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Jung Joon-young(Hangul: 정준영 Hanja: 鄭俊英 born February 21, 1989) is a Korean rock singer, songwriter and radio DJ, who was born in Indonesia, but raised in China, Japan, Europe (England and France) and the Philippines. Jung has lived in ten different countries because his father was an international business man.He had a lonely childhood but learned how to speak five different languages such as English, Chinese, Tagalog (Filipino), Korean,and some Japanese.When he taught songs to the children in Philippines at the age of seventeen, he started his dream to be a rock star. He went to South Korea without his family's knowledge at the age of 19 and assembled his own band "Flowermist"(later "Switch-on") and performed in amateur club theatres as well as busked on the streets in Japan. To achieve his goal of becoming a rock star he worked as a modeland appeared on television.Jung Joon-Young finished in third place on Superstar K4and since then he has been doing concerts, TV and radio programs(as a guest or a host) and modeling for cars, clothes, games and N-screen. From May 6, 2013, he worked as a DJ for MBC FM4U " Close Friend " until September 1, 2013. He has appeared on several TV shows including KBS2's "Immortal Song-Singing the Legend 불후의 명곡", "Happy Together 해피투게더" and MBC's "We Got Married 우리결혼했어요" and has been emerging as a versatile entertainer recently.After signing with CJ E&M, Jung Joon-young released his first debut single "Spotless Mind (병이에요)" with two versions of Music Video(N version and S version) on Oct 01, 2013 and immediately made an impact on the country’s charts. Just an hour after release, “Spotless Mind” nabbed the top spot on Mnet, Bugs and Soribada etc.On October 10, 2013, Jung Joon-Young officially made his debut by releasing his first mini album that contained his debut title song,"The Sense of an Ending 이별 10분 전" with other five songs and as soon as it was released, his 1st mini album ranked the top spot both on the daily and weekly chart of Synnara Record as a best selling album.

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 Jung Joon young's Biography

1989–2005: Early lifeedit

Jung Joon-young was born on February 21, 1989 in Jakarta-Indonesia. His father is an international business man who travels many countries for his business. His family moved to China after living in Indonesia for five years and they lived there for five years. While his father was staying in China, his mother and brother moved to Europe. They lived in England and France until Jung turned 17. He couldn't enroll in a regular school because frequently moved around. He took private lessons for regular subjects such as math, English, violin , and piano and he got his fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo.

2005–2007: Adolescence ageedit

When Jung became 17, he decided to go to the Phillippines to do missionary work. He taught Taekwondo and music to the local children. He was a member of the choir which performed in front of the president of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo . While teaching music with his guitar, he realized that his dream was to be a rock singer.

2007–2012: Career beginningedit

This group was marketed to be an " Idol rock band " and debuted on September 27, 2010. Jung was interviewed on a Japanese broadcast while he was a member of LEDApple "I did classical music when I was an elementary student, I played the xylophone , cello , piano , and violin and I started a band when I was a middle school student. Right now I'm working so hard to make a successful band and I want to perform not just in South Korea but also in Japan". Unfortunately Jung couldn't debut with the group because of the terms of his contract with his formal company "Danal Entertainment". This company released Jung's single album while he was auditioning for Superstar K4 in 2012 without his permission. This included "Love N Hate" and "1,000miles" which was released on Oct 11, 2012 and "Fantasy" and `Happy Blue Christmas` which was released on Nov 11, 2012 even though this album had been recorded a long time ago.

with a new guitarist Hyung-Wu and drummer Jae-Chun. In August 2011, Japan BS11 Broadcasting invited "Flowermist" to Shibuya , Japan . They performed in clubs and on the street with cover songs "For You"(Yim Jae-bum), " Run to the Sky" (Lee Juk), "Harder to Breathe"( Maroon 5 ), "Black or White" ( Michael Jackson )", "What to Say"( Breeze[disambiguation needed]) and their own songs "If", "Raindrop", "Flight by Night" and "Snow Forest". Also they were invited to the Flying Walrus(Japanese rock singer) as a special guest in October 2011.

and performed in the club "FreeBird" in HongDae . Jung made the lyrics for "Perfume" which was composed by Gi-Jun. They wanted to be more popular as a rock band, so they decided to participate in Superstar K4 . After the first audition, Laura left the band and they couldn't continue the audition as a band any more. Jung decided to continue Superstar K4 as a solo artist.

and referring to this show, he said "People don't like this program because they think this is just about good looking boys and girls chatting on a TV show, but it was a good opportunity for me to make money."

