonggi again, go out and do some exercise. 

▲ Lucas _ I do a lot of exercise. These days I'm working hard because I want to make my back muscles beautiful. 

▲ Kuhn _ I want to go on a trip and look for a lot of travel videos. 

Q Lucas has recently become an entertainer, but his Korean skills are still poor. It was not difficult to appear in the entertainment program. 

▲ Lucas_Korean I have a lot of troubles. I want to talk more when I broadcast, but it is so difficult to express in Korean. I want to let fans know a lot about me. I'm really learning Korean for good.

▲ Jeong Woo _ I like Lucas's Korean ability right now. haha. 

▲ Lucas_Korean seems to have a bad look even if I say something wrong. 

Q I am living in a hostel, but I can not get to know the life features of the members. 

▲ It is a good place to clean up the house. As soon as I go out, I open my clothes and wash and eat. 

▲ Lucas _ If I move, I think that Jung Woo-hyung will pack everything in five minutes. It looks like a soldier. Haha 

▲ Kuhn On the contrary to Jeong Woo, Lucas has a lot of luggage. 

Q It sounds natural, but the members seem to be very intimate. 

▲ I wish I had a brother like Jung Woo _ Lucas. 

▲ Lucas _ I'm really funny because I have different personality. 

▲ Kuhn _ I have been together for a long time and I have become a habit. 

▲ Lucas _ Right. It's like a real family. 

Q Where do you get strength when energy is depleted? 

▲ Lucas _ I get strength from my family. When I was a trainee, it was hard when I thought of my family. 

▲ Kuhn _ Me too. I get strength from my family. 

▲ Right. I get strength from my family or members. 


Q Why not try your own appeal? I am curious about the hidden attraction that fans would not have known easily. 

▲ Lucas _ I'm surprisingly quiet and thoughtful. 
▲ Right. It's a more conservative style than I thought.
▲ Lucas _ I always show happiness but sometimes I am still. 

▲ Kun _ I have a lot of younger siblings in front of the camera, so I'm trying to catch the center. But the hostel is funny and funny. 
▲ Lucas _ I'm really cute. Maybe fans do not know. It looks so cool at first sight. But if you know it is so cute. I just want to help you with this. 
▲ Kun _ Jeong Woo has a lot of charms. When I ask you to make me food, I am just fascinated. 

▲ Jeong Woo _ Here is the unexpected charm of my mind. 

Q It is also the owner of the nickname "I am dead", which is the charm of an absurdity. 

▲ Jeongwoo _ Ion drinks? I want to be a clean and clean person. I like the fact that I am innocent. 

Q Have you ever wished to work with any combination of members? 

▲ I think it would be fun to work with you. The fans call it "Lucky Three People." Three hours of practice together is long and I think synergy will explode if I do it like this each other. 


Q I want to hear what Lucas, Jung Woo and Kuhn want to show.

 ▲ I want to grow up well not only in the right side but also in the power of NCT. I will do my best to show my fans a good look.
▲ Lucas _ I'm still young. I want to grow up with my fans. I always want to be cool. 
▲ KUN _NCT says "To The World" when we greet each other. Like our greetings, I'll show you all the NCT members all over the world. 


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