WJSN’s Yoo Yeonjung, Seola, Luda, Bona, and Yeoreum spoke about their comeback, dorm life, teamwork, collaborations, and goals.  in  News

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WJSN’s Yoo Yeonjung, Seola, Luda, Bona, and Yeoreum spoke about their comeback, dorm life, teamwork, collaborations, and goals.

WJSN back to mini album 'WJ PLEASE?' . She established her identity as a WJSN with a constellation of world view, and she showed the appearance of a fairy tale magical girl through her fourth mini album 'Dream Your Dream'. 

The members promised to come back to a more mature cosmic girl through 'WJ Please' after completing the seven - month gap that she made her own knife. Each of the thirteen people are universe girls who are captivating fans with their different charms. Only the five members who gathered here appealed enough to appeal.


It is ahead of Q comeback. I have finished my preparations. 

▲ Jangjeong _ Everyone was working hard for the comeback. I was just about to shoot a picture. I am happy to have a beautiful picture when Mimo is upgraded. 
▲ So _ I wanted to show you how the members grew up with this album. I think I can show my progress in the practical part as well, so I want to meet the fans quickly. 


Q I want to hear about the mini album 'WJ Please?' 
I think it will be an extension of last album. I have a repertoire of music videos and jacket concepts, so it's a good idea to watch them all the way. It's like a drama in a way. There are a number of things fans can think of, and there are many things to look for. 


Q If there is something that space girl wants to accomplish with this activity. 

▲ Seojeong _ Music Broadcasting 1st place! 
▲ LUDA _ I want to create an album that can imprint the color and image of space girl to the public. 
I think that I can not know one person. I hope that both team and individual become well known and become a chance to catch the popularity. 


Q Sulawaruda was a single in space Mickey with Woo Mickey's Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung in June. What was the collaboration with other groups?
▲ I did not know that I was covering you like that. I did not know how to walk. I had difficulty in the beginning, but I shot a jacket and took a music video and slowly became friends. I still feel like I have become a good friend to keep in contact with, and it was a good opportunity for me as well. I was worried about my friends who had different colors, but it was rather good and I had a special time. 
I am friends with Yu - jeong. Luda and my sister came back for the first time and she said she was awkward and worried. 

Well, Lee and Yeon are talking about the same thing. So everyone was awkward, but I did not know that I'm already in a video call. Now it's rather jealous. I was surprised to see the space girl members being friendly with people other than our members. 


▲ seolah _ I did not realize it easier. I also had a lot of interest in music and so I thought I would like to see the story well. 
▲ Luda _ I was worried that I had a lot of strangeness. It was unfamiliar to be able to get together with other non-members. It seems to have been a lot of positive influences in many ways. 

Q Bonna appeared on KBS2 'Your House Helper' and solidified her position as a smoke stone.
It took about four months until the preparation period. My life is very different from my life, so I experienced many things first. I also did house mates with my friends, I also did internship and learned a lot in the acting part. I was very good at taking pictures with my seniors and I got lots of joy and it seemed to be a precious time. 


I do not think the Q members have not forgotten their copy. 

▲ Bona_ members sent me a photo of the first broadcast, so I laughed at it. 
It was a day when the rest of the day was closed. I used to be a realistic shooter as I was sleeping. 

Q Do you want to challenge acting or other activity? 
▲ I am interested in the music_musical. I was so shocked that I wanted to try it. I think it's a very attractive field. 
▲ Lately _ I started to learn composition and writing these days, but I changed my mind about music. I felt that composing or writing was difficult, but it was so funny and well suited to my aptitude. 
Summer _ I want to play acting, I want to do musicals and I want to challenge many things. 

▲ Luda _ I want to see the activities of the members with more self-respect than challenge. haha. I want to show my fans various things because there are other attractions besides space girl.


Q Summer and the coalition appeared in the KBS2 'Urban Legend' and boasted the art of beauty. Is not it difficult to appear in the mystery entertainment program? 

