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Shin Hye-sung( Hangul : 신혜성, Hanja : 申彗星) was bornJung Pil Kyo( Hangul : 정필교, Hanja : 鄭弼敎) on 27 November 1979. He is a South Korean singer, known as the lead vocalist of six-member boy band Shinhwa . His stage name "Hye Sung" means comet .

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  • by ifrit1112  -  August 30, 2016 03:41 AM

    Shin Hye Sun smiles brightly in cuts for 'Aqutop'

    On August 25, 'Aqutop' revealed cuts of beautiful actressShin Hye Sun, who is currently serving as the main face of the cosmetics brand. Shin Hye Sun smiles brightly in the cuts, shyly holding up a pink rose in one photo and getting her hair done in the other. The actress's skin is simply glowi…

  • by asianlook  -  August 4, 2016 01:50 AM

    Shin Hye Sun joins Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun in their upcoming drama

    ActressShin Hye Sunis joining an already star-studded cast for drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea'!A rep from the SBS drama stated on August 1,"Shin Hye Sun will be acting with leadsJun Ji HyunandLee Min Ho."  She will be playing Lee Min Ho's university junior, Cha Si Ah, in this fantasy r…

  • by jaicoree  -  July 15, 2016 01:48 AM

    Shin Hye Sun joins cast of movie 'One Day'

    ActressShin Hye Sunwill be seen on the big screen soon!YNK Entertainmentsaid recently,"Shin Hye Sun has decided to appear in movie 'One Day(working title)' as her next project."The movie centers on a man who loses his daughter in an accident trying to figure out the secret behind a repeati…

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 Shin Hye Sung's References

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 Shin Hye Sung's Awards

  • MKMF Best Ballad Category.
  • Golden Disk Award "Bonsang"
  • SBS Gayo Daejun "Bonsang"
  • Golden Disk Award "Bonsang"
  • Sohu Entertainment Sohu Han Yu's 2007 Awards: Annual Best Album
  • Sohu Entertainment Sohu Han Yu's 2007 Awards: Best MV
  • 2007 Model Ceremony Award: Popularity Award

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 Shin Hye Sung's Biography

1998: Debut with Shinhwa

Shin auditioned in America through Brothers Entertainment and was the first member to be placed into Shinhwa.[citation needed]He officially debuted as part of Shinhwa on 24 March 1998 with a performance of their first single "해결사" (The Solver) on KM Music Tank. Since then, he has released ten Korean and one Japanese studio albums with Shinhwa.

2005: Solo career

Shin debut debut as a solo artist in 2005 with the released of his solo album entitledLove of May(오월지련, 五月之戀) in 2005. This album ranked number one on the HMV pre-order sales chart in Japan in February 2005, with 180,000 copies sold. Shin released his second album, entitledThe Beginning, New Dayson 8 August 2007. His song, "First Person", was #1 on theK-pop Top 10chart. His album sold 30,000 copies when it was released on 8 August 2007 and 50,000 copies sold in seven days.

He has since released five Korean and one Japanese studio albums.

, Shin wrapped up a series of performances in Seoul, Busan, and Shanghai. He also hosted a special two-day,2011 Tour in Seoul - The Road Not Taken Act II, at Kyung Hee University on 3 and 4 September. Then in July, he recorded a duet "I Believe", with Shunsuke Kiyokiba former member of Exile .

2012 to present: Shinhwa comeback

and their first exclusive variety programShinhwa Broadcastpremiered on 17 March 2012 on cable channel JTBC .

.Hence he performed singing in a chair for their first music show comeback on 29 March on M! Countdown , where they performed "Venus" and "Hurt".

in Shanghai from 30 September to 2 October, as K-Pop representatives along with other international artists such as Michael Bolton in front of an audience of 100,000 people.

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 Shin Hye Sung's Discography

Studio albums

Album #Album informationTrack listing

Love of May


The Beginning, New Days

3rd (Side I)

Live and Let Live

3rd (Side II)

