With Kyung Hyang Shinmun, the guide on how to follow BTS for older fans  in  News

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With Kyung Hyang Shinmun, the guide on how to follow BTS for older fans


If you understand the lyrics well, you can understand the message they want to convey through music, and through the dramatic circumstances of each music video. From the early days of their debut to the present, the songs of the group have a narrative linked closely together.

In early September, BTS continued to record a new achievement. Again, the group led the Billboard 200 with Love Yourself: Answer, just after three months from No. 1 with Love Yourself: Tear earlier. This is the first record set by a foreign artist. The boys, in turn, receive the congratulatory message from the president and prime minister, and even the achievement may have a greater impact on the military service of the group. Even older people in the previous generation kept up with BTS news, but they still could not get used to the performances and music of the group.

They try to find the name BTS on Youtube to understand the group, the people still use these technologies very well. However, they will still easily be disoriented between a forest of videos with so many different contents. With this, I have just written a manual using Youtube. Based on the "Beginner's Guide" in June, this will be a handbook on how to follow the BTS for ARMY's uncles.

⭐Question: When I type "BTS" on YouTube there are too many things to show, it's complicated.

Answer: Let's look at the two latest MVs, Fake Love and IDOL, both of which have been the subject of the album in the No. 1 Billboard 200 album this year. If you type "BTS Fake Love" on Youtube, you will see a video called "BTS FAKE LOVE Official MV". This is the original video posted by Big Hit Entertainment (ibighit channel) and has 300M views. A video with the word "Official" will be the official music video, and without the word "Official" it will be fan-created videos. You can also try "BTS IDOL", often the most viewed video will be pushed to the top of the list. IDOL's MV passed the 100M views in just four days and made a new comeback as Korean artists.


⭐Question: I do not understand some videos that have the title of English words. Once I found "BTS Fake Love" and it pops up a video called "MR Removed". And I'm also wondering about videos that contain numbers like "180531".

Answer: "MR" stands for "Music Recorded", meaning videos without background music. You can easily find similar videos with other singers. You will see their live performance. And numbers like "180531" means that the video was recorded on 5/31/2018. If you still have questions about other types of words, then there will be a word for "Fancam", meaning that this video was shot by fans. EXID member Hani became popular with the public as well thanks to one of her fan cams of being noticed by many.

Question: When I type "BTS FIRE", there is a video called "Choreography version"

Answer: Behind the video recording is a story. They not only sing and dance, but they also have to practice and act. "Choreography version" will show us the choreography of the group. Fire 4:55 minutes long Fire dance version of the song is 3:38 minutes long. If you compare these two videos together, you will see the difference.

⭐Question: If "DNA" has the highest views, does it show that their music videos have improved in the past, in the past?

Answer: This is not necessary. Last year, they were the first Korean artists to win the Top Social Artist at the BBMAs. From the beginning, the group was recognized by both the world and the fans. This album was the first album after the awards ceremony. It's a common environment where DNA can also attract more people.

⭐Question: It must have been in the past that there were so many songs and MVs, so how could I easily identify those songs?

Answer: The fan-made videos will help us know. There are a lot of commentary and analysis videos as well as when we watch the video commentary on a movie on Youtube because every movie I watch is everywhere or not. If you search for "BTS legendary MVs", you will see videos with the title "BTS Top 5 MV with the best dance". This video was posted a year ago, so you can not find the most recent posts, but you can watch the performances and popular music videos of the group. You watch these videos first, and then find the official MV that you like.

Question: Can I use similar search methods to find performances on the stage, not the MVs? Like 'legendary stage of BTS'?

Answer: Sure. If you type in the 'legendary stage of BTS' search bar, you will see the legendary stage DOPE of BTS show first. It was the performance song 'DOPE', one of the videos considered best by the fandom itself. 'BTS Gayo Daejejeon Intro Performance Trailer' is also another legendary video, according to fans. You do not need to limit any keywords. Check out the videos with these interesting titles.

