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Yoo In-na( Hangul :유인나, born June 5, 1982) is a South Korean actress .

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    Korean drama 'Goblin' episode 8

    Added episode 8 for the Korean drama"Goblin""Goblin"(2016)Directed byLee Eung-bokWritten byKim Eun-sookNetwork : tvNWithGong Yoo,Lee Dong-wook,Kim Go-eun-I,Yoo In-na,Yook Seong-jae,Lee El,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:00Also known as "The Lonely, Shining Goblin" and &quo…

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 Yoo In Na's Career

Yoo In-na began her acting career in the popular daytime sitcomHigh Kick Through the Roofin 2009.Several supporting roles followed, notably as the heroine's perky best friend in 2010 SBS dramaSecret Gardenwhich won her Best New Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards .

She was an MC forOne Night of Entertainment TVfrom 3 March 2011 to 4 June 2012,for which she won Best Variety Entertainer at the SBS Entertainment Awards.She is currently a DJ for the KBS Cool FM radio showLet’s Crank Up the Volume.

Having trained for years under YG Entertainment hoping to become a singer before her acting debut , Yoo's vocals was featured in Humming Urban Stereo 's 2011 digital single "You, That Day" (넌 그날) .She also sang for the soundtrack of her 2011 filmMy Black Mini Dressalongside her castmates Yoon Eun-hye , Park Han-byul , and Cha Ye-ryun.Their chick flick is about the lives of four twentysomething friends as they juggle life, love and work.

In 2012 Yoo starred in her first leading role in the tvN seriesQueen In-Hyun's Man. The plot of the cable drama centers around obscure actress Choi Hee-jin, played by Yoo, who falls in love with time-traveling scholar Kim Boong-do ( Ji Hyun Woo ) from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) who jumped 300 years to the 21st century.

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 Yoo In Na's Personal life

At a June 7, 2012 fan meeting to mark the end ofQueen In-Hyun's Man, Ji Hyun Woo made a surprise public declaration that he was in love with co-star Yoo In-na, shocking fans and press alike.This sparked a media frenzy in the following days,during which their agencies remained mum on the issue and the two stars lay low,except for a reassuring message to his fans that Ji posted on Twitter on June 11.Speculation about their relationship status ended on June 17, when gossip website Sportsseoul.com photographed the couple together on a midnight date at a park in Bundang , Gyeonggi , where Yoo lives.The next day on June 18, Yoo confirmed on her radio show that they are officially dating.

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 Yoo In Na's Filmography


YearTitleRoleTV Network
2009 High Kick Through the Roof Yoo In-na MBC
2010 Secret Garden Im Ah-young SBS
2011 The Greatest Love Kang Se-ri MBC
Birdie Buddy Lee Gong-sook tvN
2012 Queen In-Hyun's Man Choi Hee-jin tvN


2006 Arang
2010 The Fair Love Jin-hee
2011 My Black Mini Dress Min-hee
2012 Love Fiction Soo-jung / Kyung-sook

Variety and radio show

2010-2011 Heroes participant SBS
2011-2012 One Night of Entertainment TV MC SBS
2011-present Yoo In-na's Let’s Crank Up the Volume DJ KBS 2FM

Music video

YearSong TitleArtist
2010 "Tell Me Goodbye" Big Bang
"In My Head" Brian Joo
2011 "You, That Day" Humming Urban Stereo

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 Yoo In Na's Discography

YearSong TitleArtistAlbum
2011 "You, That Day" Humming Urban Stereofeat. Yoo In-na That Daysingle
"My Black Mini Dress" Yoon Eun-hye,Park Han-byul, Cha Ye-ryun and Yoo In-na My Black Mini DressOST

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 Yoo In Na's Commercials

  • G-Market
  • Lotte Liquor Chung Ha
  • Gillette
  • Maxim Top
  • Nikon Camera

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 Yoo In Na's Awards

2011 1st Olleh-Lotte Smartphone Film Festival Special Award with Narsha (Uninvited Guest)Won
47th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (Secret Garden)Won
SBS Entertainment Awards Best Variety Entertainer Award (One Night of TV Entertainment)Won

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 Yoo In Na's References

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