"Taste of Love" the figure of Kim Jung-hoon and Kim Jin-ah getting close to each other got on the air  in  News

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"Taste of Love" the figure of Kim Jung-hoon and Kim Jin-ah getting close to each other got on the air

On the TV drama TV drama "Love Taste" broadcasted on 1, the figure of Kim Jung-hoon and Kim Jin-ah getting close to each other got on the air. 


Seo Su-yeon and Lee-philomo's couple were drawn. Seo Soo-yeon took the car directly to pick up Lee, who was waiting for the end of the schedule. Then he contacted Lee, and he said naturally, saying "Su - Yeon - ah".

As soon as I saw it, I was greeted with pleasure. After looking around, he said, "Let's go to Pusan" and go to Busan for one night and two days at 9 o'clock at night. Soo-yeon called her mother and tried to get permission to leave her home, and she said, "Please change it to me." 5G development. Lee said, "I will go safely, I will go to my accommodation, and I will take care of everybody." 


Forty minutes before the train ride, the first unexpected trip began in earnest. The train ran abruptly, and on a romantic night train, I headed for Busan. Lee looked at his suit and asked for a change of clothes. I took my clothes and I was ready for a full course trip to my sister and my car. "I'm ready to show you more," he said. "I'll show you everything I want to live," he said. 

When I arrived at a guest house prepared by my friend, the owner asked me, "Do you two sleep together?" I was laughing when I looked at the large room and was sorry. She went to see the sea in Busan, renting clothes to the owner of the house. She looked happy as she watched Soo - Yeon, and she was happy and happy. I took pictures of fireworks in Busan, followed by my first photo, and enjoyed my first trip. 


Inevitably, everything from eating to sleeping. The first night of the trip, the time to break up through the wall, I was greeted by a good night greeting the handshake to the regret. However, the two men, who were still in agony, lined up and talked to each other. It was the taste of the first night of the trip which is more exciting tomorrow. 


Kim Jung-hoon and Kim Jin-ah were drawn. Kim Jung-hoon trained directly to Jin A who practiced the novice driving, and decided to eat the meeting in front of an offshore of Incheon. Jina was wet with appreciation from a restaurant with a view of the sea at a glance. On the other hand, Kim Jung-hoon has been disturbing those who have watched the blunt message that destroys emotion. 

But the atmosphere changed when the ordered drink came in. Jin-a is an unbelievable poignant force, showing bombs, as well as a whirlwind, and surprising everyone. Looking at her reminiscences, Park said, "You are the one who drank some alcohol." Jina's charming liquor expert who makes smiles come out of the way. Kim Jung-hoon, too, knew that he was "cute". 


At that time, Jin-a had Kim Jung-hoon come to the bathroom for a while, looked around like Mearcat, and brought a gift box in the car. Then Kim Jung-hoon shyly shook his head and said, "I can not do it." I threw away the gift box and ran away. The box contained sneakers. I found out that Jeonghun was the sneaker that gave me the care of Jin-a during my first meeting. Jin-ae's heart became a couple sneakers. Jin-ah also came back to see the sneakers that Jung-hoon bought, "I bought my paycheck," I was ashamed. Kim Jung-hoon was unable to keep an eye on the gift he could not even think of. It became couple shoes that made two people 's hearts into one. 

Kim asked how she knew the size, and she was nervous that she was "not big and fine" as if she was in the snow. "I wanted to ask about the size, but there was no way to contact me," he cautiously mentioned about the exchange of contacts. Looking at Jinta, she said, "Cute." And she said, "You are really funny." She showed a kindness to cut a shell in a mouth size that Jinta could eat. Jinya stared at her.  

Kim Jung-hoon said, "I am not like this guy." He said, "I heard a lot of words that were obscure from ancient times. I was angry because of that." It was the sincerity of Chun Jung Hoon. Kim Jung-hoon said, "I met a lot of people to meet me, I was more important." I was lucky and said, "I tried to meet someone who understands it, I was a coward." 

In his earnest appearance, Jina silently listened to me. Kim Jung-hoon said, "I wanted to change more than anyone. I wanted to change it. I did not want to change it." "I do not know how my efforts will be accepted. I do not know myself, but I will try to change." 
To Kim Jung-hoon, who had difficulty getting out of his story, Jin-a understood "Jeong-hoon". When Kim Jung Hoon mentioned the age difference, she said, "I could not feel the age difference  
." So, Kim Jung Hoon said, "I am, too" and "I thank you for telling me" I looked and smiled. The shy person who walked in the beginning of love was a drunkard of two people. Thanks to this, the distance between the hearts of the two people is getting closer. 

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