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"The People in the Neighborhood" Kim Sae-ron who acted as a high school girl Eugene trying to find a friend

The face of the girl who was still naked yet had a seriousness. The story was too serious. Kim Sung - ron stepped down Khan 's red carpet twice before he was fifteen years old,' traveler 'and' Do - he - ya '. Won Bin of 'Uncle' was trying to protect him and he is about twenty months ahead. At the end of his teens, what he wanted to show was the 'present me'. So I chose Eugene of the 'people of the neighborhood' who is the same age as myself. As for Eugene who boldly rescued a friend from a gaping adult, he said, "If you think that you are right, it resembles me like you are pushing forward." I was wondering how much more grown and harder he was attracted by genius acting.

10. Could this movie be called '15-year-olds'? 
Kim: I was expecting half an hour. I also missed my acting, and there was a more interesting scene than I thought.

10. What was the scene that was more fun than you expected? 
Kim Sang Ron: It was more fun on the screen than when Kimi with my Uncle Mancheong acted on the scene. I wondered how the two shots would come out on the big screen.

10. Mr.Maekseok said that she was surprised to see sheep grow up. Did you meet for the first time after 'neighbors'? 
Kim Saraon: Yes. It has been a long time since then. I was surprised to see that Uncle Majeok's forehead was enlarged. (Laughter) I tried to fill three times and joked with each other.

10. Did Mr. Mang-seok's appearance affect the selection of the work? 
Kim Sang Shin: I had to decide who should take the role of Myeong-Seok when watching the script, so I did not have to make a character separately. When I thought that my uncle was acting, I could catch the frame more easily.

10. Why did you decide to appear? 
Kim Sang Shin: It was interesting that action, thriller, drama, comedy, and so on, and the message about 'communication and interest' were mixed. First of all, I wanted to be the last character in my teens, a character that is similar to me and express me. I thought Eugene was the closest to it.

10. What is the similarity with Eugene? 
Kim Sang Shin: Friendship is important. If you think that it is right, you are promoting it. I am also moving my firm thoughts into action.

10. I'm wondering about the important part of setting up your character. 
Kim Sang Shin: I wanted to explain exactly why Eugene wanted to find her missing Su-yeon (Shin Se-hye). They are like friends and sisters, and they are the sole support for each other. I wanted to think about my feelings and think of my friends. I imagined my friends and memories as memories of Su Yeon.

10. Did you have any difficulties? 
Kim Sang Shin: It took me a long time to make a character. The bishop said that it would be better for me to make oneself knowing girl sensitivity than she was herself.

10. What is the most memorable scene? 
Kim Sara: I asked Ric, "Teacher, I'm grown up. Now I just have to be old. " I was really worried about how I could tell that the difference between an adult and a child is not age. I made corrections with my bishop before shooting. I talked in the cafe until the day before I took it. Eugene and I are about the same age. So I thought that what I see and feel is what Eugene will see and feel.

10. What message do you want to tell the audience who saw the movie? 
Kim: I do not have a lot of interest around because I have to live hard and busy. But it was because there was little interest and communication that led to the extreme situation of the movie. It does not mean that the film 'communicate and be interested'. I hope it will be a chance to think about how I am going. I also came to see if there were people around the movie who needed attention and communication.

10. What was the movie about? 
Kim Sang - ron: The filming scene was a 'crappy' atmosphere. My grandfather brother, my uncle is also humorous and caring. Uncle Seong helped me a lot better. "If Eugene seems to be like this," or when the ambassador is not attached to his mouth, he said, "If you do this, you can speak naturally." As the uncle said, just by changing the chorus at the end of the dialogue, the ambassador was better able to hold his mouth. We often meet together even on the day of taking a picture.

10. I'm still a minor. I can not stay until late. 
Kim Sang Shin: I eat rice and shout and I will go and take care of myself. Could it be more than 30 minutes later than this year? (Laughs)

10. It's twenty years old next year. The actors who are undergoing the transitional phase are sometimes rested to transform the image. Is there any reason she has been working on her work continuously? 
Kim Sang Shin: There is nothing special. If I had a piece I wanted to work on and I thought I needed a break, I rested. It's time to be an adult actor, but I will not pretend to be mature enough to make an image. Even if you pretend to be an adult, it will not look like that. I think it is important to do what I can do at my age and keep on doing my best.

10. I went to the notice and dropped out, but was it to concentrate more on work? 
Kim Sang Shin: There are not many opportunities to talk about this, so many people think so, but it is not. Even during junior high school, I enjoyed my school life and acting well, and even when I was in high school. I have been good with my friends. But the time for teenagers is fixed. Of course school is important, but I decided to drop out because I wanted to spend more time on things I wanted to learn. I also studied foreign languages, traveled with my family, and studied acting. I have many memories that I can look back to later. I studied barista and learned baking. I wanted to make time more useful before I became an adult. I have passed the GED examination now and I am preparing for entrance examination.

10. How has time spent looking after you helped you? 
Kim Sara: I tried to perfect it and to make a tight frame that I should do well. But I got the idea that I should learn how to take a break while having such a time. It seems I'm ready to accept more. I also have time to look around and have some time to spare.

10. I think there is a romance for college life. 
Kim Sang Shin: I want to do my work and study as well as now. It is good to be able to meet a lot of people of the age who likes acting more than anything. And I want to learn the theory of acting. I have learned to smoke on the spot since I was a child, but I have an expectation that I can learn acting even if it is not work.

10. What do you want to pretend when you are 20? 
Kim Sang Ron: I do not have a specific plan, but I want to show more variety. First of all, I want to see movies that I shot but did not see. I want to see 'Uncle' and especially I wonder 'Dohee'.

10. Have you ever seen them secretly? 
Kim Saraon: Do you think it is courtesy to my self? I keep it alive. I want to see the theater with fans and people I like. I can see it if I try to see it, but I do not want to break it. (Laugh)

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