WJSN recently reflected on the past year and discussed what they looked forward to in 2019, as well as their future together.  in  News

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WJSN recently reflected on the past year and discussed what they looked forward to in 2019, as well as their future together.

WJSN "10 girls show up concentrating on the side where the sound is heard. It is cheerful and cheerful friends who are close enough to play first and play with no hesitation because it makes me feel at ease, but I am more friendly than I thought.

At the beginning of the interview, innocent waffles were smashed. It was the real charm of a girl group universe girl who is a new figure of Cada Coda. 


The space girl showed remarkable growth in 2018. As a group that was born as a joint venture project with a large-scale budget, the space girl who had been attracting much attention at the same time as her debut failed to achieve great achievement, but has steadily climbed up the stairs steadily, The space girl who created a new trend with group activities and active personal activities added meaning by winning the New Wave award at the '2018 Asia Artist Awards' ('2018 AAA'). 

So Star News met a space girl in a cafe in Gangnam - gu, Seoul. When it was the appointed time, one by one, the cafe was filled with the energy of the cosmic girl. The space girl first reported her new wave award at '2018 AAA'.

"We received a prize named New Wave, which means that it means that we have created a new stream in K Pop, which means it's so good, and I think it's even better. I want to talk to one of my members. " (Eksi) 


"Haha. I lie I'm not the glory receive '2018 AAA' to the FIG was happy just by attending. Is our 'friendship' Cause you. I think it was really that happy 2018 because fans love those years. I will do my best this year. " The 

members said, "I think the color of the space girl is certain, and I am proud of it, and I think I have recognized this." 

As the stories of members , space girls showed their greatest increase since their debut, delivering their color to the public last year. In addition to group activities as a space girl, individual members' personal activities were also actively promoted, and they succeeded in notifying everyone of their 10 faces, charms, and names. 

"It's true, last year we've had a lot of personal activities, and we've been busy keeping up with the album because we've been physically tough, but we've had our first ever music show, and we've also created an official fan club. It's 2018. " (Plural)

"Every time I release every album, I always say that I want to be in the first place of music broadcasting, but I achieved that goal last year, and I think it is the most memorable moment. I want to. " 

"I feel like we have come up a lot with a lot of things around, but after debuting, I participated in the most awards ceremony last year," he said. (Bona) The 

members of the story tell the story of the team naturally buried pride. Speaking of this, she said, "I am proud of being a good girl in space." Especially, the space girl continued to talk for a long time. 

"We have a lot of people, so there was a lot of reaction that our face and name did not match even if we made our first debut, but now I think we know who one person is. I think I'm getting a little bit of performance. " (Da Young) 

"Hahaha, I used to be called 'black hair', 'blond hair', 'friends with bangs' in the past, but now you know your name, I'm glad you're doing well, There are also people who have come up with something. I am proud of being someone's role model. " (Vonage) 


As the members feel in their skin, the public expectation for the universe girl is very high. So, I was worried about what kind of music to show. "I have been struggling to prepare for a new album now, and even though I was only in the beginning of my debut, I've been busy digesting what I've been given, but now I'm actively involved in the album to make it look better." 

"I am going to reflect a lot of our opinions when we make an album, so our satisfaction is high and the fans' satisfaction is also high." The proportion of their own songs is also getting higher, and I feel burdened as well. It's proof that space girl is growing as an artist. " (Eksi) 

"As one of jajakgok of recent years every lift Albums Members I am. Now I'm actively appeal to what we want to do. You name all from, as well as music and concept costumes to hair. I'm all members involved with greed." (Eunseo) 

Thus, the growth of the members, gets added to the Space Girl action, and the members of each individual work space girl has created literally 'New Wave'. Thanks to the personal activities of the universe girl who returns about twice a year, and the members who fill the void, the universe girl can literally meet for 365 days. "I do not have a chance to play in the blank," said Suebin, "and members of other stations compete with me at the same time.

The space girl is also famous for introducing different concepts for each album and exhibiting overwhelming performances. In the next album, it is the universe girl who is expected to look at what she will show. In the next question, what kind of concept would you like to try out? The members went on to compete with each other. 

WJSN, "is it the first thing that comes into season special album in particular I've we've never released a season song for the summer or winter, so I want to try it all means " (Bona) 


"I have a feeling that I want to show a more popular but unique concept, and I want to show a concept that takes a unique yet alluring image like Se - ta - ta 's" Na - hana ". You can digest well. " (EXCH) 

"I do not know if I can say this, but I think I can do a little more crushing and hip genre, and as you said, I've shown a variety of concepts so far, but I feel like I'm staying with a girl. I think it would be better to express it. " (Suvin) The space girl celebrated her third anniversary on February 25th. Recently, the solo concert has been completed with great success, making the performance of 2019 even more exciting. So, it is also said that "Since the time of 3 years has become more intense among the members, and we know each other very well,


"I've been busy for three years, and I've been working really hard on the group activities and personal activities, and I've been stepping up one step at a time, and now I'm seeing a bit of progress. I will try harder. Please watch the space girl in 2019. " (Space girl) 

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