Keep Leaves

1st Japanese Original

Find Voice in Song

Collection 2010

My Everything


The Road Not Taken

  • Released:June 16, 2011
  • Released Under:Liveworks
Winter Album


  • Released:December 27, 2011
  • Released Under:Liveworks
Winter Album

Winter Poetry

  • Released:December 4, 2012
  • Released Under:Liveworks
  • Sales:N/A


  • 2001
  1. 이지훈 4.5집 Special With...(LeeJi Hoon 4.5 jib) – Doll (Feb 1, 2001)
  2. 수호천사 (Suho Chonsa) (April 4, 2001)
  3. DJ철의 Cross Over Vol.1 - Shining Good – Dog life (빛좋은 개살구) - Hyesung, Rap Eric, HuInChang (Oct 14, 2001)
  4. The Gift (1st Gift) -나를 받으옵소서 (Dec 12, 2001)
  • 2003
  1. ‘S’ : 강타,신혜성,이지훈 (Kangta, Hyesung, Lee JiHoon) (Sep 25, 2003)
  • 2004
  1. ‘S’ : 강타,신혜성,이지훈 (Kangta, Hyesung, Lee JiHoon) JPN version (Feb 25, 2004)
  2. Lee Jihoon 이지훈 ('Trinity’) track 01. 이별이야기 (Hyesung, Lee JiHoon & Lee SoYoung) (April 19, 2004)
  3. Shin Hye-sung - Take Me To Your Heart (April 23, 2004)
  4. JangNaRa '나의 이야기'-연인 (Jang Nara with Hyesung) (December 20, 2004)
  5. 통일염원 Special Album '사랑 (Love) - '그날이 오면' (Hyesung, Minwoo, Dongwan) (Dec 24, 2004)
  • 2005
  1. All the BestKorean Ver., April 2005)
  2. SMAP 'Sample Bang'(1 cd + 2single-04. ハヌル~ヨン ウォン サラン~ {하늘~영원한 사랑~=そら~永遠の愛~}(With Hyesung) (Aug 12, 2005)
  • 2006
  1. 선민 Thanx 혜성 (‘SunMin thx Hyesung’) (Aug 31, 2006)
  2. Keep Holding U (With Sun Min ) (Track No. 1)
  3. 옛사랑 [The Story Of Musicians] - 시를 위한 시 (신혜성) (Sep 14, 2006)
  4. 컴필레이션 음반 [동화(冬話)] – Compilation songs Dong Hwa (Dec 22, 2006)
  5. 사랑...후에 (Love…..after ) (신혜성, Lyn(린)) (Track No. 1.)
  • 2007
  1. Jo Young Soo "all star" albumLOVER(January 2007)
  2. Kim Dong Wan [Kim Dong Wan Is] - "Remaining Person (남은 사람)" duet with Kim Dong Wan (July 5, 2007)
  • 2008
  1. Shin Hye Sung & Lyn [He Said... She Said...] - "It's You" duet with Lyn (Feb 27, 2008)
  2. Social Enterprise logo song - "Beautiful Social Enterprise" (July 1, 2007)
  3. I Love Asia Project - "Smile Again" various artists (July, 2007)
  4. Color Project [Color Purple] - "Purple Rain" a second special project album that highlights meeting between songwriters and singers (July 7, 2008)


  • 2005
  1. ‘S’ "Breath" on TV drama [April Snow] original soundtrack (September 8, 2005)
  2. "Don't You Know (모르겠나요)" on TV drama [Super Rookie] original soundtrack (May 4, 2005)
  3. "I Promise" on TV drama [101st Proposal] original soundtrack (January 2005)
  • 2006
  1. "Ocean Blue" duet with Lee Min Woo on TV drama [Let's Go to the Beach] original soundtrack
  2. "Day after Day" on Japanese drama [Alone In Love] original soundtrack (May 11, 2006)
  • 2007
  1. "You Are the Wind (그대는 바람)" on TV drama [Bad Love] original soundtrack (December 10, 2007)
  • 2008
  1. "Words Said by the Eyes" on TV drama [Gourmet] original soundtrack (June, 2008)
  2. "Together Tetris" on Online Game [Tetris Returns] original soundtrack (October 23, 2008)
  • 2009
  1. "You're Beautiful" on TV drama [A Man Who Can't Get Married] original soundtrack (June 10, 2009)
  • 2010
  1. "Timeless Memory" on Movie [The Invincible(무적자)] original soundtrack part.1 (September 7, 2010)
  • 2011
  1. "Like Bitterness Like Admiration(如怨如慕/여원여모)" on KBS TV drama [The Princess's Man] original soundtrack part2. (July 20, 2011)

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 Shin Hye Sung's TV Shows

  • 2005Love Letter(ep 1 to 14) - SBS
  • 2005X-Man- SBS
  • 2006Heroine 6
  • 2006New X-Man- SBS
  • July 2006Infinity Challenge- Quiz Challenge with Shinhwa (Season 4 Episode 11 & 12) - MBC
  • 2008Family Outing(Guest ep 15 & 16) - SBS
  • 2012 Shinhwa Broadcast

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 Shin Hye Sung's Compositions

  1. Shinhwa Vol. 2 "At Your Side (너의 곁에서)"
  2. Shinhwa Vol. 3 "Never Come To Me" (co-writer)
  3. Shinhwa Vol. 3 "Vortex" (co-writer)
  4. Shinhwa Vol. 3 "Wedding March"
  5. Shinhwa Vol. 4 "Hey, Come On"
  6. Shinhwa Vol. 4 "Falling In Love"
  7. Shinhwa Vol. 4 "Sure I Know"
  8. Shinhwa Vol. 4 "바램 ( I Swear)"
  9. Shinhwa Vol. 6 " Red Sunset (노을)"
  10. Shinhwa Vol. 7 "Oh" (co-wrote song lyrics with Minwoo)
  11. Shinhwa Vol. 9 "Destiny of Love (흔적)"
  12. Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 "Don't Leave" (co-writer with JPS)
  13. Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 "Same Thought" (co-writer with Park Chang Hyun)
  14. Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 "Punishment (벌)" (co-writer with Kim Do Hyun)
  15. Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 "A Song For You"
  16. Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 "After... "
  17. Shin Hye Sung & Lyn [He Said... She Said...] "Echo"
  18. Group S Fr. in Cl "I Swear" (wrote English lyrics)
  19. Group S Fr. in Cl "I Believe"
  20. S.E.S Vol. 1 "Good-Bye" (Rap by Eric)
  21. S.E.S Vol. 2 "Kiss" (Rap by Eric)

Other participation: Shinhwa Vol. 8 "Midnight Girl" (New melody arrangements for ballad version)

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