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"Spring night" Han Ji-min refused to confess to the ruler
Lee Jung-in (Dr Ji-min) drank a beer at the house of his friend Song Young-joo (Lee Sang-hee) at MBC's new tree drama 'Spring Night' broadcast on the 22nd. This is a phone call from my boyfriend Kwon Ki-suk (Kim Jun-hwan). The two ended the conversation in a dry conversation. In this image, Song Young-joo said, "If you are a lover, do not you have to quit saying that you should not have a long relationship?" Lee Jung-in replied, "We have been from the beginning." The next day, Kwon Ki-suk found a basketball court with his proposal. Here I met my junior friend Jiho (Jeonghaein) for the first time. The two broke up with the next basketball game.
Later, he opened his eyes and went into a pharmacy for a hangover. The pharmacist here is Ji-ho. Lee Jung-in asked me to take a hangover medicine and I ate it on the spot, but I was embarrassed to find that I did not have any money. "I did not say I did not eat it," said Lee Jung-in, "and I did not say it. Lee Jung-in said, "I asked you to open the drink and asked me to open it." He replied, "I made a mistake." In the end, Lee said, "Do you give me a phone number? I do not think I'll ever get rid of it. Ji - ho gave me his phone number and he gave me money to the person who left my wallet. After that, he met his boyfriend Kwon Ki-suk on his way home from work. Kwon said, "I am going to become more busy because of my work, and I should not have to talk about marriage. At this point, Lee Jung-in showed an uncomfortable feeling, "What kind of answer would you like to do?" He said, "Mr. Youngju says it is time. If you meet Mr Youngju, I tried to go in and work." My friend, who has received a wallet from his friend Song Young-joo's house. I kept witnessing this appearance. He was having a party at home with his friends. "My brother is the president of the foundation, and my girlfriend is the daughter of the principal, and he says that he is very beautiful." At this point, my friends wondered about Kwon Ki-suk and Lee Jung-in, and his friend explained, "I asked him to get a seat." After my friends go home. He looked at the message of Lee Jung-in to tell him his account number. Lee Jung-in also once again confirmed the message to Ji-ho. Lee Yoo-ho met his son Yoon-eun (Haian) to find his home. He spent time playing with his son. Kwon Ki-seok's father Kwon Young-guk (Kim Chang-wan) gave his son the pressure of marriage. Especially, it was encouraging to meet with Dae-won's daughter and gave a pressure to Lee Jung-in and separation. Afterwards, Kwon Young-guk visited the place where Lee Jeong-in's father Lee Tae-hak (Song Seung Hwan) is located. Lee, Tae - hak is the director of the school where he works. Kwon Young-kuk gave Lee Tae-hak a meaningful message about Lee Jung-in and raised tension. Lee Tae - hak called his daughter Lee Jeong - in and asked Kwon Ki - seok and affectionate leader. This was a tick-ticker. Lee said, "Let's get married this year. Lee Jung-in said, "I do not want to be pushed, I want to make my choice, I do not know when."
On this day, Lee Sung-in (Lee Seong-in) said, "I am divorced. Lee Jung-in said, "Is your sister all right? Nowadays, rumors are swift and image hits too big." Then, "Please be on my side," he hugged me hugely at the end of the book. Lee Jeong - in found a drugstore and handed the money to. He asked, "Why did not you give me your account number?" He asked me, "Would you like to have this money?" Lee Jung-in "I do not like eating with people I do not know," he pushed him. "I remember the phone number and did not know it," Jiho said, laughing. The embarrassed Lee Jung-in went to the pharmacy saying, "I have good memory." Ji-ho followed up with Lee Jung-in at a late stage, but it was staggered. Lee Jung - in found his friend Song Young - joo 's house. Ji - ho lived in the same building and encountered Lee Jung - in, who came to receive the chicken. Lee Jung-in said, "How did you get here?" But I felt embarrassed when I realized that the resident was living in a building. Lee Jong-in asked Song Young-ju, "Do you know who lives on the top?" Song Young-joo replied, "I do not know with a young couple." At this point, Lee felt a strange feeling. In the end, "I am sorry I misunderstood," he left the character Lee Jung-in. Jiho saw this character and made a smile. Lee Jung-in 'a lot of snow. I was surprised at the letter of 'Yoo-soo,' and he replied 'Thank you very much.' Ji - ho sent a message, "We will meet outside outside the pharmacy when we get eyes next time," and Lee was nervous.
At this time, Lee Jung - in waited for him in front of the pharmacy of Yoo - ho, saying, "I have something to say. Jee-ho runs to Lee's character. Lee Jung - in said, "I'll just call it, I made a mistake, I have someone to marry. At this point, Jiho said, "I have a child." "I always wondered what I meant to do, but I wondered what it was like to be a woman," Lee said, "I thought about it since I first saw it here, and I thought someone might be next to me. I came here so far, "he said. Lee Jung-in said, "I did not purposely purposely, but I made me misunderstood. "I am happy for a moment," said Yoo Jee-ho, "why do you apologize?" "I do not think so," he said, "I would have been a lot harder because of me." Lee suggested, "Let's make friends. "I'm sorry, I do not have the confidence to be comfortable," Yoo refused. However, Lee Jung-in kept thinking about keeping. Especially, the next day, I remember the words of Yoo Ho, "Let's meet outside when the next snow comes." But Lee Jae-in, who came to see a basketball game led by his brother Lee Jae-in (Sung Min). I was surprised to see Yoo Ji Ho there.
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