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"Whisper" Episode 11

"Whisper" Episode 11

There is no friendship or loyalty between monsters and our villains are met with some tough decisions on which carrot to drop in favor of their survival. Jeong-il has to free his pursuer to trap Il-hwan and Il-hwan's enemies just keep piling up outside and inside of his doors. Yeong-joo and Dong-joon take some bold measures, but a very tough choice has to eventually be made for Yeong-joo's future.

I wish"Whisper"had pitted everyone against each other sooner, because there is much more excitement to be found in different sides with conflicting agenda and I feel more invested when the heroes stand more of a chance. Jeong-il (Kwon Yul) may have found a way out of his dilemma between maintaining his innocence and proving Yeong-joo's (Lee Bo-young), but now he will have two sides against his cause for his father.

"Whisper" Episode 11"Whisper" Episode 11

Soo-yeon (Park Se-yeong) and Il-hwan (Kim Kap-soo) will also have two sides against them, but their power is formidable. I do wonder where Yoo-taek's (Kim Hong-pa) own company and supposed allies are, however. Have they all switched over to Il-hwan? Is no one worried about the ease with which he gets rid of those who no longer serve his purposes? On the other hand that is how the corrupt rich operate, so I suppose monsters feel comfortable among monsters.

Chang-ho's (Kang Shin-il) decision in light of these circumstances is understandable and it gives Yeong-joo another chance to live, but I wonder where it leaves Jeong-il's punishment. Even if the suspect has confessed and the case has been closed, can it not be reopened with sufficient evidence of a coerced confession? Security cameras in the clinic to capture Jeong-il's visit would have helped but then again this is fiction and nobody records crucial evidence when it would solve everything too quickly.

"Whisper" Episode 11"Whisper" Episode 11

Aside from pitting the villains against each other and teasing Tae-gon's (Kim Hyeong-mook) fluctuating confidence in his allies, the episode handles Chang-ho and Yeong-joo's farewell and their selfless choices well. However, I do wish the burden placed on Yeong-joo as the daughter of a killer were something the series explored. It looks like Yeong-joo will be reinstated soon and that makes little sense given the stigma and her lack of connections.

I wish every episode of the series were as entertaining as this. Given we had to go through almost two thirds of a plot engaging in "writing foreplay" before getting to meaty content, I am very pleased about this. We now have more complicated relationship dynamics and more conflicting interests. This does not redeem the drama in my eyes, but I will be glad to see it end better than it started.

"Whisper"is directed byLee Myeong-woo, written byPark Kyeong-sooand featuresLee Bo-young,Lee Sang-yoon,Kwon YulandPark Se-yeong.

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