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Han Geng(born February 9, 1984) is a Chinese Mandopop singer and actor well known for his powerful dance skills. He is skillful in all China's 56 ethnic traditional dances, as well as ballet and hip-hop dance. He has been dubbed "Dancing King" and "King of Popularity" in China. He started his career, in 2001, when he was chosen by SM Entertainment (SME) to become a member of South Korean boy band Super Junior , which debuted in 2005, and as the leader of its sub-group Super Junior-M in 2008.On 21 December 2009, Han filed a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract as he felt that the 13-year contract was unlawful, overly restrictive and unfair. He also argued that he was forced to do things outside of his contract and refused sick leave which led to kidney illness.and has since returned to China to pursue a solo career. On 21 December 2010 the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Han, however a representative of SM Entertainment said that they will file an immediate appeal to reverse the decision.On September 27, 2011, Han Geng's departure from Super Junior was made official when legal representatives of both Han Geng and S.M. Entertainment eventually released a statement stating, "Han Geng and S.M. Entertainment have amicably settled on a mutual agreement, and the lawsuit was able to come to a close after Han Geng submitted his 'Notice of Withdrawal of Appeal'."For his various contributions to the spread of Chinese culture , Han was chosen as a torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics , becoming the first boy band member in history to hold this role.

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 Han Geng's Early life

Han Geng, of ethnic Nanai descent from Northeast China , was born in Mudanjiang , Heilongjiang , China.He attended Guang Hua Elementary School from 1990 to 1996.

Han Geng started to learn dancing since he was young. By the age of 12, he was accepted into the dance department of the Central University for Nationalities . He left his family and his hometown in the Northeastern part of China to attend dance school in Beijing . During his years in the school, he mastered all 56 types of Chinese traditional dances from the 56 Chinese ethnic groups .[a]

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 Han Geng's At Central University for Nationalities

At the age of 12, he was accepted into Central University for Nationalities and left Mudanjiang for Beijing to pursue dancing. During that time he also learned ballet and martial artsand performed in many countries including the United States, Russia, Taiwan, and Macau.

In 1999, as a representative of the Nanai ethnic group, he participated in the parade in honor of China's 50 year anniversary.

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 Han Geng's Career

Korea and Super Junior

In December 2001, South Korea's biggest Entertainment Agency, SM Entertainment , went to China to hold an audition in Beijing with hopes of finding new talents in the country. The audition was calledH.O.T. CHINA Audition Casting. Han Geng, who was preparing for his graduation performance at the Central University for Nationalities , immediately caught the attention of the agency's talent scouts and was invited to participate in the audition, but he wasn't very interested as he never heard of the company before. One of his friends, however, was very interested and persuaded Han Geng in accompanying him to the audition. Although hesitant at first, Han agreed to audition with his friend. The competition rate was 3,000 to 1, and Han had no hopes of getting selected after auditions ended.

After the audition, Han began to work briefly as a cameo actor in short low-budget Chinese films and performing in local events across the country to earn a salary before entering college. In late August 2002, Han was notified that he had been selected by SM Entertainment.After Han's graduation from the Central University for Nationalities, he was sent to South Korea in March 2003 and received private lessons in singing, dancing, acting, and Korean language . By mid 2003, Han had moved into dormitories and lived with other trainees who were under the same label and started to receive intense hip hop and street dance training. He started out as a Class C dancer (the lowest class for dancing), as he had zero knowledge in hip hop dance at the time, but in the short period of six months, he went straight to Class A, skipping Class B. At that time, there were only 3 people in Class A – Han Geng, Donghae, and Eunhyuk.

On February 6, 2005, Han was officially announced to be part of one of South Korea 's all-boy rotational musical groups, Super Junior , as a member of its first generation, Super Junior 05. Being the first group with a Chinese and foreign member to formally debut in South Korea, the media closely followed the group. Three months later after the announcement, Han made his first media appearance as a runway model along with fellow group member Choi Siwon in a fashion show organized by Bum Suk. The two members are extremely good friends, and have even considered themselves "sworn brothers."

