Clazziquai Project( Hangul :클래지콰이), also known asClazziquai, is a South Korean electropop band that combines several genres including electronic music , acid jazz and house . The band's first short unofficial albums were released online in 2001, spreading its music through words of " netizens ," who positively received the band's music. They remained underground until the release of their first albumInstant Pigin 2004, selling over 80,000 copies. Since then, their music has been used in shows, commercials, and films.Clazziquai is known for their songs, "Be My Love" and "She Is", which were featured on the Korean dramaMy Lovely Samsoon, with the former becoming the show's theme song. The band won an award at the MNET KM Music Video Festival for "Best Soundtrack", and has also been the most nominated band at the Korean Popular Music Awards II(2회), winning "Artist of the Year" and "Best Pop". They have contributed to works by Japanese artists Fantastic Plastic Machine and M-Flo .