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 Jung Joon young's Artistry


Jung Joon-young was inspired by Freddie Mercury of the British rock band Queen , Kurt Cobain of the American rock band Nirvana , Hyde (vocalist, rhythm guitarist, lyricist and songwriter) and K.A.Z (lead guitarist, backing vocalist and songwriter) of the Japanese rock duo band Vamps , and by the " grunge " genre such as Nirvana .

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 Jung Joon young's Discography

TitleRelease DateSongReference
Rock Trip Sep 30,2012 "1,000miles, 1,000miles (Inst.)" EP
Rock Trip Sep 30,2012 "Love N Hate, Love N Hate (Inst.)" EP
"Fantasy" Nov 09,2012 "Fantasy, Fantasy (Inst.)" Digital Single
"Happy Blue Christmas" Dec 11,2012 "Happy Blue Christmas" Digital Single
It's Top 12 Dec 11,2012 "Sing a Song" EP
"Spotless Mind병이에요" Oct 1,2013 "Spotless MInd" Pre-released Debut Single
"The Sense of an Ending이별 10분 전" Oct 10,2013 "Spotless Mind병이에요"
"The Sense of an Ending이별 10분 전"
"Be Stupid"
"The phone number I Know아는 번호"(written by himself)
"Take Off Mask"(composed by himself)
1st Mini Album

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 Jung Joon young's Concert tour

Dec 20,2012 & Dec 21,2012Superstar K4 Top12 ConcertSeoulSK Olympic Handball GymnasiumTwice Performance
Dec 24, 2013Superstar K4 Top12 ConcertIncheonSamsan World Gymnasium
Dec 25, 2013Superstar K4 Top12 ConcertDaeguEXCO
Dec 28, 2012Superstar K4 Top12 ConcertGwangjuYumju Gymnasium
Dec 29, 2012Superstar K4 Top12 ConcertSuwonSuwon Gymnasium
Dec 31, 2012 Superstar K4 Top12 Concert Pusan Pusan KBS Hall Twice Performance
Mar 01, 2013Chevrolet ConcertSeoulCoex Millennium Center"Polly"( Nirvana ),"Have a Nice Day"( Bon Jovi )

"BakHa Candy"(YB),"What to Say"(Breeze)

Mar 23, 2013Dongkodong ArtpeopleSeoulUNIQLO-AXSpecial Guest

"Rape Me"( Nirvana ) "Have a Nice Day"( Queen ) "Love Addict"( Vamps ) "If I Confess"(Collaboration with Dickpunks)

Mar 25, 2013" Superstar K Season 5"Special AuditionSeoulHongDaeSpecial Guest

"Into the Rain"(빗속에서, Lee Moon-Se ) "Under the Shade of a Tree-line"(가로수아래서면, Lee Moon-Se ) "Mona Lisa"(모나리자, Cho Yong-Phil )

July 26, 2013Ansan Valley Rock FestivalAnsanBadaHyangGi Theme ParkSpecial Guest

" Knockin' on Heaven's Door " ( Bob Dylan )

" Sweet Child o' Mine ( Guns N' Roses

"Hello + DanBalMueRi ( Cho Yong-Phil )

Aug 4, 2013Superstar K 5 "All-Star concert"SeoulSeoul City Hall Park 서울광장MC and Special Guest

"BakHa Candy" (박하사탕 YB Band )