Han was one of the few members of Super Junior who actively appeared on variety shows , such as being a regular guest inLove LetterandStar Golden Bell. Being active in variety shows, his popularity within Super Junior grew and Han became popular overseas. Aside from South Korea, Han also became well known in China, where he made guest appearances in different Chinese variety shows, being one of the first K-pop idols to appear in them.Han became a national celebrity in China with the debut of Super Junior's third subgroup Super Junior-M on April 8, 2008 in China, with Han Geng as the leader of the group. The subgroup released their first Chinese-language studio album ,Me, on May 2, 2008. The album debuted on Taiwan 's G-music combo charts as #2 and #1 on many of China's and Thailand's music charts.Leading his fellow Korean members to develop in his home country, his popularity immediately soared in China. His overwhelming popularity set him apart from the rest of the group, catching the media's attention and making him become in high demand by numerous TV shows, commercials and movies. However, his agency did not allow him to take part in such activities without the rest of the group, restricting his solo appearances.

Han Geng ceased activities with Super Junior and Super Junior-M, the sub-group that he was leading, after filing for contract termination from SM Entertainment on December 21, 2009. Currently, most of the lines in the Chinese language songs that he sang while active with Super Junior-M are now covered by Eunhyuk and Sungmin who were added into the group as of 2011.


Han made a cameo appearance with band-mate Eunhyuk as a friend of Heechul in an episode of the MBC dramaRainbow Romanceearly 2006. In August 2006, Han played the role of a police officer in Zhang Liyin 's debut music video " Timeless ", starring alongside Lee Yeon-hee and bandmate Siwon . The two-part music video was released separately in September 2006. The music video was ranked #1 for four weeks on Melon's Video Chart. In November 2007, Han starred as the lead role in Zhang's debut Chinese music video, "I Will", and "The Left Shore of Happiness" alongside Lee and Siwon. Both music videos were released in February 2008.

Han's first big-scale film wasAttack on the Pin-Up Boys, an SM Pictures production that starred all Super Junior members except Kyuhyun. He made a cameo as a popular basketball player who later got attacked by a mysterious force. Despite positive critical ratings, that film did not do well in the box-office. However, all four versions of the film's DVD were sold out and broke chart records.

In late 2008, Han filmed the CCTV mini drama calledStage of Youthin China. In the mini drama, he played Xia Lei, a young man who has to go through numerous obstacles and challenges in order to achieve his dream to become the new generation's dancing star. The 12 episode drama was a Chinese New Year Special and also a tribute to the Beijing Olympics 2008. It aired on CCTV -Children (少儿频道) from January 19–31, 2009.

In the middle of 2010, Han Geng was given a cameo role as Deng Xiaoping in the government funded film The Founding of a Party (建党伟业) along with many other A-list Chinese celebrities. The movie premiered in China on June 15, 2011.

Han Geng was cast alongside Barbie Hsu and Fahrenheit's Wu Chun for the Sino-Hollywood collaboration action movie My Kingdom (2011) (大武生). The film is directed by Gao Xiaosong , produced by Andre Morgan and features action directing by Sammo Hung . Filming began in October 2010, although the actors trained in martial arts and Beijing opera for three months before this. The filming wrapped up in late January 2011, and the movie was released September 9th, 2011 in eight different countries.

In mid-2011 Han Geng was cast in the film "The First President" (第一大总统) as Hu Han Min , the secretary of Sun Yat-sen. He started filming on June 14, 2011, and the film was released September 30th, 2011.

2008 Beijing Olympics torch bearer

On March 20, 2008, Han was announced to be one of the torch bearers for the 2008 Beijing Olympics , the first boyband member to be chosen in history.Being active in a foreign country, Han had constantly promoted Chinese culture in Korea, earning him a spot as torch bearer.His torch relay was in the Beijing route on August 7, 2008. He was runner number 240. Besides being a torch bearer, he also sung in the Beijing Olympic theme song "Beijing Welcomes You" (北京欢迎你).

Charity Work

Han Geng is extremely active in many charities and constantly tells his fans that instead of buying gifts for him, they should use their resources to help those in need. Han Geng is most noted for donating most of his 2008 income to the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake .He also donated 100,000RMB to the 2010 Yunnan Drought.In 2010, Han Geng became a spokesperson for "I Want To Go To School Kappa 1200 Help the School Children Project," a charity designed to help underprivileged Chinese children go to school. While most celebrities that participated sponsored one child through the program, Han Geng chose to sponsor ten, and Han Geng's fans, known as Gengfans (庚饭, lit. "Geng Rice"), sponsored another 124.Han Geng also recorded a song with Olivia Ong to promote the charity.In 2011, Han Geng recorded a charity song "孩子 (Children)" with various artists in order to promote child-trafficking awareness. Also in 2011, Han Geng became a spokesperson for the "Sunflower Project" which aims to provide electricity to students in rural China so that they can complete their studies. In early 2012, Han Geng became the Mainland China initiator of the "Love Life" charity movement.

