Boohwal( Korean :"부활", literally "Resurrection"), is a South Korean rock music band, formed in 1985 by the lead guitarist/songwriter Kim Tae Won .

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 Boohwal's Formation and the 80's

However, unlike bands like Sinawe, they have been concentrating more on Korean-style melodic rock ballads, especially after their 3rd album.

After receiving high praises in the underground music scene for their music, they became instantly popular once they released their first major album. The album featured the most popular vocalist to come out of Boohwal, Lee Seung-Cheol (이승철). The title song, "희야" (Heeya) became an instant hit. Kim Tae Won produced bell ringing sounds with his guitar for that song and many aspiring guitarists tried to mimick it. The 2nd album, also with Lee Seung Chul, was also a big success. Their success was a result of many aspects, including Kim Tae Won’s ability to write beautiful songs ranging from rock to ballad, Lee Seung Chul’s ability to sing, and Boohwal’s overall talent for music. However, Lee Seung Chul and Kim Tae Won went their separate ways in 1988. Kim Tae Won worked on many side projects until getting the band together for their 3rd album.

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 Boohwal's 1990s and beyond

In 1997, Kim discovered another talented vocalist, Park Wan-Gyu (박완규) and recorded Boohwal's 5th album with their title song "Lonely Night." They succeed making a big hit in the Korean music industry once again. Park did not stay long with Boohwal, and Boohwal started another search for a new vocalist.

In 2002, they teamed up with Lee Seung-Cheol (이승철) again, releasing their eighth album 새, 벽 (Sae Byuk – Bird, Wall). The title song, “Never Ending Story”, was one of the most popular songs that year. With this album they not only regained popularity among the older fans who remember them from the 80s, but also teenagers who thought Lee Seung-cheol was a newcomer. Although most people welcomed the new album, some critics[who?]argued that Boohwal's music had become too soft, especially Kim Tae Won’s style of playing the guitar.

2005 marked Boohwal's 20th year anniversary. They have been one of the most prominent Korean bands, making music for more than 20 years. They continue to create melodic rock with talented vocalists and talented musicians. Many popular singers went through Boohwal including Kim Jong Seo, Lee Seung Chul, Park Wan Kyu (박완규), and others.

2008–2009 was a turning point for Boohwal, when its leader, Kim Tae Won, showed up on many different variety shows on MBC, SBS, and KBS. He eventually became a regular on the currently-popular showQualifications of Men (남자의 자격), which is the second part of the KBS showHappy Sunday. Also, with their new vocalist, Jung Dong Ha, they started to attract more fans, surprisingly[citation needed]girls.

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 Boohwal's Lineups

1st (1985)Vocals:Kim Jong Seo (김종서)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원), Lee Ji Woong (이지웅)Bass:Lee Tae Yoon (이태윤)Drums:Hwang Tae Soon (황태순)

2nd (1985–87)Vocals:Lee Seung Chul (이승철)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원), Lee Ji Woong (이지웅)Bass:Kim Byung Chan (김병찬)Drums:Hwang Tae Soon (황태순)
Albums:1st Album Rock Will Never Die

3rd (1987–88)Vocals:Lee Seung Chul (이승철)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Jung Jun Kyo (정준교)Drums:Kim Sung Tae (김성태)Keyboards:Seo Young Jin (서영진)
Albums:2nd Album 회상 (Remember)

4th (1993–95)Vocals:Kim Jae Ki (김재기)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)
Albums:3rd Album 기억상실 (Loss of Memory)

5th (1995–97)Vocals:Kim Jae Hee (김재희)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Jung Jun Kyo (정준교)Drums:Kim Sung Tae (김성태)
Albums:4th Album 잡념에 관하여

6th (1997–99)Vocals:Park Wan Kyu (박완규)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Jung Jun Kyo (정준교)Drums:Jung Dong Cheol (정동철)Keyboards:Choi Seung Chan (최승찬)
Albums:5th Album 불의 발견 (Discovery of Fire)

7th (1999-00)Vocals:Kim Ki Yeon (김기연)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Jung Jun Kyo (정준교)Drums:Chae Je Min (채제민)Keyboards:Eum Soo Han (엄수한)
Albums:6th Album 理想(이상) 시선 (Ideal Sight)

8th (2000–02)Vocals:Lee Sung Wook (이성욱)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Seo Jae Hyuck (서재혁)Drums:Kim Kwan Jin (김관진)Keyboards:Eum Soo Han (엄수한)
Albums:7th Album Color

9th (2002–03)Vocals:Lee Seung Chul (이승철)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Seo Jae Hyuck (서재혁)Drums:Chae Je Min (채제민)Keyboards:Eum Soo Han (엄수한)
Albums:8th Album 새벽 (A New Day/Dawn)

10th (2003)Vocals:Jung Dan (정단)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Seo Jae Hyuck (서재혁)Drums:Chae Je Min (채제민)Keyboards:Eum Soo Han (엄수한)
Albums:9th Album Over the Rainbow

11th (2005–09)Vocals:Jung Dong-ha (정동하)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Seo Jae Hyuck (서재혁)Drums:Chae Je Min (채제민)Keyboards:Eum Soo Han (엄수한)
Albums:10th Album 抒精 (서정), 11th Album 사랑 (Love)

12th (2009–present)Vocals:Jung Dong-ha (정동하)Guitar:Kim Tae Won (김태원)Bass:Seo Jae Hyuck (서재혁)Drums:Chae Je Min (채제민)
Albums:12th Album Retrospect, 12th Album Part 2 Retrospect II, 13th Album Purple Wave

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 Boohwal's Discography


1986 Rock Will Never Die
1987 회상 (Remember)
1993 기억상실 (Loss of Memory)
1995 잡념에 관하여
1997 불의 발견 (Discovery of Fire)
1999 理想(이상) 시선 (Ideal Sight)
2000 Color
2002 새벽 (A New Day)
2003 Over the Rainbow
2005 抒精 (서정)
2006 사랑 (Love)
2009 Retrospect
2010 Retrospect II
2012 Purple wave

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 Boohwal's See also

  • Sinawe
  • Lee Seung-cheol

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