⭐Question: I heard that BTS received a lot of support from the young people because the group always shared stories through their songs.

Answer: If you are familiar with the music of the group with difficult performances and choreography, then it may be time to enjoy the lyrics of their songs. Well, the more you watch the videos, the better the meaning of the lyrics. If you understand what they are singing, you will understand the message they want to convey through the music and then you will have a better view when watching their MV with more emotions. The songs of the group since debut are all closely linked, creating a coherent story. Their debut song 'No More Dream', talks about rebellions and miseries in finding themselves in adolescence. The narrator here is the youngsters who are not identifying themselves, and they ask the generations to push ahead without constantly asking about their dreams. As the group grows older, they support and encourage the "youth" and "youth" of each person, creating a deep sympathy. This process is also reflected in the group's music. Songs such as 'DOPE', 'Baepsae', 'FIRE' as encouragements for the same generation and critique of contemporary society. "Live the way you want, whatever your life, do not try too hard, loses it does not matter" (FIRE), "Generation 3-po? Generation 5-po? I'm a 6-po generation? The media and adults say we do not have the will and see us as commodities. "(DOPE)," It's not normal at all, stop saying the word 'effort' (Baepsae). Their message has received a lot of support.

Question: Compared to other artists, BTS does not have much love.

Answer: Instead of talking about bright relationships, pink or love in general, they talk about the issues that their generation is facing. And that is their difference. Of course, there are also love songs like 'Danger', 'Boy In Luv', 'Blood Sweat & Tears', 'Fake Love', etc. 'Spring Day' is still more lyrical than the other title songs. 'HYYH' and 'LOVE YOURSELF' are typical titles. 'HYYH: The most beautiful moment in life' and 'love yourself', these are the clear and clear messages in both albums.

Question: When watching BTS videos, I see the different characteristics of each member. In it, I can definitely see the leader of RM, the spokesperson for rap and the whole group. However, it was still difficult for me to distinguish the members from each other. This is a real challenge.

Answer: If you are interested and have time, there is always a solution to this challenge, and there is also a video to help you. If you find 'Who is BTS?' On YouTube, you will see a video titled 'Who is BTS ?: The Seven Members of Bangtan (INTRODUCTION)'. It was posted 3 months ago and has 66k views. The 28-minute video, featuring individual performances, daily life, MVs, variety shows, and group videos. Here you can get a better understanding of each member, their talents in dancing/ singing/rap and their personality. The video focuses on each member in each MV or stage, so it's easier to get one. It also has English subtitles to help international fans.


⭐Question: There are many "reaction" videos by foreigners. Also interesting is their response to BTS videos.

Answer: Since BTS is widely known around the world, it's not hard to find an international "reaction" video. The literal "reaction" video is that people film themselves when they see something. It is a Youtube culture. Former football goalkeeper Kim Byung Ji often broadcasts football games on his channel and is also considered a form of reaction video. There are a lot of video reactions to the MV or Kpop dance. Not only fun, these videos occasionally bring a lot of fun.

⭐Question: Is it because of BTS that the new video reaction is emerging?

Answer: Not really. There may be a lot of video reactions to BTS, but this international fan meeting has been going on since the 'Gangnam Style' of PSY. At that time, the house people know the "horse-riding" dance, it happens massively around the world. There is a lot of video reaction about other Kpop artists. K-pop's unique fandom culture has received a lot of attention and also because of the more popular video reaction. And according to common sense, people who make videos react Kpop more and more on Youtube. Other people not only watch but they do dance videos or sing Kpop songs.

⭐Question: I understand that BTS has become a popular celebrity in the world of pop culture but I am still not sure, maybe because they are Korean artists or I am old.

Answer: In order to better understand this, I will introduce you to a documentary called 'Explained', produced by Netflix itself. There is a talk about Kpop. It explains the development process, the nature of the Korean music industry and the key to international success. You can look at their analysis in an objective way because it is in the opinion of outsiders.

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