In response to Han Geng's request, Gengfans are also extremely active in charities and often gather together to go to poor regions in China to help kids and families in need in Han Geng's name. They call this project "Let Love Fly". Such charities have become a tradition among Gengfans, especially during Han Geng's birthday every year.

Solo career

On June 22, 2010, Han Geng officially announced his solo career at a press conference held at The Great Wall Of China , revealing the release of his first solo album titled Geng Xin 庚心, which hit stores throughout Asia on July 27. The name of the album literally means "Geng's heart", but it is also a play on words because it has the same pronunciation as "start anew" in Chinese. There is also a third meaning to it: the character Geng 庚 in his name comes from the evening star Hesperus / Venus (长庚星,Chang Geng Xin), which is what he's named after. So his album’s title can also mean "Evening Star" or "Geng's star", since Xing 星 (star) and Xin 心 (heart) have similar pronunciation in Chinese.There are two versions of the album depending on the locations of where it was released. In Mainland China the albums came with the titles of the songs and the song lyrics written in simplified Chinese characters while in Hong Kong and Taiwan and oversea Chinese communities they are all written in traditional Chinese characters.

On July 6, Han Geng published a complete demo version of his album's title song "My Logo". The song was produced by American producers, Craig Williams and Rene Van Verseveld .Remarkably, Han Geng and Craig Williams invited Travis Payne and Stacey Walker (best known as Michael Jackson 's choreographers) along with Michael Jackson's This Is It dancers – Dres Reid , Shannon Holtzapffel, Tyne Stecklein, and Daniel Celebre to join the choreography for the MV of this song. The lead track "My Logo" is listed at number 26 on Hit Fm Taiwan 'sHit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart(Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2010.

Han Geng also held his first two solo concerts in Beijing on July 17 and 18. Tickets for the 2 concert days were sold out in a record time of 37 minutes. His first solo album has topped various major music charts in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. It has sold more than 350,000 copies within only 2 months after its release, and to celebrate such remarkable results, a special celebratory version of the album was released on October 1 with a limited number of 20,000 copies. In addition of the 10 songs in the album, the special version contains 7 MVs and a karaoke disc.As of December 2010, the album has sold more than 530,000 copies. The DVD for his Beijing concerts was released on 20 May 2010, and quickly took the number 1 position on various online retail charts.

Han Geng quickly became one of the most marketable young idols in the Mandopop scene, and since the start of his solo career has received over 20 awards. He has also picked up several major endorsements, most notably with China Mobile, Meng Niu Yogurt, Yishion clothing store, which signed an eight year contract with him due to the overwhelming positive feedback, Nokia , X-step Athletic-wear's Urban Series, Royal Wind Shampoo, online store Lumei, and the video game Tian Xia 2 (ended in 2011), which features a character in his likeness. Due to his overwhelming popularity, Han Geng was invited to perform in the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival , where he sang the opening and performed a short dance.

Han Geng also received much love from the Chinese fashion industry in 2011, constantly gracing the covers of top-tier fashion magazines. He is currently the youngest person to ever grace the cover of Harper's BAZAAR China at the age of 26 and the youngest artist for the cover of the MR Hong Kong at the age of 27. He is also the first ever mainland Chinese artist to appear on the cover of L'OFFICIEL HOMMES China, the issue was also a double cover, both featured Han Geng.

Han Geng also already announced a second album, to feature rock music elements, and an Asia-wide tour expected in the Summer of 2012.

Gengfans and Wings Of Love

Gengfan (庚饭) is the official name of Han Geng's fans. The name was created by his Chinese fans and it literally means "Geng Rice". The name is a play on words which contains various meanings. One of them is the fact that the word for rice in Chinese sounds like the English word "fan". The other meaning is that because Han Geng is known to love eating, they call themselves his "rice" so they can be his main source of energy. The third meaning is that the word Gengfan when abbreviated, becomes GF, which is also the abbreviation of the word "girlfriend" in English. There are also many sub-classifications of Gengfans such as Sister Fans (Gengfans who are older than him), Geng Knights (male Gengfans), Mother Fans (Gengfans who are mothers), etc. Gengfans generally use the colors yellow and black to represent themselves. They are known for their strong and unconditional support as well as for their massive numbers. They're also known to be very active in charities ever since Han Geng asked them to not give him gifts but use the money to help those in need instead.