JJY performing at Ansan Rock Festival, July 26, 2013

was another concert with other audition contestants. KoreaGM gave him an open concert in Coex Millennium Center on March 1, 2013. He sang "Polly"( Nirvana ), "Too Much Love Will Kill You"( Queens ), "BakHa Candy"( YB Band ) and "What to Say"(Breeze). On March 23, 2013, Jung was invited to be a special guest at the "DongKyoDong ArtPeople" concert in "UNIQLO-AX" and he sang "Rape Me"( Nirvana ), "Have a Nice Day"( Bon Jovi ), "Love Addict"( Vamps ) and "If I confess You'll Be Surprised"( SanUlLim ) with "DickPunks"( Superstar K4 `s second place). Mnet[disambiguation needed]asked Jung to do an open concert to attract more auditioners for the 5th season of Superstar K . His songs were "Into the Rain"(빗속에서, Lee Moon-Se ), "Under the Shade of a Tree-line"(가로수아래서면, Lee Moon-Se ) and "Mona Lisa"(모나리자, Cho Yong-Phil ).

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 Jung Joon young's Filmography

TV programs

Nov 26, 2013MnetTalkConcert"Aspirine","Becoming Dust"Superstar K4Top12 Special
Dec 28, 2013 Mnet Supervoice Show "Outsider","BakHa Candy","BulGunNoUl" Superstar K4,"Voice of Korea" and "Show Me the Money" Collaboration
Jan 03,2013 Mnet M! Countdown "Sing a Song" Superstar K4Top12
Jan 12, 2013 Mnet MUST "Outsider" Superstar K4special
Jan 16, 2013 Mnet Music Triangle Sorry(미안해요) Legend 100 "Kim Gun-mo" Special
July 13, 2013 KBS2 Immortal Song-Singing the Legend 불후의 명곡 전설을 노래하다 Remember DJ DOCSpecial
Aug 3, 2013 KBS2 Immortal Song-Singing the Legend 불후의 명곡 전설을 노래하다 HaeSukNamNyu (해석남녀) COOLSpecial
Oct. 10, 2013 Mnet M! Countdown The Sense of an Ending(이별 10분 전) Debut Stage
Oct. 11, 2013 KBS Music Bank뮤직뱅크 The Sense of an Ending(이별 10분 전) Debut Stage
Oct. 15, 2013 Mnet Wide Entertainment News : The Music Interview Spotless Mind(병이에요), Becoming Dust(먼지가 되어) Interview
Oct. 16, 2013 MBC Music Show Champion쇼챔피언 The Sense of an Ending(이별 10분 전) Live
Oct. 17, 2013 Mnet M! Countdown Spotless Mind(병이에요), The Sense of an Ending(이별 10분 전) Live
Oct. 18, 2013 KBS Music Bank뮤직뱅크 The Sense of an Ending(이별 10분 전) Live
June 18, 2011 ~ Sep 03,2011Comedy TVUlzzang Generation 얼짱시대Season 5Fixed guest"Ulzzang Generation 얼짱시대Season 6" Ep.11's special guest(Feb 11,2012)

and Ep.17's special guest(July 7, 2012)

Dec 19, 2012 ~ Nov 30, 2012MnetSuperstar K4BackstageFixed guest
Dec 26,2012MnetWide Entertainment 와이드 연예뉴스GuestStudio Talk
Dec 03,2012 and Dec 10,2012 Mnet Beatle's Code Guest Superstar K4 special
Dec 10,2013 and Dec 17,2013 TVN TAXI 택시 Guest HongKong special
Dec 21,2013 ~ Feb 08,2013 Mnet Superstar K4everspecialTrack Guest
Jan 27,2013 TVN Three Idiots 세얼간이 Guest
mar 21,2013 Ongamenet 온게임넷 Until We Become Kings 켠김에 왕까지 Guest
June 18, 2013 Actor Lee Seung-chulmusic Video
Aug 15,2013 OnStyle 온스타일 Challenge! Super Model Korea 도전! 수퍼모델 코리아 Special guest Opening ceremony for theChallenge! Super Model Korea
Aug 15,2013 KBS2 Happy Together 해피 투게더 Guest "Handsome Guys" special
Sep 10,2013~ OnStyle 온스타일 Jung Joon-young's Be Stupid Actor Reality Show
Sep 14,2013~ MBC We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요

