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'Love's Unsettling' Hyun Bin reunited with Sohn Ye Jin
In the ninth episode of tvN's TV drama 'Love's Unsettling', which was broadcast on the afternoon of 18th, Yoon Seri (Son Ye Jin) and Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) regretfully reunited. Yoon Se-ri, who was abducted by the gang, called Lee Jung-hyuk and said, "I'm going. I'm going to go with Gu Seung-jun. Suddenly the work was done. The schedule was pulled. We've already greeted you many times, so we don't have to worry about it again. " Lee said, "No, I should have done it many times, even if I have done it already. Tell me what you see. I can go anywhere."  Yoon Se-ri said, "I love Mr. Lee Jung-hyuk." Lee Jung-hyuk was greatly frustrated when he heard the shots, and he called again but was not connected. Lee Jung-hyuk came back home, and Cho Chool-gang (Oh Man-seok) was looking at the house. "I'm all Aldi, that's just proof that I'm going to smash your family," he said. "I'm my specialty." Lee Jung-hyuk, who could not stand his anger, struck the steel and was caught at the moment and was severely assaulted by his men. “I'm done, you baby, you're done,” Cho said. Yoon Se-ri was kidnapped by the kidnapping "Spirit right up Yun Se-ri. Think good. Feel good." The next morning, she opened her eyes and thought "Someone kidnapped me and confined me. Why didn't you kill me? What do you want?" In the room, CCTV was installed to monitor Yoon Se-ri, and he said, "Who are you?"  Seo-dan (Seo Ji-hye) was sorry that "the first place I wanted to see me was Yeongcheon," and Lee Jung-hyuk said, "The woman is gone. I wondered. " The reign said, "A man who is a few days before marriage is worried about another woman. The world is broken. It's good. Rather, don't get trapped here before the wedding. Lee said, "My father? Did you tell me not to regret? Who were you looking for to make me regret? Didn't your companion's mother do it, or did you meet my father? Asked. "I killed you. I can't go anywhere now. I just want to give up." Lee Jung-hyuk stressed, "Tell my father. If the end of the woman's hair is hurt, the father will lose one remaining son. North Korean officer Lee Jung-hyuk invited four men and said, "I must give a rumor about my origin." My father is the chief of politics. "
Lee Chung-hyuk's father and North Korean General Political Political Director Lee Choong-ryul met in a one-on-one to talk with Yoon Se-ri. Lee Choong-ryul served tea, but Yun Seri said, "I didn't come to play as a visitor, and I was kidnapped. I'm not an idiot. Honestly, when I was first dragged, I was upset about who did this, but now I understand a little bit.  Lee Chung-ryul said, "Well, tell me what purpose you were next to." It's not a hole shop, but a big fashion company, what kind of purpose do I have to come here to have a hard time? "Just like that," he said, "it was only humanitarian help that day." Lee Chung-ryul, who listened to the question, asked, "Is this all about Lee Jung-hyuk?", And Yoon-seri said, "He's not at fault. I want you to make it clear. Just report it. Your subordinates will be blown away from the wrong job. ' When asked, "Is that everything between you two?" Yun Seri said, "I liked Ms. Lee Jung Hyuk a lot. By the way, I did not like him. It wasn't the only person. Please help me. You kidnap people, and you look like you have enough strength. Please use your strength so that you can return safely. I will promise you reward and reward if you help me. " Cumshot Lee Jung-hyuk's mother, Kim Yun-hee (Jung Ae-ri) said, "It is inevitable for us," he recommended, and Yun-se-ri said, "Mr.  Kim Yun-hee asked, "Is Rijeonghyeok so good?" And guided Lee's room with a bed. Yoon Se-ri then realized that the people she met were her parents. That night, Lee Choong-ryul's load said, "You should never return it." Lee Choong-ryul said, "It's already reported death in South Korea. It's a little late tonight. I'll see you. "
Lee Jung-hyeok, rumored to be the son of the General Political Director, came out safely and came to find his father. Yoon Se-ri saw Lee Jung-hyuk who came to her and asked, "Don't worry, just take it off. That person's life is too far for me. I don't want to do it anymore. Where is the basement?" Lee asked, "Did you really die? Did you think about your future?" "I don't know how hell it is to live like that," Lee said. "I couldn't breathe all the way home. If he went wrong, he would live in hell until the day he died." Shouted. Mother Kim Yun Hee came out with Yoon Seri, "Breath, Jung Hyeok. Why can't you breathe? You can't let my baby live in hell." Lee Jung-hyeok was reassured to see the live Yoon Se-ri, and Yoon Se-ri said, "You're good at talking about Mr. Lee. You've never seen such a long talk. Why is your face again? Who's this? Really. I'm sorry. Always, I'm not here. Cried. Lee Choong-ryul said, "A woman you hid could have ended our house," and Lee Jung-hyuk said. "This woman didn't threaten you. I didn't mind threatening. I didn't report it on my own." I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe what was going on in it, I could be used, I could disappear without anyone knowing, so I couldn't send it. ” It turned out that Yoon Seri and Lee Jung Hyuk had met in Switzerland. Yoon Se-ri was impressed with Lee's playing piano. Lee Jung-hyuk played the song for his dead brother. Yoon Se-ri said, "Is the person who played there that day, Mr. Ri Jung-hyuk? No way. I was really lonely that day, but I really wanted to die. You were there. You saved me without you knowing. " Lee said, "Listen. You'll go home tomorrow." Cho Chul Kang told reporters that a man wanted by Bowie Command was in Li Chung-ryul's house, and asked for a house search. Lee Jung-hyuk is the best acquaintance of the DMZ. It is also where Yoon Seri first fell in North Korea.
Yoon Seri said, "We will mourn our farewell for six months. We are fate. See you in Switzerland, see you again in North Korea."   Lee Jung-hyuk said, "You can meet a man and get along well with others. Don't be lonely again. Don't mind being alone in a nice place and quietly disappearing. Be happy. And you are happy. "  Lee Jung-hyuk wanted to be with Yoon Seri a little longer, and he walked the same path repeatedly, making excuses for Gilchi. At dawn, Lee Jung-hyuk said, "Come. It's time for the search tanks to arrive. You can ask for help. I can't go a step here." Yoon Se-ri said, "Don't forget me too." Lee said, "I can't forget. How can a woman suddenly fall from the sky?" Lee Jung-hyuk, who crossed the line at this time, said, "One step is fine."
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