The production meeting was attended by Ryu Joon-hee, Yoo Tae, Cho Woo-jin and Park Nurie  in  News

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The production meeting was attended by Ryu Joon-hee, Yoo Tae, Cho Woo-jin and Park Nurie

The movie "Don" (director Park Nuri, Sana Pictures & Co., Ltd.), which depicts the story of a new stockbroker who wanted to become rich, and Ilhyeon (Ryu Joon-yeol) Moonlight production). On November 11, he took off his veil through a production meeting held at CGV Apgujeong branch in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The production meeting was attended by Ryu Joon-hee, Yoo Tae, Cho Woo-jin and Park Nurie.


The average daily transaction price is 7 trillion won. It is the mecca of "money" that moves the most money in the Republic of Korea, and the background and material of Yeouido. Park Nuri, director and screenwriter, worked for YeoDo Securities every day for about a year and went to work at 7 o'clock in the morning and finished the scenario by looking at people who leave at 5 pm. In addition, we have used the realities of the story by covering all the current and former people of various career groups working in Yeouido and securities companies such as stock brokers and fund managers.

The vivid scenarios were transferred to film by reliable actors. Ryu Joon-yeol, who has built the most outstanding filmography of his peers by the movie 'Ducking', 'Taxi Driver', 'Seojeon', and 'Peppan', is the new stockbroker Joil Hyun. He made 60 episodes of the 67th episode and became the main actor of the movie and led the story. Yoo Tae, who showed his presence through acting that crossed good and evil, assumed the role of the designer number of the veiled operation. The angel who presents the big money and the fear of the demon which the will of the money became the will of life will realize it. Joe Woo-jin, who entered the ranks of Chungmuro's "Believing and Watching Actors," took charge of the Financial Supervisory Service's hunting hanji station. He was in charge of the Ministry of Finance to grab power from the "National Day of Bankruptcy", which was unveiled last year. He was once again shocked by the performance of intimidation, sympathy, oppression and human appeal. It is expected to do.

On this day, director Park Nuri said, "I think money is a hope and a pain for someone." Money thinks that life is filled with happiness. Money is a material, a theme, and a main character, "explained the work.

The reason why Ryu Jun-yeol chose "money" was that the scenario was funny and funny, and there is a philosophy of 'money' itself. I thought that there were many stories that I wanted to include and stories that I wanted to include. "

Ryu, Joon-yeol who played a variety of youths through various works. In this work, he played a new employee of a securities company and he liked to say, "I do not want to miss it, I want to live in youth," and "Ilhyeon, living in ordinary life, He is a person who is trying to be rich, and the process is well expressed. " "I had a part time job at Yeouido Securities Co., and I had a part time job at a card company, so I had a short experience of working life patterns and it helped to postpone Ilhyun," he added.

"I liked the scenario first, and I liked the actors and the staff, and above all, the role of 'number table' was attractive," he said. The character of a number is called "a number character", but the character of "number" is a little less revealing than it is a character to express I felt like I was asking the director to cut down on God. "

"I tried to create a new character, but in the meantime, a typical villain appeared in a lot of movies, but if you just express it I thought it would become a regular character, and when I discovered my own new character, I thought it would be a new character.

Especially, Yoo Tae praised Ryu Joonryu, a young man who had a lot of breathing together. "When I saw 'Social Foby' I really wanted to bring my friend with me," said Yoo Jee-tae, "I was really curious to see him change himself in his later works. "I am an actor who is doing well now but I think he is going to be a big giant in the future," he said.

Jo Woo-jin also emphasized the appeal of the scenario as Ryu Joo-yeol and Jung-tae. "The characters in the scenarios are different from each other in behaviors and personality of money, and the genre pleasure expressed by the characters is attractive," said Cho Woo-jin, who said, "I wanted to contribute to such a work. I thought I would be happy just to do it. " In the meantime, he explains the characters in the drama, "It is a person who is nicknamed the hunting dog at the Financial Supervisory Service. He tracks the number and follows the new broker named Ilhyeon to perceive his existence and constantly press and chase the one."

Cho Woo-jin, who was to postpone civil servant following 'National Day of Bankruptcy', laughed, saying, "It does not seem to have anything to do with the bag strap." "In the 'National Day of Bankruptcy', if you were a character that was nasty enough to threaten many parts of your body, this is a somewhat human character, a character that pushes your will to the top."

Ryu, Joon-yul and Cho-woo-jin who chose to co-operate with each other, from 'Ducking' to 'Don' and 'Battle' to be released this year. The two showed faith and trust in each other's performances. Ryu Joon Yeol said, "I saw the 'insiders' and I was already impressed with your performance. I was sorry that I did not have a scene to meet in 'Ducking', but I was surprised by the breathing in 'Don'. I think it's really good fortune for Woojin to meet his brother many times, and I think he is very lucky to meet his brother many times. "He said.

"I think I am a very good performer when I first met Junyoung and I am very lively and I am really good actor who is really acting as an actor and communication in the field. And 'battle' I've been sharing a lot of breathing, breathing is really breathing seemed to have exerted, "he added.

On the other hand, 'Don' is the first feature film directed by Park Nuri, who has been the assistant director of 'Unfair Trading' (2010), 'Berlin' (2012) and 'When a Man Wants to Love' (2013). Ryu Joon-hee, Yoo Tae-yeo, Cho Woo-jin, Kim Jae-young, Won Jin-a and others. It opens in March.

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