Yoon Jong Shin


Yoon Jong-shin( Korean : 윤종신; born 15 October 1969 in Seoul ) is a South Korean singer and songwriter.

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  • by hwarang  -  August 4, 2016 08:12 AM

    Yoon Jong Shin releases "History of Love" MV

    SingerYoon Jong Shinis kicking off his '2013 Monthly Yoon Jong Shin' project, which will take the singer's own works and "repairs" them.First up is the song he gave toJo Sung Moback in 2009, titled "History of Love". As a song that received much love then, it has now been reborn …

  • by heej0130  -  August 4, 2016 06:49 AM

    Super Junior's Siwon to guest on first episode of 'Strong Heart 2'

    Super Junior'sSiwonwill be one of the first guests to appear onSBS' 'Strong Heart 2'.The first season wrapped up filming on January 17th, and Siwon will be featured on the first episode of the new reboot. 'Strong Heart 2' PD Shin Hyo Jung stated,"Siwon has been confirmed as a guest fo…

  • by hwarang  -  August 4, 2016 05:59 AM

    The 3 MCs of 'Incarnation' ('Strong Heart 2') gather for a friendly photo

    The new MCs of'Incarnation' (formerly known as 'Strong Heart 2') recently came together to participate in the poster shoot of the new show.Yoon Jong Shinposted a selca of the three new MCs and wrote, "'Incarnation - The One Who Controls The Heart' will air on SBS Tuesday nights at 11.. We're fi…

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 Yoon Jong Shin's History

Yoon Jong Shin entered Yonsei University after graduating from Daewon Highschool, joining in a music club namedSochangsa(소창사) and nurturing his dream of becoming a singer. Then, in 1990 he made debut as a guest singer of a 015B .

In 1991, he announced first albumLike as ever we met first(처음 만날 때처럼) as a solo singer. After that he participated in the 015B continuously, and he got a big public interest from this first album.

In 2000, he made his movie debut inCan hardly stop themwith a cameo along with the director, Kim. He became active in the field of entertainment and, in 2003, took a role in a sitcomNonstop 4where he played a professor.

In 2009, he became a regular cast member inRadio Starof MBC 'sGolden Fisheryand SBS 'sFamily Outing. He was also a judge in Mnet'sSuperstar Kin 2009.

where he announced that he had had an incurable Crohn's disease . He became the co-host of SBS'sGO Showin April 2012.

In February 2013, he became the co-host of SBS's

From April 2013, he is the regular host of the newest SBS reality show Barefooted Friends .

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 Yoon Jong Shin's Discography

Studio albums

TitleAlbum detailsTracklistingSales
처음 만날 때처럼
  • Released: May 12, 1991
  • Label: Hyundai Sound
  • Format:CD
  1. 처음 만날 때처럼
  2. 이젠 그댈
  3. 떠나간 친구에서
  4. Dawn (새벽)
  5. 허탈한 기억 속에
  6. Smile (미소)
  7. 7분 전
  8. Only My love (나만의 사랑)
  9. 꼭 쥔 십자가만이
  • Released: November 15, 1992
  • Label: Daeyoung AV
  • Format:CD
  1. Your Wedding (너의 결혼식)
  2. Regret (후회)
  3. 내게 다시 돌아올 날 위해
  4. 내 꿈, 그대 안에
  5. 일그러져가는 널 보며
  6. 이별 연습
  7. 이 세상에 가장 외로운 너
  8. 애인 하나 없는 사람들을 위해
  9. 거리에 서면
  10. 처음 만날 때처럼 II
The Natural
  • Released: August 12, 1993
  • Label: Daeyoung AV
  • Format:CD
  1. 오래 전 그날
  2. 부담 없는 이별
  3. 내 소중한 사람에게
  4. Repay (보답)
  5. 추억만으로 사는 나
  6. 내가 필요할 때까지
  7. 언제나 그랬던 것처럼 (Feat. 박영미)
  8. 숨결만 살아있다면
  9. 꿈만 꾸는 소년
  10. 세상에 나와보니
  11. 살아있는 동안 다해도
Coexistence (공존)
  • Released: April, 1995
  • Label: Daeyoung AV
  • Format:CD
  1. 이층집 소녀
  2. Please (부디)
  3. 내 사랑 못난이
  4. 검은 리본 속의 너
  5. 아버지의 사랑처럼
  6. 굿바이 (Duet. 장혜진)
  7. God Bless You
  8. 널 지워버리기엔
  9. Sweet After Bitter (고진감래)
  10. Solicitude (배려)
Stupid (愚, 우)
  • Released: April, 1996
  • Label: Daeyoung AV
  • Format:CD
  1. Rebirth (환생)
  2. Girlfriend (여자친구)
  3. Will (의지)
  4. Club에서
  5. Your Mother (너의 어머니)
  6. Morning (아침)
  7. One Year (일년)
  8. Today (오늘)
  9. Fool's marriage 바보의 결혼
  • Released: November, 1996
  • Label: Daeyoung AV
  • Format:CD
  1. The Way (길)
  2. My Twenties (나의 이십대)
  3. To Stupid (우(愚)에게)
  4. Repay (보답)
  5. 널 지워버리기엔
  6. 1.Your Wedding (너의 결혼식)
  7. 내사랑 못난이
  8. 친구와 연인
  9. 오래 전 그날
  • Released: January, 1999
  • Label: Daeyoung AV
  • Format:CD
  1. 보람찬 하루
  2. 우둔남녀 (Duet withLena Park)
  3. 배웅
  4. 돌아오던 날
  5. 선물
  6. 녀석 (feat.Kim Jo Han,Tracy Lee)
  7. 머물러요
  8. Lucy
  9. 구원
  10. 도피
  11. 이별을 앞두고
헤어진 사람들을 위한 지침서
  • Released: March, 2003
  • Label: E.M.I Music Korea
  • Format:CD
  1. Chapter Ⅰ 精理
  2. 희열이가 준 선물
  3. 모처럼
  4. Why
  5. 잘했어요
  6. Chapter Ⅱ 逸脫
  7. 오! 이 밤을
  8. 여행을 떠나요
  9. 불놀이
  10. Hey! Loser!
  11. Chapter Ⅲ 다시 사랑할 수 있다면
  12. 단비
  13. Miss Perfect
  14. Annie
  15. 언제라도
  16. Chapter Ⅳ 하루를 사는 방법
  17. 버려진 사람들을 위한 지침서
그늘 Tracklisting
  1. 그늘
  2. 시원한걸
  3. 팥빙수
  4. 고속도로 로맨스
  5. 해변 무드송
  6. 바다 이야기
  7. 바캉스 마니아
  8. Because I Love You
  9. 수목원에서
  10. 9월
  11. 보고 싶어서
  12. 보고싶어서 (Rainy Version)
Behind The Smile Tracklisting
  1. 휴일
  2. 오늘의 날씨 (Feat.Clazziquai)
  3. No Schedule
  4. You're So Beautiful
  5. 몬스터
  6. 너의 여행
  7. 너에게 간다
  8. Lunch Menu
  9. 나의 안부
  10. 소모(消耗)
  11. 서른 너머... 집으로 가는 길
  12. Love Boat
  13. You Are So Beautiful (Harmonica Version)
동네 한 바퀴 Tracklisting
  1. 동네 한 바퀴
  2. 야경
  3. 즉흥여행 (Feat.MC Mong)
  4. 내일 할 일
  5. 같이 가줄래
  6. 벗어나기
  7. O My Baby
  8. She's Not Here
  9. 무감각
  10. 나에게 하는 격려

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 Yoon Jong Shin's References

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