On Han Geng's 23rd birthday in February 2007, they created a song calledWings of Loveas a gift for him. The lyrics, arrangement, singing and music video were all done by his fans as an encouragement for him to continue pursuing his dreams. The lyrics of the song are extremely touching and became a type of anthem for Gengfans all around the world; thus, they call themselves his wings of love. As a gesture of gratitude, Han Geng has recorded his own version of the song in his first solo album, changing the lyrics slightly to sing it back to his fans.

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 Han Geng's Controversies

Performance restrictions

Before his debut, Han entered Korea with a vacation visa and had to return to China every three months for a new one.After debuting in 2005, his company obtained an E-6 (Entertainment Industry) passport, allowing him to stay for longer periods. However, a Chinese passport strictly limited his promotional activities and appearances in various broadcasting corporations in Korea. By law, a Chinese passport holder is only allowed to perform on three television stations. Han was allowed to perform on KBS and SBS , as stated by Lee Soo Man during a Harvard Korean Wave conference in early 2007. Fellow labelmate, Zhang Liyin, also experienced the same issue. Initially, the company did not know of the procedures and was fined because of it. Before Han signed contracts with KBS and SBS, he performed on stage with a mask and a hat to hide his face on screen. Many thought Han was a backup dancer until three months later when his bandmate Heechul finally revealed him to the media by publicly taking off his mask.

Despite visa restrictions, Han performed with the rest of Super Junior at the 2007 M.NET/KM Music Festival and the 2007 Golden Disk Awards. Both award ceremonies aired on channels that Han was restricted to perform on.


On December 21, 2009, Han Geng filed for contract termination from his former company SM Entertainment . The following day, December 22, 2009, Han Geng's lawyer released the reasons for the contract termination: the contract had provisions in SM Entertainment's favor, the 13-year contract length was unlawful, it would take an unfair sum of money to end the contract, he was not allowed to request to revise his contract, he was forced to do things that were not in his contract, he was forced to do things against his will, he was fined if he disobeyed the company, missed any events or was late, and there was unfair profit distribution. Along with this, it was disclosed that because of SM Entertainment's refusal to give him a day off in over two years, he had developed gastritis and kidney disease .

Han Geng's current manager, Sun Le, also submitted a statement to the Korean courts citing SM Entertainment's violation of Han Geng's rights. This statement was later leaked to the public via the internet. Though many suspected the statement to be fan created, it was later confirmed as legitimate.Sun Le's statement contended that Han Geng was forced to wear a mask due to SM Entertainment's ill handling of the visa issue, SM Entertainment purposely discriminated against Han Geng and his family, SM Entertainment refused to cooperate or listen to any of Han Geng's suggestions, SM Entertainment purposely turned down individual activities for Han Geng (including Ariel Lin 's "Fireflies" music video, which later starred two other Super Junior members) and SM Entertainment treated Han Geng's potential endorsers poorly.

On 21 December 2010 the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Han. However a representative of SM Entertainment said that they will file an immediate appeal to reverse the decisionOn September 25, 2011, the Seoul Courts announced that they had received a request from Han Geng 's attorney to retract his claim made against SM Entertainment on the 21st.

As of September 27, 2011, Han Geng and SM Entertainment have officially come to a mutual agreement regarding Han Geng's contract, closing the case. Han Geng will not continue his exclusive contract with SME and no longer has any legally binding connection with SME, as stated by Yue Hua Entertainment, Han Geng's current management company.

