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Soyou opened up about her experiences on “Produce 48” as one of the vocal trainers.

Everything from the title of the dance to the loneliness of the solo singer, and the feeling of participating in the 'Produce 48' were all revealed. Soyou returning from a 10-month gap with a new solo album, the owner grew more and more attractive colors, and completed an attractive album. The new album was as complete as the confidence, was also affectionate.


Soyou  held an interview for the first solo album part 2 'RE: FRESH' announcement at the non-hyeon-dong star's entertainment gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 2nd. A new album about a song introduces a special affection revealed. She also talked about the cable channel Mnet Survival Program 'Produce 48' that recently participated with SeSTa members. 

Soyou by this new album, as well as the appearance of a charming tone fairy-tale, seastar dancing continues. I decided to go on a dance song and revised it several times and released a new song.

The new album title track 'Black Night' represents a new and fresh, proprietary growth. It is the song that expresses the feelings of love entering the water as if it was drunk in the strange thrill of the night with the lyrics expressing it as 'black night' and the stylish yet sensual Latin rhythm. Star producer Groovy room gave birth to the trendy sound, and rapper type Kay participated in featuring and improved perfection. It's more attractive because it's own husky and attractive voice.


Soyou said, "I decided to make a dance song because I decided to make a dance song as a title, and I was preparing it from the beginning of this year.

"I went on a trip to Cancun earlier this year, and it felt good and I felt good at the moment." At one point, when I was doing my last album, I focused a lot on my lyrics, I thought that I could show my figure clearly to many people, "he said," so I wanted to concentrate on the music and to exclude the dance so little. I think I wanted to do this Latin style song. "


Soyou also said he was trying to show that he grew more than SeSTa. It is a second album by Solo, and it gives me strength.

Soyou is what I showed in SeSTa, I wanted to show you the upgrade. It seems sexy, but there were a lot of fighting choreographures at seaside. There was point thing. This time, though it is important, I wanted to save a lot of the line because I ate aged. I wanted to show a lot of things in terms of performance. In choreography, I feel like watching musicals. There are many genres in one song. I tried to show you that. " 

# Sistar 

Soyou is back in Part 2 in 10 months after releasing Solo's first regular album part 1 'RE: BORN' in December last year. The new album, which will be released at 6 pm on March 4, is a special meaning, as it is the second album to be released as a proprietorship. Since the dissolution of SeSTa, SeSTA members who have been active in their fields have continued to support them. 

"I do not think that I should go totally different from Hyorin's sister, I do not think that I should avoid it." It was so cool to see "Dali" album at first. I thought that I should do my best because I am doing so well, so I think I should do well. " 

At the same time, the owner also mentioned the process of preparing albums when he was a soloist with Seasta. When the four were together, they said, "I had four different people in SeSTa, and my favorite music and everything I wanted to do was different. It was a little hard to integrate into one. The good thing about Solo was always fun and it was full of fighting. "The focus is on focusing on the music I want to listen to and the music I want to listen to." 


However, loneliness is a disadvantage. He also talked about the difficulty of digesting everything alone if he missed the bustling atmosphere of having four. 

"I have a lot of things to do when I'm alone, I have a lot of physical strength, and when I take four videos, I can play scissors, rocks and games. If I am lucky, I will do one or four times, then I will take a break, but this time I choreographed and I became obsessed with fitness management before the music video. It was hard because I had to lead them all. "

# solo 

Soyou , who has been completely soloed by Seasta, seems to be more aware of Solo's position through this album. In the solo activities, the owner, who mainly played the sly and emotional vocals, will show the upgraded sexy performance and performance of his another organ through 'Black Night'. Ownership shows a new look with jacket, music video, stage performance, and unconventional concept that has not been shown so far and luxurious sexy. 


Soyou said, "I am so grateful that you have a good qualification that many people remember, and that they have a good tone." I have a lot of charms, not just one, but a lot of musical spectrums. "

In addition, the owner said that he had a good record as a sistana solo singer, and he said, "In fact, it was one of the top songs in the charts, I was so thrilled that the whole song was on the chart. First of all, "he said. 

"I want to be a good title song for any artist, but I have a feeling that all the songs in the album are meaningful and I want to hear it." I would like to have it, but I have included a lot of songs to show some colors rather than something like that. 

Soyou added, "I hope that you know that many people are not limited to possession, but that they can sing a variety of genres." It would be nice if the friend said, "I have a wide spectrum of things to do, even if it's solo." . 


# 'Produced 48' 

Soyou by solo album preparation, he recently worked as a vocal trainer in Producer 48. After many troubles, I joined 'Produce 48'. As a result, it became a program that let me feel more and learn more about ownership.

Soyou  had a lot of worries when he came up with the proposal of 'Produce 48' and I thought that I would not be able to do it. I thought that my position was not enough to teach someone. I was challenged in the sense that I felt a lot more. "

"I do not know what to do with my friends, but I do not know how I can communicate my know-how to them, so I made a living there before I made my debut, I said it was a more ass assault. " It is owned that it became more affectionate because it had experience until it debuted as a girl group. 

Soyou added, "At that time, if I did not do it to the end, I would only regret it, and I did not want to regret it.


Soyou also showed particular affection for the trainees who appeared in Producer 48. The owner said, "I think it's really young people, and I'm surprised to see them, and my friends who are good at absorbing like sponge are very good, and friends who are really passionate come to me at recess and ask me, I had a lot of minds about not being able to forget my old look, and I was also very helpful when I recorded my album. " 

Star's entertainment entertainers, who belong to their own company, also appeared on Producer 48 and performed well. Jang Won-yeong became the No. 1 center of Aizu Won, and An Ji-jin also became a member of Aizu Won. I do not know what to do when I first came to the group evaluation, I do not see my eyes very well, I thought I would be too nervous. I do not know how to edit on the screen, I did not see my eyes and tried to objectively evaluate it. 

Soyou also said, "I felt tears when I was picked at the last evaluation, because I cried like a child, and when I was picked up by one of the teachers, 'Expressed a special affection for the members. 

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