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Viewers got a peek at the supporting characters for JTBC’s upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now”!

'Clean with Passion for Now', you are expecting a lot of performances by Mpreep. 

JTBC's monthly drama 'Clean with Passion for Now' (director Jong-chan Nojongchan, dramas Han Hee-jung, production drama house, Oh Hyung-jae) will be released on the 26th following the 'Beauty Inside'. The characters of the actors Yoo Seon, Kim Won Hae and Kim Hye Eun I released the still cut. 
The "asymptomatic time" healing romance that the CEO of the clean-up cleaning company (Yoon Gyun-sang) who is clean than the clean one is more important than life . 

Yoo Seon, Ahn Seok Hwan, Son Byeong Ho, Kim Won Hae, Kim Hye Eun, and others. They bring a warm and pleasant energy to the side of youth to empathize with a realistic appearance. 

First of all, Yoo Seon, who is proud of his smooth acting ability, appears as a perfect assistant secretary for the first time. To be recognized by the preeminence of "perfect man", the job is a perfect secretary without any leeway, and it is indispensable to the princesses of the prefecture. But when he returns home, he is a fool and a working mum that is disarmed by his son Jarong. 


On the day of the show, it is also revealed that there is no gap between charisma and the appearance of the streamline that overwhelms the curiosity. As a result of 'perfectionism', Yoon Gyun-sang, who met as a secretary of 'all-rounder', and his chemistry also raised expectations.

Kim Won Hae, who emits a certain presence in any character, is divided into Gap Gyeong-tae of Gil's sol. I left my wife first in an accident and worked as an environmental observer in the ward office service and raised two brothers and sisters alone. I am a housekeeper who goes out to the night for my family and cleans me around the apron every morning. 

Kim Won Hae, whose acting itself is 'Honey Jam', will sometimes catch the hearts of viewers with a deep smile and sometimes deep emotion. Song Jae-rim and Yoo Sun's Rooftop Room Choi, Kwon, along with Secretary Gil Goto is also a new character not in the original. Expectation that a certain character will be born with a specific performance is anticipated. 

Kim Seung-hyeon is also waiting for another transformation of Kim Hye-eun, who adds crucial strength to the box-office bustle by crossing the genres to 'Mr. Sean Shine' and 'Hand the guest'. Kim Hye-eun, who had previously exploded with madness, has shown explosive reactions in her new work, "Clean Up Once". 

Here, Ahn Seok-hwan and Son Byeong-ho, who do not have the limit of transforming from charisma to delightful villain, raise their expectations. Ahn Seok-hwan was a soldier-led down-bulldozer, and served as the grand-father of Cha, who became a godfather in the construction industry. 

Son Byeong-ho will show off his comic couple with Kim Hye-eun, who disassembles 'Plum Wishing' into a cute poet. The filmmaker said, "Once you get clean," the production crew said, "The depth of sense that amplifies the comic acting and consensus of solid actors in the field, "And added," Synergy with young actors such as Yoon Gyun-sang, Kim Yoo-jung, and Song Jae-rim is perfectly perfect. I hope that the actors who will add vitality to the drama will do their best. " 

Kim Min-kyu, Hakjin, Cha Inha transforms into a 'cleaning fairy' that infinitely infuses youth's energy and takes on a pleasant laugh at the house theater. 

JTBC's monthly drama 'Clean with Passion for Now' (Directed by Jong-no Jong-chan, Hae Hee Jeong, Production Drama House, Oh Hyungje) will be released on November 26, followed by 'Beauty Inside' Kim Min Kyu, Hak Jin, Cha Inha's still cut. 
The "asymptomatic time" healing romance that the CEO of the clean-up cleaning company (Yoon Gyun-sang) who is clean than the clean one is more important than life . Since the popular webtoon of the same name is the original work, interest in casting was hot from before broadcasting. The actors who confidently gave their name to only Yoo Sun, An Seok Hwan, Son Byeong Ho, Kim Won Hae, and Kim Hye Eun, who had a fire in expectations, completed the lineup that was kind enough. In addition, Kim, Min-gyu, Jin-jin and Cha In-ha, who have personalities and acting skills, join the "cleaning fairy" The members of 'cleaning elite', a cleaning agency operated by Jeon, have secured a solid fan base with various charms even at the time of the original series, and they are highly anticipated for their activities.

The dynamic figure of the "cleaning elves" who show off their irresponsible aura in the public photos increases the irritability index. First of all, Kim Min Kyu plays a pure Taekwon boy 'Jeon Young-sik' who is desperate in love. Way ohsol brother roads ohdol of (yidohyeon minutes) taegwondobu seniors in jeonyoungsik will crush purity woman Lee, Dong - Hyun (hakjin minutes) I want this to love enough to the incident to say 'fairy clean, seemed challenged the banhaetdaneun and a 100% It is a net. Gilseol and 'cleaning fairy' motivated by the incentive, but relies on each other and radiates the best chemi. It brings a sly smile as lovely smoke through 'ssanip' of 'not a robot, put' geombeop men and women 'in the French vitality and energy into transformed smoke-free gimmingyu was stamped with the presence psychopath acting creepy, firing in from an acute angle. 

The charismatic visual center 'Lee Hyun-hyun' was played by the scholar. Lee, Dong - Hyun called fist of childhood legends, unlike the neat appearance is not a continuity of interest to women in a reticent personality person. Occasionally look rebellious temperament ever even unintentionally matter what its own visual filtering to increase the excitement factor to bring the 'simkung. Hwonchilhan key hakjin of superior visuals are recognized stable acting skills and charming go through various web drama "Solomon's perjury. It starts to be a woman's sniping with the perfect sync rate which is perfect for the portability.

Surprise U member and next-generation actor who plays a full-fledged charm and positive energy with an aspiring actor 'Hwang Jang-min'. I am dreaming of actors in the family of scholars, but I am a mutant of half of the people, but I am dreaming of having a dream while having a part time job with a 'cleaning elf'. 'The temperature of love', 'Oiled melody' and every work of the car is pulling the eyes of viewers with the charm full of the car which is developing at a scary speed. 

Kim Young-gyu, Kim Jin-gyu, Cha Jin-in, Kim Yu-jeong, who is going to fill up the 'Fairy of Cleaning', which will be the main stage of romance, And gives you a lot of fun and excitement. In particular, they expect that the energy of youth to be infused will form a black hole that can not be separated. 

"Let's clean up once," said the production crew. "The perfect synergy of old-fashioned talents with solid acting power and personality is spurring the momentum and vitality of the drama. It is good to expect the activity of 'cleaning fairy' which emits pleasant energy even when it appears. 

On the other hand, co-writer Noh Jong-chan, who was acknowledged for his sensational production in "War of Flowers" and "Hee-Jeong Han," a writer of the Joseon Dynasty, coincided with each other. 

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