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 Han Geng's Discography


Album InformationTracklisting (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)
Geng Xin
  • Released: 27 July 2010
  • CHN: 530,000+


YearSong TitleNotes
2008"北京欢迎你/(Beijing Welcomes You)"with Various Artists, for 100-day countdown of2008 Beijing Olympics
"青春梦想/Youth Dreams"OST for drama “青春舞台/Youth Stage”
2010"世界看中国/The World Watches China"China Element Theme Song for2010 Shanghai Expo
"不能忘却的纪念/Unforgettable Memories"withTan Jingfor 150th anniversary of burning of theOld Summer Palace
"大手小手/Big Hand, Small Hand"withOlivia Ongfor Music Radio Kappa 1200 Schooling Aid
"回家过年/Returning Home for New Years"solo version of Opening Performance for 2011 Spring Gala
"孩子/Children"with various artists for Anti-Child Trafficking Awareness Campaign
"亚运有我精彩之极/With me the Asian Games Become Exciting"withZhou Bichangfor the2010 Asian Games
"我是火焰/I am a Flame"theme song for the volunteers of the2010 Asian Games
"虹/Iris"theme song for the torch of the2011 Summer Universiade
2011"如梦令/Like a Dream"OST for movie “大武生/My Kingdom”

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 Han Geng's Filmography

Film and Television

Nonstop(TV drama) 2006 Himself Cameo appearance(Season 6, episode 136)
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys 2007 Hankyung, the basketball player Supporting Role, Ensemble Cast
Stage of Youth(TV drama) 2009 Xia Lei Male Lead (12 episodes)
My Kingdom 2011 Meng Erkui Male Lead
The Founding of a Party 2011 Deng Xiaoping Cameo Appearance
The First President 2011 Hu Hanmin Supporting Role
To Our Youth that will Eventually Fade 2012 (in production) Lin Jing Male Lead

Music Video Appearances for Other Artists

YearSong TitleArtist
2006"Timeless"Zhang Liyin(Feat.XiahofTVXQ)
2008"I WILL"Zhang Liyin
"The Left Shore of Happiness"Zhang Liyin

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 Han Geng's Individual Achievements

Music Awards

YearDateAward ShowAward Won
201004/11Meng Niu Music Billboard AwardsMost Promising Newcomer[citation needed]
8/21Meng Niu Future Star FestivalChildren’s Favorite Male Singer
10/18CCTV-MTV Music AwardsWon Mainland Most Popular Male Singer
12/19Meng Niu Newcomer AwardsBest Newcomer
12/29Tencent Star AwardsMale Singer of the Year
201101/08China Power Fashion AwardsMost Talented Male Singer of the Year
01/19Sina Network AwardsMale Singer of the Year
02/17CCTV My Favorite Spring Gala ProgramMusic Category 2nd Place – Returning Home for New Years
01/21Sprite Chinese Music AwardsBest Male Singer of the Year
Favorite Idol of the Year
Golden Melody of the Year: Heartache Notebook
02/07Baidu Entertainment Hottest AwardsGolden Song of the Year – My Logo
03/19Eastern Billboard Annual AwardsAll-Round Entertainer of the Year
Golden Song of the Year: My Logo
04/09Global Chinese Golden Chart AwardsMost Popular Newcomer
Singapore 100.3 Radio Most Dedicated Song – My Logo
Top 20 Golden Songs – Say No
04/11Meng Niu Music Billboard AwardsMost Popular Male Singer of the Year
04/15Channel [V] Music AwardsWon Mainland Most Popular Male Singer
04/24Music Radio China Top Chart AwardsMost Popular Newcomer
Best Mainland All-Round Artist
Top 15 Golden Songs of the Year – Say No
05/05L'OFFICIEL HOMMES Fashion Star Award CeremonyMusic Scene New Power
06/24China Mobile 5th Wireless Music CeremonyArtist of the Year
Most Popular Singer Search Term
08/21LUX Fashion Power AwardsAsian Idol of the Year
11/02Bazaar Successful Individual of the Year AwardsAbsolute Star Attraction Award
11/16East Fashion 50 Most Beautiful People CeremonyBeauty of Hard Work
12/04BTV Influential People of the Decade CeremonyMost Popular Idol Singer

Acting Awards

YearDateAward ShowAward Won
201011/27Avant-Garde Star CeremonyMost Anticipated Collaboration
201103/01Hua Ding PASSAT AwardsMost Anticipated Mainland Chinese Actor
11/11New York Chinese Film FestivalMost Popular Asian Artist
12/04BTV Influential People of the Decade CeremonyMost Popular New Actor

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 Han Geng's See also

  • Nanai
  • Super Junior
  • Super Junior-M

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 Han Geng's Notes

  • a.^As demonstrated on KBS 'sStar Golden Bell, broadcast on September 2, 2006.

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 Han Geng's References

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