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'Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful' Police Yeti faced a crisis
The gardener was furious when she found out that her daughter Jouri was the bully who led her to the extreme. KBS 2TV Weekend Drama 'Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful' Confession of Kim Cheong-a (Seol In-ah) was depicted. On that day, Gu Jun-hui (Kim Jae-young) said, "Then I don't have it. If we don't take the train back then, we can't meet." Goo confessed, "I love you," and confessed "I'm going through you, I'm struggling" and kissed. Afterwards, Joon Hwi said, "I'll give you my heart. Come and rest. Good man, I don't want to be a good memory. I don't want to be memories." "You must be responsible for me." Kim Cheong-ah said, "I'm scared. Actually, what will happen tomorrow after answering," but Gu Joon-hui asked, "Let's think about tomorrow, together. I'm afraid. Kim Cheong-a promised, "Yes, I'll be there. Let's endure together."
Kim Seol-ah (Cho Yun-hee) saw Gu Jun-hui take Kim Cheong-a in front of her house and learned that the two reunited. Kim Seol-ah said, "What are you trying to put up with?" Kim said, "I'll think about tomorrow tomorrow. Well, don't worry about it. I'll be brazen. I'm messed up now. I didn't say "cheer," he said, "know." So I won't bother this person anymore. " Kim Cheong-a found a suspicious point in the case of Kang Si-wol (Lee Tae-sun) related to a traffic accident, and visited Hong Yu-ra. He told Hong Yura that he had "Just to give it back" in front of the watch. Hong Yura asked, "What are you doing now?", And Kim Cheong-ah said, "I was hit by the accident, Jun Gyeom-gi? And my mom. I didn't know what that meant. But now I know. So please tell me the truth. " Hong Yura said, "What is true. I've been shut up for 10 years now. What have you heard before I die? I'm hearing the first time. Kim asked, "You wanted to know. Did you guess something?" And Hong Yura "I couldn't believe what you said. Even now. Who are you going to kill again?" "Why are you doing this to me while you meet Junhui in my eyes?" Kim Chung-ah said, "I looked at the investigation data. The car that Jun-Gum drove, who did you just witness. Did you ride in the car together?" "I was wondering why the reporter's car didn't search. Is Kang's sponsorship coincidental? I'm afraid Joon will find out." Nevertheless, Hong Yura said, "Come with evidence. The law is not about cardiacism, but about physical evidence."
The next day, the news was reported that Kim Chung-a was a cop who committed suicide. Kim Chung-ah was shocked to see this reporter when he arrived in front of the Earth's University. The family began to worry when they could not reach out to Kim. Sun Woo Young Ae (Kim Mi Sook) visited Do Jin Woo (Oh Min Suk) and asked for the article. Do Jin-woo questioned, "It's strange that the article broke out suddenly." Hong Hwa-young (Park Hae-mi) received this report and instructed her secretary, Moon Hae-rang (jouri), to tell him to root more. Kim Chung-a began to worry, as reporters texted her, saying, "I now know my contacts." Gu Joon-hui kept Kim Cheong-a's side safe and reassured Kim Cheong-ah, "Let's stay tight. Let's do nothing and lie down like a newborn baby." At the pension, the two of them unexpectedly quietly spent their time together. Gujunhui said, "We're like this. Let's not go back. Then he asked, "You know how precious you are to me. So save me first." Kim decided to go back. He told Gu Jun-hui that "the disciplinary committee was advanced to this day. It's been a long time ago. The legal statute of limitations has passed, but I'm a police officer. It's not important at any time. It's my life." "We can't keep hiding." But "Thank you Junhui I think I can withstand. If you have to take off your clothes, I'm ready to take off your clothes. Until then, I want to do my best without giving up." "I can't live with it. I kept thinking of it all the time. Can I do that?" Kim Cheong-ah has returned to her family. He told his family that the disciplinary committee was advanced, and he told them, "That's all you need to tell. "I hope you won't be disappointed with any results. It's enough for people to trust me, even if they're fingering." Kim Seol-ah was furious with the Moon Hae-ri, who had bullied Kim Cheong-a and led to an extreme attempt. He said, "No matter how you think about it, you can't forgive." Moon asked, "What's the reason for doing this?" Kim Seol-ah shouted, "I can't stand my brother suffering because of you." Moon said, "Why is it my fault?" When did I ask you to die? Kim Seol-ah shouted, "Why did you try to do that?" Kim Seol-ah said, "Now, the world needs to know some Angie. Let's go because your father needs to know some Angie." Moon Jun-ik was watching this and apologized to Kim Seol-ah. Then he hit Mooncheong's cheek. Moon said, "How can you hit me?"
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