Secret (South Korean band)


Secret( Hangul : 시크릿) was a South Korean K-pop girl group formed by TS Entertainment in 2009. The group originally debuted with four members: Jun Hyoseong , Jung Hana , Song Jieun and Han Sunhwa . They released their debut singleI Want You BackOctober 2009. Secret's debut single did not meet great success and it was not until the following year that the group saw a rise in popularity. In 2010, Secret released two singlesMagicandMadonnawhich earned much attention with both singles peaking at No. 2 and No. 1 respectively on the Gaon Digital Chart . With the success of "Magic" and "Madonna", the group received the "Newcomer Award" at the 25th Golden Disk Awards . During Secret's early days the group was known as "basement idols" because of the poor living conditions they were in, but with their rapid success the group was able to move into better conditions.In 2011, Secret adopted a girl-next-door image through songs likeShy BoyandStarlight Moonlightwhich led the group to major success. With the hit singleShy BoySecret won their first music show award onM Countdown; they also managed to stay at number one onMusic Bankfor three consecutive weeks, earning them a triple crown.Shy BoyandStarlight Moonlightwon Secret multiple awards including two Song of the Year awards at the 1st Gaon Chart Awards for the months of January and June. Secret released their first full-length albumMoving in Secretin October 2011, featuring the lead single "Love is Move" which showcased Secret's sexy and confident side again. With the group's success in South Korea throughout 2011, Secret sold over seven million in digital download sales.In August of the same year, Secret made their Japanese debut releasing their first single, "Madonna", a remake of their Korean hit single, which debuted at number nine on the Oricon charts. In November 2011, "Shy Boy" was remade to serve as the lead single on their first Japanese mini albumShy Boywhich also featured a Christmas remake of "Starlight Moonlight" titled "Christmas Magic". Throughout 2012, Secret heavily promoted in Japan releasing two Japanese singles,So Much For GoodbyeandTwinkle Twinkle, prior to releasing their first full-length Japanese album,Welcome to Secret Time.Twinkle Twinklewas used as the ending theme song of the Naruto spin-off,"Naruto SD: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals"which aired on TV Tokyo .After almost a year of absence from the South Korean music industry Secret released their third extended play "Poison" in September 2012 followed by the digital singleTalk Thatin December. The following year Secret released their fourth extended playLetter from SecretApril 2013 and their third single album,Gift From SecretDecember 2013. In August 2014, Secret released their fifth extended playSecret Summer.