(Season 4)

Fixed Guest Couple withJeong Yu-mi
Sep 18,2013 KBS2 Star Babysitter

Come See Me 날보러와요

Actor "Thanksgiving(추석)" special

(June 2011~ Sep 2011) before participating in the audition. This program is about good looking girls and boys from the real life. Jung's friends were "Ulzzang(good looking boys)" so he participated in this program following his friends. In February and July, 2012, he was invited to "Ulzzang Generation season 6 얼짱시대" as a special guest.

PSYwithKim Gu-RaandJun Hyun-Mu(hosts of "TAXI 택시") before 2012Mnet Asian Music Awardsstarted. At this interviewPSYsaid "I like Jung because his mentality is so special and unique. He looks a lot like me when I debuted." The next TV entertainment programs were "M! Countdown"and "Three Idiots 세얼간이".On March 21, 2013, Jung was a guest on the TV game show"Until We Become Kings켠김에 왕까지" and played an online game with Kim Tae-Hyun (main vocalist of Dickpunks).

(a judge of the superstark 4) as an actor.

He also sang "HaesukNamNyu"해석남녀 (COOL) on the same program and attracted all attention of the audience with an eye-catching performance on Aug 3, 2013.

" on Aug 15, 2013 and he participated in the main broadcast TV entertainment "Happy Together 해피 투게더" on the same day.He proved his talent as a great singer and a good entertainer as well through the shows.

Jung Joon-young is paired up with Jeong Yu-mi on MBC TV's reality show "We Got Married 우리결혼했어요" and shows his charming, witty and distinct personality as a virtual husband four years younger from Sep 14, 2013.

Jung challenged in babysitting twin preschoolers and their baby brother on KBS's Reality Show "Star Babysitter-Come See Me스타베이비시터 날보러와요" on Sep 18, 2013 and won much praise from viewers by taking good care of the babies in his own fun way as a skillful babysitter.

Radio programs

Dec 10, 2012MBC FM4UBluenight


GuestProject for Women

〈High & Dry〉(Radiohead)

Jan 11,2013MBC FM4UDate

두시의 데이트주영훈입니다

GuestFor My Song -Superstar K4TOP3 Special

"Perfume"(Jung Joon-Young), "What to Say"(Breeze)

Jan 17,2013MBC FMShim Shim Tapa

신동의 심심타파

GuestShow! Live Core

"Where Did You Sleep Last Night"(Nirvana)

Jan 23,2013SBS Power FM-Old School

김창렬의 올드스쿨

GuestTalk Show

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" (Bob Dylan)

Jan 28,2013 ~ Mar 03,2013 MBC FM4U Song of Hope at Noon

김신영의 정오의 희망곡

DJTemporary DJ for February,2013
Jan 30,2013KBScool FMKiss the Radio

Super Junior의 키스 더 라디오

GuestOpen Concert

"Californication"(Red Hot Chili Peppers),"Becoming Dust"(Kim Kwang-Suk)

Feb 19,2013MBC FMStarry Night

윤하의 별이 빛나는 밤에

GuestStarry Night Live

"Alive"(Pearl Jam)

May. 06, 2013~ Sept.01,2013MBC FM4UClose Friend


DJFrom 20:00 to 22:00
Oct 10,2013SBSTwo O'clock Escape Cultwo Show

두시탈출 컬투쇼

GuestCultwo Show Live

"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전" "Creep(Radiohead)

Oct. 10. 2013MBC FMStarry Night

윤하의 별이 빛나는 밤에

GuestStarry Night Live

"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전" "Really?정말" "Take Off Mask"

Oct. 14. 2013KBS RadioMusic Square

김범수의 가요광장


"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전"

Oct. 14. 2013KBS RadioVolume Up

유인나의 볼륨을 높여요


"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전" "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"(Nirvana)

