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The movie 'The Bad Police'

Through the movie 'The Bad Police', I met a former Sony who played a one-shot girl with an unforgettable impression. In the movie, I changed my hair style a little but I could not keep an eye on it because of the atmosphere changed to a really pretty face. In the movie, a spoken word was like a thick piece of wood, but when I actually interviewed it, it seemed like a rippling spring, and it was reflected in a clear thought. I was a friend with deep and healthy thoughts and a healthy mind.


Q. I know I made my debut on the screen through the movie 'Bad Police'. Give me a little more detail about yourself. 
A. I'm 91 years old. 'Bad Police' is my first commercial and feature film. It was my first time to work with other people and work with a lot of actors and staffs, but it was the first time I had a bad police officer. It may seem a little short and tiring, but it was a precious time that I learned a lot. 

Q. Did you see the first complete movie of the movie 'The Bad Police' in the press? 
A. Yes. I did not know that I was so nervous that day, but later I could not remember the details of that day. I was curious because I was curious. When I saw it on the first day, I did not know it, but I just saw it. 

Q. What parts do you like? 
A. I am ashamed, but it was the first time I played in a scene that was so well made, and it was the first time I saw such a result, and it was amazing that I looked like real in the movie. The scenes I did not appear were scenes that I read through the scenes, but I watched them for the first time. I do not know much about my acting yet, and once I'm done with the publicity, I try to think a lot while watching the movie again. I want to thoroughly summarize the thoughts of 'Do not do this next time'. 

Q. What image do you expect to get as an actor through this movie?
A. When I was young, I was greedy and had a lot of worries about who I was and how I would be. However, when I was working, I thought that I did not know until I was shown in front of the audience or viewers even though I could define or prepare the image. So I wonder how those who have seen this movie will accept me. 

Q. How did you start acting? 
A. I honestly do not remember when and when I wanted to do it. Later, when I asked him, "What was the trigger for acting?" I thought about what I would answer and liked to see books, play and watch movies from my childhood. I was comforted in such a fiction. So I thought that I would like to do something to make such a world by doing work or learning. When I see a movie or a play, the role seems to be alive, and I want to be alive. Compared to before I went to the show, it seemed that my breathing and rhythm were different. When I came back to the way I went, I felt strange and the world seemed different. When the audience was applauding after the play was over, I seemed to be tired and tearful, and it seemed nice to be applauded so. So I think that I want to have a good influence on other people since I was young and it seemed to naturally lead to a dream of acting. When I first wanted to postpone and wanted to study properly, my mom did not allow me, but I was able to learn properly while preparing for entrance exam.


Q. How did you start acting that you wanted to do? 
A. At first I was greedy. I want to know too much, and I want to know about movies and plays that other friends know. Rather, it seems that now is not enough. It seemed that it was not a sticky style. I do not have a clear answer, but I keep trying hard, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable and sometimes frustrated. But when that time passed and I went to the scene, it was so nice when people gave me a role. I felt like it was a tremendous job to do my best while we were together. 'You are doing such a great job!' I also had this idea, and then I found it difficult to know. Then again, when I start another work, I feel frustrated. Even though it is a repetition of this process, it is not boring, but it keeps feeling different. It is a persistent personality, but I have to continue to like it. 

Q. Is there any special support from your mother who was a member of the original girl group 'Barney Girls' in acting?
A. I do not object to what I do. I do not think it's a style to ask and it is a style that I let go and leave. Sometimes I think that I want to be anxious or someone to stabilize me, but it does not seem to be able to do this. When I'm with my family, just being at ease seems to help. My mother wants me to go through everything and find out the solution on her own. When I was in college, I did not want to worry too much, and there was a time when I was sad, and even when I was worried, I did not answer the question and asked me to do what I wanted to do. There were also times when I was thinking. But now I get used to it and I rather worry about my mother. (Laughter) 

Q. The costume was a training suit from the movie 'Bad Police'. Was there anything I missed in the costume? I think I could show a lot more images if I put on various costumes. 
A. It was good to have one style. One of the costumes and the staff were worried all together. During the pre-production period, many costumes have been chosen for the time. I was so happy that I did not have to worry myself because I was worried about how to express the psychology of the role. I worked with feeling a lot of gratitude for helping the staff to look like Mina all together. 

Q. Were you also trained in action before filming? Is not it hard to shoot action?
A. I had never experienced such an action in my life, but the process of learning and preparing the action was also fun, and I thought it would be easier to do action than I thought while shooting. Because there is a fixed sum, there is no sense of anxiety, and it is safe to follow along without making mistakes. Action exercises have been based on basic fitness and I have practiced practically. The right thing is not just right. It may be inconvenient to be seen if it is done without preparation, and it must be put together to be able to fit without being injured. I did not have much interest before I tried it, but when I was practicing, it was not only limited to action that was cool and colorful, but also related to the flow of emotion and expression. I wanted to learn more about the action because I was thinking that I would be a weapon that I could use all the time if I learned.


Q. I heard that the bishop was offered a role without watching the audition. What aspects of the work have you attracted and how did you become a part of the director? 
A. In the work, Mina's figure came up attractive. Mina did not hesitate to move and speak according to her own thoughts. Mina had a pulpit and was a bold friend. I thought that it was envious and nice, and I chose to work. When I first met my bishop, I asked what I liked about this work and what was wrong about it. He made the story seriously and he listened earnestly to me and gave me respect. I seemed to treat the work with sincerity, so I thought I could trust and rely on it. He believed me a lot on the field, he let me know how to adapt, and when he needed to, he was able to help me a lot. 

Q. Both the bishop and Lee Sun-kyun actor seemed to be both friendly and unfriendly styles. 
A. So it was rather good. It would have been really burdensome if you were willing to give consideration to everything because you were a newcomer. Other seniors naturally gave me my colleagues and I was grateful for the conversation when I made the scene. After that, it was good to be able to ask without any hesitation or curiosity, and I learned a lot while looking at the attitude of the seniors to the staff. Even though I am sensitive, I especially learned a lot about how to treat and treat people who work together.

Q. In terms of new actors who just started acting, there are too many roles and genres to do. 
A. There are so many things I want to do, so I do not think about any role, any genre, any story. In the future, I want to play a role or a story that my heart can do best. I want to do a lot and have a lot of opportunities. When I was young I wanted to be greedy and envious of what I was seeing. I think that I can not decide what I want to do by genre or content because it is constantly modified, changed and raised from the first time I meet to the screening. 

Q. Have you ever thought about becoming an actor? 
A. I just want my body and mind to be healthy and enjoyable for a long time. I thought it was important. It is like a world that is hard to be healthy, so I think that I should keep good with me and patronize it and stay with me. 

Q. The movie will finally open tomorrow. If there is a story that you want to tell the audience who are not interested in watching the movie? 
A. It seems like there is a lot of fuss before our movies. So, it seems to be a lot of different points than expected. I think I would like to see it rather than guessing it with material or plot. I am a strange face and it seems that it will be easy to accept my acting without any sense of difference. In such a way, you can comfortably see your child. I want you to look at me. 

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