South Korea artist is male duo December. They have been called as the December is touted as the new replacement to Brown Eyes, and that is no overstatement. After five long years of training, the male duo is ready to climb to the top of the charts with their appealing voices and immense talents. Their aim is to be an icon of ballad music, much like Brown Eyes and SG Wannabe. Anyone who listens to the songs in their debut album will undoubtedly believe that their goal is within their reach. They debut in Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook last year. Their name getting popular after their song that also been featured in the popular drama IRIS. This never stopped them and they release a new digital single titled "Learned My Lesson In Love". December's style reminded us of Monday Kiz, with both members have good singing skills and their power R&B ballad genre has been very popular in K-pop for the last few years. They also have a concert in Japan after five month debut.