Oct. 17. 2013MBC RadioShim Shim Tapa

신동의 심심타파


"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전" "Really정말"

Oct. 19. 2013SBS RadioOld School

김창렬의 올드스쿨


"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전" "Really정말"

Oct. 19. 2013KBS RadioKiss the Radio

슈퍼주니어의 키스더라디오


"The Sense of an Ending이별십분전"

Oct. 20. 2013MBC RadioAfternoon Discovery

오후의 발견 김현철입니다

GuestDJ Jung Time

Ju Young-Hoon 주영훈), "Enjoy"(심심타파Sin Dong 신동), "Old School"(올드스쿨Kim Chang-Youl 김창렬), "Kiss the radio"(키스 더 라디오Super Junior) and "Starry Night" (별이 빛나는 밤에Yoon Ha 윤하). From January 28 to March 3, 2013, Jung (with Roy Kim) became a temporary DJ on the Radio "Song of Hope at Noon"(정오의 희망곡)forKim Shin-Young (김신영)who had a health issue.

Featuring as the radio's guest and host, Jung showed his vocal ability range from Ballad to Heavy Metal. He sang "High and Dry"(Radiohead;Bluenight), "Perfume"(Jung Joon-Young;Date), "What to Say"(Breeze;Date), "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"(Nirvana;Enjoy), "Knocking on Heaven's Door"(Bob Dylan;Old School), "Californication"(Red Hot Chili Peppers;Kiss the radio) and "Alive"(Pearl Jam;Starry Night). During the DJ period, he set up the live music corner and sang "Beautiful"(Christina Aguilera), "Rain and You"(Park Jung-Hoon), "Confession"(Dellyspice), "What's Up"(4 Non Blondes), "Falling Slowly"(Glen Hansard), "Don't Cry"(Guns N'Roses), "Bed of Roses" (Bon Jovi), "Come As You Are"(Nirvana) and "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"(Panic! At the Disco).

From Aug. 19, 2013 to Sept. 01, 2013, Jung hosted "Close Friend" on his own as a solo DJ.


2013 Musical Drama:Monstar(as the character the younger Han Ji Woong)


2012 BGFretail CU(Retail store franchise) Convenience Store
2012 OB Beer Cass Beverage
2012 CJ E&M Everybody's Marble Game
2013 Cheil Industries Fashion Bike Repair Shop Fashion
2013 CJ Hellovision tving N-Screen Service
2013KoreaGMChevrolet TrexAutomobile
2013 CJ E&M MaGaeChon Online Game
Aug. 2013 Vogue Vogue Girl Magazine Korea Fashion Magazine
Aug. 2013 InStyle InStyle Magazine Korea Fashion Magazine
Aug. 2013 Arena Arena Homme Magazine Korea Fashion Magazine
Aug. 2013 Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Magazine Korea Fashion Magazine
Sep. 2013 The Book Company Singles Magazine Korea Fashion Magazine
Sep. 2013 J contentree Sure Magazine Korea Fashion Magazine
Oct. 2013 Pearly Gates Luxury Young Golfwear Pearly Gates Casual Wear

Jung worked for "Cheil Industries Fashion" as a fashion model for "Bike Repair Shop".CJ E&Mhired him as an on-line game model for "Everybody's Marble" and a game site "MaGaeChon"(마계촌)".Also he modelled for "CJ Hellovision" which is running "tving" (N-Screen Service).

Jung Joon-young wrapped up photo shoots for fall with 'Singles' for its 9th anniversary issue as well as 'Sure'. During his interview with 'Sure'. He shared, "I don't have much pride, but I do have a lot of self-confidence. Especially when it comes to the kind of music I like, I think I have major self-esteem in that aspect," adding, "My goal in life is clear. To succeed with music. Whether it'll be on a global or domestic stage, I just want to do music!"

Right after his hot debut, Jung Joon-young has been chosen as the new endorsement model for casual wear brand 'Pearly Gates' in October, 2013.

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 Jung Joon young's Awards and nominations

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 Jung Joon young's References

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