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Choi Jin-hyeok, Elijah, Jangna and Shin Sungrok attended the presentation of the drama "The Empress of the Empress"


Jang Na Ra, Choi Jin-hyuk, Shin Sung-Rok, Lee Elijah came back with a unique material called the constitutional monarchy era. The creativity and performance of the 'Return' production team, which is the top rated drama of the mini-series that was aired this year, is also gaining strength. The actors said, "I will let the rapid development get into the drama." SBS The story of the new drama 'The Empress'.


The 'empress of the empress' is an imperial romantic thriller that embodies the imperial conspiracy, love, desire, and revenge of the imperial family under the "constitutional monarchy era" and the Korean empire. 'come! Kim Sun-ok, who presented his original vocabulary with "Jangbori" and "Temptation of his wife", and PD, who was recognized as a sensational performer by "return", coincided for the first time. On the afternoon of the 20th, a presentation was made on the production of the "Empress of the Empress" at the SBS building in Mok-dong, Seoul. PD and actors Zhang Nara, Choi Jin-hyuk, Shin Sung-Rok, Elija, Yoon Dae-hoon, Lee Hee-jin, Yunsoi and Stephanie Lee participated.


The PD explained, "I wanted to see a person named Oh Sunny who does not have the power to reform the hypocrites with power." "All the actors are working hard to shoot without buying a body. I encourage each other to shoot and look good, "he said a warm atmosphere.

Actress Jang Na-ra was an unknown musical actress in the "Empress of the Empress", and took on the role of O Sunny, who became Empress one morning. / JoJoon Writer wizard333 @

Jang became an unknown musical actor, and took the role of the Emperor Oh Sunny in a morning. In order to uncover the truth of the questioning of the post-mortem death, we face the imperial power of absolute power. Jang said, "It is a character who says that something is wrong and that it is wrong to fix it." "I thought it would be great if I had the opportunity to show various performances, but I thought this work was perfect. I'm in charge of the gag until the 6th, but then I'm showing emotion that is racing. "

Jangna said, "Each character has a clear desire. I felt lively there, "explaining the charm of the drama. The reason for the musical actor's performance was "to show you how powerful this character is and how powerful it is when others step on it."

Actor Choi Jin-hyeok, who plays Chun Woo-bing as the emperor of the empress in the 'Dignity of the Empress'. / JoJoon Writer wizard333 @

Choi Jin-hyuk plays a character who became an imperial guard in the name of Chun-woo-bong instead of his real name of Na-wang-sik. To kill the Emperor of the Imperial Empire who hit the mother and hit and run. Choi Jin-hyeok said, "I had to make up my body because of the setting of the 140kg's being the imperial guard for my mother's revenge. I also exercise to show a sleek appearance, "he said. "I'm focusing on anger and sorrow rather than masculinity," he added.

Choi Jin-hyeok was shooting a kendo while shooting a wooden sword right side of the eye was torn, 30 stitches a needle. It was unclear to attend the production presentation. Choi Jin-hyuk said, "I am sorry that this happened before the first broadcast. After a week or so, we will be better off by stitching. "

Actor Shin Sung Rok, who played the role of Emperor Emperor Lee Hyuk in the "Empress of the Empress". / JoJoon Writer wizard333 @

Shin Sung Rok plays the Emperor Yi Hyeok of the Korean Empire, which is popular with the people. After meeting Oh Sunny at the small theater that I found to make an alibi for the hit-and-run event, I got married while I was caught in the heat.

Shin Sung - rok wrote, "I like Mid 's and Ye' s 'Sen' works. "Piky Blinders", which I have enjoyed recently, attracted me with sensational images and music that blended with it, and the unpredictable development of "Boardwalk Empire". "This work is also fast and unexpected. "I will be waiting for the next time without feeling bored for an hour."

Shin Sung-rok has often played the role of "Sen-ryu" in drama since "You came from the stars." "I think that 'you, from the stars,' has become a catalyst, this is the final version," he said. Regarding the main PD, which was followed by 'Return', the director also said, "The director is modest and the drama quality is low, but I believe it will work. I will try to go beyond the ratings of 'return'. "

Elijah was the actor of the emperor's secretary Minu Yura in the "Empress of the Empress". / JoJoon Writer wizard333 @

This Elijah was the minister of the Emperor, former minister of the Emperor, who entered the palace through a huge competition with its attractive appearance and outstanding ability. He becomes the woman of the emperor with confidence. I believe that the Empress is of course his own, and when Oh Sunny takes up his position, he fumbles to dismantle Sunny.

"I thought I could express my despair that I had been through in my twenties through Yura," said Elijah. "I was charmed by the ambition of Yura's ambition." He added, "It is my goal to express my life truly."

On the afternoon of the afternoon, actors Shin Seung Rok (from left), Elijah, Choi Jin-hyuk, Jangnara, Lee Hee-jin, Stephanie Lee, Yoon So-yoon and Yoon Da-hoon attended the presentation of ' / JoJoon Writer wizard333 @

Yoon Daehoon was the father of Oh Sonnyeo. Yoon Daehoon said, "I was so happy to hear that it was Jang 's father role." "I am in my mid 50s and have been acting for 36 years. I talked to my friends about this role and I told them that 'Now is the time to go to the role of father'. "

Stephanie Lee was O'Shanny's sister but rather her sister O'Hello. He is "a man full of family. Yoon Dah-hun, I praise you a lot in the drama, "laughed. Lee Hee-jin has a liberal character and plays Princess So-Jin who is the representative of the Imperial Palace complex shopping mall. He said, "It's a character that can be shattered, but I caught it because it was a character I could not miss in my age of forty. I think that the character that can be laughable is the last. " Yoon Soo played the role of Seo Gang-hee, the nurse of the imperial family, who cares for Princess Ari. She is known as the daughter of the Princess, but in fact Princess Ari is the daughter of him and the emperor. Yoon Soo said, "I did not see the script unlike the other actors, but decided to listen to the works of Kim Sun-ok and PD Dong-min." The character building is solid and the deployment is fast. Laughs also boasted that 'a loaf' bursts'.

Shin Sung-rok said, "I expect 20% because 'return' has an audience rating of 17%." Jang said, "I will prepare a sightseeing tour to Baegu with the actors if it exceeds 25%."

The 'Empress of the Empress' will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 21st.

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