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MONSTA X talked about their activities from last year

MONSTA X began talking about receiving an award at the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) for the second time. Wonho said, “Just being invited to the ceremony is something we’re grateful for. I was happy to receive an award for the second time in a row, but I was even happier that we received an even better award. The Best Entertainer Award [from 2017 AAA] seemed like an award for the artist of the next generation, while the Best Icon Award [from 2018 AAA] made us feel like we had truly become icons.”


-2018 year activities When was the most memorable moment? 

▶ When I won the 4th title with 'shoot-out'. This album was the first one we got on terrestrial music. I have a lot of memories because I feel like I've been rewarded for my hardships. (Hyungwon) 

▶ When we first took the first place in Mnet 'M Countdown' with 'Shootout', I remembered that 'M Countdown' MC was played by Kee Hyun. I stood beside you and it was so good. The members were also excited. (Ji Hun) 

▶ If we were not 'MC countdown' MC, we might have enjoyed more of the first prize. haha. I would have waited in the waiting room and kept thinking about what was going to happen. At that time, it seemed that the moment passed without any reason. (CNN) 


▶ I honestly think that I thought that I would be able to do the first place on terrestrial music broadcasting even if only then. When I made my debut, I had a feeling that I would be number one if I made my debut. haha. By the way, I was 3rd in the 2nd album and 2nd in the next album.I was also fighting the 1st prize with Ji-dragon.(Minhyeok)

▶ I remember that as soon as we debuted, I knew that the online chart had been reorganized. Fortunately, I still think the sound record was good. (Arc) 

▶ When I think about it, my agency senior, my sisters (Kwail, SeSTa) So, when I looked at it, I thought, 'Oh, it's the first place when an album comes out.' haha. (Gi - Hyun) 


- Do you feel that you are becoming a senior singer in this year's debut five years? 

▶ There are a lot of new singers in the music room waiting room. We all know what we are doing, but there is so much we can not really distinguish. But now we do not seem like a rookie, so we do not feel like we're older than other singers. (Ark) 

▶ When we have just debuted, when I meet with Gods Seven and BiuBiBee seniors, please tell them that 'I'm glad you are out.' (Gi-Hyun) 

▶ The most surprising thing was that the last teams were younger than us, except for one team at the time of appearing ' (Hyungwon) 

▶ When the album comes out, there is also a CD exchange among the singers. The members of the group of the younger men also give me a letter and a picture of the long time, and say, "I have seen your seniors from time to time. Our other students who gave our choreography told us that the backdrop of the computer was the circular picture and that it was my picture. haha. (Minhyeok)

▶ I think it is great to mention us in the question of "What kind of singer do you want to be?" We also dreamed of seeing the activities of our senior singers, but now I do not realize that many younger sisters think about us. (Circular) 

- frankly location of Monsta X in the music industry do you think has a certain degree. 

▶ I think I'm in the top 10 of all! I figured it out with objective numbers. I have a lot of materials such as sales of albums, sales of sound recordings, number of first place achievements and so on. But it seems to be in the top 10, but not in the top 5. Top 5 really is like concrete. haha. (Arc) 

▶ I saw the materials next to me. (To some extent) I think it is true. haha. I thought I could not deny that I was in the top ten while watching the material. (Minhyuk) 

▶ I'm surprised to hear you by your side. haha. (IM) 


I stood on the Tour's first stage -K American Pop Idol Jingle Ball. 

▶ 'Jingle ball' is the stage where the artist who shined the year goes out and I was glad to participate gloriously. (IM) 

▶ Above all, we were glad that we were on stage on behalf of Korea in 'Jinggol Ball', and we were proud of our invitation to an overseas artist invitation. (Arc) 

▶ I was able to meet many stars. I met Sean Mendes and he was really handsome. 'I feel like this is a good baby'. (Jung Heon) 

▶ All the stars came first and made a speech. I greeted Camilla Cavey with a nice greeting and took pictures. (Gi-hyeon) - 

Please introduce what kind of concept is the album to be announced on the 18th. 

▶ First, this album is the album that I already prepared from the album 'Ayuda' and the extension of 'Ayuda'. The title song is' Alligator ', but I likened the crocodile' s habit of not letting me put the lyrics to the slogan 'Let me fall into my swamp'. (Minhyuk) 

▶ I think you can see it as part 2 of the regular 2nd album. Including 10 tracks including intro track. Most of us have been involved. (I am)

▶ I feel something wild. It's stylish, but it feels like driving. The sound was so loud and powerful that it was noisy. My regular 2nd album is basically about good and evil, but this comeback album is more focused on the style than the story. It is the flow of opening the world view of the Monster X only by opening the door through Part 2 of the regular 2nd edition and Part 2 of the regular 2nd edition. (Arc, juheon) 

- wonder what it was like Steve Aoki and collaboration. 

▶ I recently made a video call. We asked, "Did you choose us because there were a lot of great artists?" And they said, "You are cool, Monster X." It was really cool. I also met during the World Tour, and when I said I wanted to go to a workshop in Las Vegas, I replied, "Of course I should." Steve Aoki really liked K pop fans. I also felt the power of K Pop was great. (IM, Ji Heon) 

▶ I really like collaborative songs. It was like the usual musical color of Monster X. The Deep House genre also has a Future Bass. (Gi-Hyun) 

▶ I think I will be able to work with Steve Aoki in the future with this collaboration. He was a gentle, nice guy who was really like his neighborhood. (Minhyuk) 

- Personally, what is your goal as a team in 2019?

▶ I am looking forward to a better record than before. When I think about this year's awards ceremony, I would like to receive the award of this year's artist or album of the year. (Arc) 

▶ I would like to make a line up of all the songs we have released on the album chart. (Jung Heon) 

▶ I would like to perform in a bigger venue where fans have a lot more. We look forward to seeing you cheer us up so we can be better and cheer your fans more fun. (Hyungwon) 

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