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" Perfume" Ko Won-hee faced with Shin Sung-rok as a nostalgic side effect
The first KBS 2TV monthly drama 'Parfum (directed by Kim Sang-hwi, Yoo Gwan-mo, and Choi Hyun-ok)' was broadcast on the 3rd. Jae-hee (Ha Jae-sook), who failed to commit suicide, tried to commit suicide by taking medication again before her husband came. However, a courier who came to notice her extreme choices came to her and said, "Providing that we meet together will make our life meaningful." The courier says, "Do not lose your courage, but wait until the thousand people are done." Jaehee returned to his room, checked the courier, and said, "I am going to rescue you today." Jae-hee said, "Is it really my courier?" I suspected, and I thought the parfum of doubt was in the box. Jae-hee took a scent of perfume once, sprayed on his body, and made a fascinating look.
Due to the parfum, Jae-hee moved to another unknown space as if in a dream, and received warm sunshine from the blue fields. But suddenly the cloud fell, and lightning struck and Jae Hee fell on the spot. When Jae-hee opened his eyes again, he was transformed into Min-Yeerin (Kwon Hee-hee) rather than Jae-hee. Jerin looked at the mirror and shouted, "Who am I?" He reminded me of the past in his photographs, which he had been thin before spraying the perfume, and was amazed, shouting, "I am not anyone else." "I am not a dream," said Jerin, who reaffirmed her appearance dozens of times. Jerin went to the shop without knowing himself, seeing the pretty dress she wore only in her dreams. At that time, Park Jun-yong (Kim Ki-doo) showed up and saw Scandinavia as a stage to be put on the fashion show immediately. Hanjina (Chae Yorin) checked the point as soon as she saw Jerin, and was conscious of Seo-do with a phobia. Jerin was greatly impressed by the fact that she passed the model.
At the time, she first met Seodae, who was repairing a model 's clothes on the spot. Jerin looked at the image of the idol that had been repaired as if it had become a scissors hand, admitting himself and falling into his own knees. As soon as I saw Jerin, I ran away and shouted, "What are you?" He said that he would not put it on his stage, and Jerin could not even step on the stage for a while. Jerin remained silent about modeling, which was a dream of her childhood, and was given permission to look at the rehearsal behind the stage in favor of Gina. The main model was out of the stage during rehearsal and was not able to stand on stage, and Jerin was raised instead.
She was transformed into a model, but in her eyes she was able to see Jae Hee, who was in the mirror, and she was fluttering. I heard the news, and I found a hiding place in Jerin. "I am a beauty alchemist, a talented person who can make beauty blessing." "I will make you the most confident model in the world from now on," Lee said to Jerin, who is said to be a "lump of inferiority." "I am not Min-jae-hee, food waste," and Yeolin stood on the first runway stage. However, because I was too nervous, I was surprised to see the monitor, which had fallen down on the finale stage. As you know, overdose of sleeping pills was a problem. When I heard the news of Jerin, who seems to be sleeping on stage, I was angry at the reality that ruined my show. Jerin was the first portal site in the West as a fashion show, and thanks to this, the island became a hot topic. It was a surprise. Ido, a power keeper, was delighted. Jae-hee looked into the mirror and noticed that she could live again in the form of a young day through perfume. "I can live again with this scent, and I can challenge my life again," said Jerin. The thinner Jerin came to the West. He stopped the car in front of him and asked him to "model it." He eventually took Lee to his house, asking him to get a job, and did a cleaning test.
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¡®¸¶Å¸Çϸ®¡¯´Â Á¦ 1Â÷ ¼¼°è´ëÀü Áß ÀÌÁß ½ºÆÄÀÌ ÇøÀÇ·Î ÇÁ¶û½º ´ç±¹¿¡ üÆ÷µÅ ÃÑ»ì ´çÇÑ ¾Æ¸§´Ù¿î ¹«Èñ ¸¶Å¸Çϸ®(º»¸í ¸¶°¡·¹Å¸ °ÅÆ®·çµå Á©¸£, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle)ÀÇ ½ÇÈ­¸¦ ¹ÙÅÁÀ¸·Î ÇÑ ÀÛÇ°ÀÌ´Ù. ¿ÁÁÖÇö, ±è¼ÒÇâ, ±èÁØÇö, ½Å¼º·Ï, ¾ö±âÁØ, ¼ÛâÀÇ, Á¤Åÿî(ºò½º ·¹¿À)ÀÌ Ã⿬ÇÏ¸ç ¿À´Â 29ÀϺÎÅÍ 6¿ù12ÀϱîÁö ¼­¿ï ¿ë»ê±¸ ºí·ç½ºÄù¾î »ï¼ºÀüÀÚȦ¿¡¼­ °ø¿¬µÈ´Ù.[/caption]
When the cleaned Yelin was resting alone, suddenly her body began to blow. In the meantime, Lee arrived at home, watching embarrassed home, and soon she fell asleep and realized that she was turning into a fat, rejuvenated body. I was embarrassed that Lee would come close. I met with the island in the form of. On the other hand, 'Perfume' is a drama about a man who devoted himself to his family by devoting his whole life to a middle-aged woman who has fallen into a despair and destroyed a family and has lost his courage to challenge his love.
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