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U-KISS’s Jun talked about U-KISS, UNB, and his upcoming solo debut in Japan

U-KISS Jun will go on solo after his debut. This is the result of five years of debut.


On April 14th, an interview with Jun has been held on April 10th, when he will be releasing his solo debut album "Phenomenal World" in the interview room of Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul on April 14th.

Joining Eugene's new youngest in 2014 at the age of 18, Joon was 23 years old. The 23-year-old Jun's new challenge in 2019 is a solo album release in Japan.

"I wanted to have an expectation of whether to do it in Japan or in Korea. The first solo was deliberate. I do not know what Korea is going to do, so I'm preparing everything. "It took five years to release the first solo album after debut. It feels good to be recognized. I think it is the result of practicing hard for 2 ~ 3 years. "


As for the solo instrument, "Japanese staffs" thank you for your hard work. Let's do it well. " If I did not work hard, they would not think so either. I can be proud of myself. I wanted to be good then, so I worked really hard, "he said. I think it's a good thing that I can do things in a lot of places that I can and can do. "

Jun's solo debut album 'Phenomenal World' will be released on April 10th. Prior to that, on February 4, a showcase commemorating the release of the album will be held at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Tokyo.

The album was originally scheduled to be released in February rather than April. The release of the album was postponed due to the fact that "I want to prepare perfectly," and the process was difficult.

The title song 'Phenomenal World' means 'fantasy' as it is a title. I had a theme of talking with myself in the mirror. 

Jun said, "I am looking forward to challenging the music genre that I have not done as a Yukie until now. It was a challenge to me and all the staff.


Song's choreography was made at the end of a discussion between Jun and Choreographer. It is a rapper of U-Kiss, but there is no rap in this song. I emphasized dance with new musical genre.

In the song 'Never too late', Joe emphasized his charm as a vocalist rather than a rapper. Unlike the exceptional title song, it is a good song to listen while walking in the spring weather.

On this day, Jun emphasized his 'child' aspect. During the interview, he said, "It's not too hard."

Although he is 23 years old, he is said to listen to people around him.

Except for the concert, Jeon has never played a cute song after his debut. "The fans say they want to see a cute stage that they can do at a young age. I would like to challenge if it is an opportunity. "I watched the music broadcast and the stage of MXM was pretty. Donghyun also looks good with bright and cute. I also thought that I should live like this for a cute song. The feelings that I felt when I listened to the MXM songs and the feelings I felt when I saw Dong Hyun were similar. It is also pretty cute for Xeop X's, "he praised.

Jun said, "I do not want to be very bright. If you usually start with a bright one, you want to have a sexy style. You and I can not wait. I want to do something cool but not cute. "" It's cute to do anything. " It is cool, but I'm always talking about being cute in your age. "

Recently, Jun has been tested for simple mental ages. The results were in their early thirties. Joon refers to Yoon Bye-chan, a 97-year-old boy. "When Chan is talking to me, it seems like he is talking to you. " He said to me, 'I am young and I do not know if you look old.'

Both Yuki and Yuenbi are Zun's team, but the atmosphere is very different. Jun said, "The U-Kisses are totally quiet, and U and V is high tension. Even when practicing, one can not properly judge a piece. If you have a U-Kiss-type brother, you will get your opinion in 2 ~ 30 minutes, and you decide to make a song, and suddenly there are other stories. " When I'm with you, I get tension, and then I clean up in the middle. Ho-jung and his brother, "Please do practice," he catches. I have been practicing for a long time since I was a child. It is fun to practice. "

The final activity of the U & V, which was formed through KBS2 'The Unit' last February, is the final concert 'UNB JAPAN FINAL CONCERT ~ THANKS UNME ~' in Osaka and Tokyo on the 25th. 

In April and June after the formation, he made two albums, but he finished his activities in Japan, not in Korea.

Jun has been cautious in responding to questions about u and rain. "Actually, I am sorry," said the queen. "The group was born in Korea with the vote of the unit makers. I thought that I wanted to give back to Yu and Mi (U and B fan club) as much as I received, but during the one year activity period, I really think 'how much I should return it?' " I am very sorry for them too. The last concert in Japan was really appreciated, but it would have been better if there was a place to greet in Korea properly. I went on a long trip but I feel like I can not say hello to my parents. I'm really sorry. Yu and Rain are not happy that they can not finish their activities in Korea. I feel sad when I think of those who are as sad as we are. "

However, there are a lot of changes due to 'The Unit' and the u and rain. "If the 'The Unit' is over and you are not U & Rain, you will not be welcome as much as you see the 'The Unit' on the air. It is not my job, but is cheering. "If you listen to the news that you are coming to the broadcast, I will support you while watching the broadcast." I am also busy with you and non members. Hansol type is preparing a new kid album, and the dictation type is dancing hard. Dae Won Lee is a fan meeting, Ujin Lee is a brother of 'Sombody', Chan is preparing for such a thing, and Marco is preparing for his brother. Members are busy and there is not much time to practice until I go to Japan. Actually, I feel very well because I am busy. I wanted to do that, so I went to the 'The Unit' and it's nice to live as it is. "


Above all, Zune gave thanks to the fans who supported him. Yukis was the fifth Japanese to appear on the Oricon chart with his eighth Japanese original album "Glory," released last month.

Regarding popular factors, Jun said, "I always listened to the 5th place on the Oricon Chart when the album came out. I have never been one. "I think I did not get good grades because I enjoyed doing things I like and I enjoyed doing lots of things." "It is not because U-Kiss is not good, and because there are many people who support him. Just because the members of U-Kiss are always enjoying and showing their bright appearance, I think that the fans come in friendly and cheer me. Even if it is not a stage, it is always fun if we are together. "

Jun got many domestic fans and foreign fans through U-Kiss and Yu-Bi. Especially, the cheering sound of Korean fans is about to come out of Inyear.

"Korean fans are enthusiastic no matter what they do. It screams so much that you can not hear the sound of music being heard in the music broadcast. I feel good, but my fans are worried about my neck condition. My ears are not so good, so I put the biggest volume in the ear, and I pierced it, "he said." I was surprised when I ran the newcomer at the 2018 MBC performance. I am thankful that someone is cheering for me, and I am very happy, but I am worried about my neck because of the fine dust. "

"Japanese fans are very focused on the stage. There are also people who gather their hands and keep watching me while I am playing ballads, and there are people who close my eyes and listen. "When performing in Japan, I was amazed not only in Korea but also in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Brazil. . I am very beautiful and proud to be there to cheer and enjoy playing with someone who loves and wants to cheer for a few hours. I also felt that I needed this kind of mind when I did something. "

It is a challenge in various fields such as acting, arts and painting, but the main business is singer. After long years of practicing life, YooKis, Yoo, and non-activities, I made my debut five years later, and the results of my practice came out of the world.

June's solo debut 'Phenomenal World' will be released for the first time on February 4th in the showcase of solo album release at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Tokyo.

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