Bang Eun hee

Bang Min-seo

Bang Eun-hee(bornBang Min-seoon December 1, 1967) is a South Korean actress. Bang made her acting debut in 1988, and rose to fame after being cast as the lead actress in Im Kwon-taek 'sGeneral's Son(1990).She has starred in films and television dramas such asThe Day a Pig Fell into the Well(1996),No. 3(1997),3PM Paradise Bath House(1997),Shadows of an Old Love(1998),Legend of Hyang Dan(2007),Daebak Life(2008), andAll My Love(2010).Bang married Kim Nam-hee, founder and CEO of NH Media , on September 9, 2010.As of 2016, she is now represented by the agency.

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