I heard that it was not a scary thing at the first meeting and it was a mystery program like 'escape from the room'. I'm afraid I'm not afraid of it. I did not think I was worried. I was not worried. There was no phone call. As soon as I got out of the car, I put my lining up and took it somewhere, but the set was so terribly decorated. 
▲ Summer _ I did not seem to be afraid of me at the meeting. In fact, I am very scared. Fortunately, the members of the filming team helped me and I think I did well. I worked really hard. 

Q is likely to be in the mood to meet behind the stage with the members who worked with IOI. 


 It's been a long time since IOI activities ended, but I keep in touch. I keep in touch whenever I want to see. A few days ago, when I finished 'Produce 48', some members of the IOI went to watch the live broadcast. So I met everyone after a long time and it was really nice. I felt strange. Three years is a short and long time, and I really thought about it and saw friends on the spot. 

Q The WJSN has been around for three years since her debut. If there are any changes.
▲ It seems that I have been running almost uninterrupted for three years or so, but I am gradually growing step by step in my own way. I think the values ​​have really changed a lot. At the beginning of my debut, I made a grade for my grades. The more I work, the more the members are looking for satisfaction and happiness. I realized how to enjoy it with sincerity. 
▲ I think that we want to make fun music, rather than pose in rankings. 
▲ luda _ I have a lot of talk with the members about that. 


Q Have a moment of teamwork with each other and with thirteen members. 
I think the bigger the harder the work, the harder it becomes. Members will have their own slump, but I feel it as I go through it. 
▲ Up _ When I practice choreography, I have a lot of people and a lot of movement, so I have a lot of confusion. But when I see how I concentrate when I practice, I feel teamwork. As the year grows up, I feel really bliss if my chances are right. This comeback has a lot of feelings that it is better than the other times, and the expectation is big. 
I feel the absence of members when I am alone and have a personal activity. If you have members, you can do it, and then you feel teamwork, not teamwork. 

Q I feel that I have become accustomed to this part of the members unlike the first time when I am living in a hostel.
I have learned how to live with care so that I can hit the maximum possible without knowing my life pattern. My sister Suin is bright when I turn on the light and she wakes up well. When my sister was sleeping, I learned how to live with the best consideration while knowing the tendencies of each other, such as turning on a small stand and getting ready to sleep. 


▲ I think there are a lot of members in Bonnah fighting. There are many things that I try to do well and not try to harm each other. There is no time to be depressed. I do not want to have a lot of members because there are so many members. 
▲ Summer _ If you want to be depressed a little bit, all the members know. 

Q I would like to mention the members who were the most different from the first impression. 
▲ Luda _ I felt like I was in a hurry, but I knew that it was a style that had to be packed in the wrong side of me. It's really bright. Do you think the personality is bingo beauty? haha. 
When I first met you, I thought I was going to be a nice baby. But I have a broken face and a solid face. I have a surprised memory. The mental is really strong. I think it is the most unshakable owner of the members. 

Q Let's keep working together and there would be things he pledged to each other yigeotmaneun. 
▲ Let's do our best to the end. There is only one universe girl, and it is fate that we met among many people, and I think that we should do our best to do our best so that regret is not left. I'm not letting you down because the fans have a lot of influence and power.

Q I would like to hear about my future plans and aspirations. 
I had a comeback when I broke a gap of 7 months. I made a ball to show my mature and grown-up album than my previous album because it was an album that I prepared hard after sharpening a knife. You'll see a seasoned and cosmic girl with a different color. 
▲ I want to show you that there is a charm that is not obvious. I want to have fun with my fans. 
I hope I can become an album that is as satisfying as I am prepared with hard work. I wish that fans and cosmic girls will be happy activities. 


▲ Summer _ Album I prepared hard, but this time I think I prepared every little one with care. I hope you will not miss this activity. 
▲ Luda _ Space I am looking forward to seeing more performances because of the album's growing color. 

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