Koyote (코요태)is a popular South Korean dance and hip hop group consisting of members Kim Jong Min , Shin Ji , and Bbaek Ga. The group first debuted in 1999 with Shin Ji, Cha Seung Min, and Kim Goo. As a group, they are known for their catchy dance/pop songs, which have been their trademark. In 2005, Koyote won the KBS daesang (대상) (the Korean equivalent of the Grammy Award ) for "Artist of the Year".Group Name Meaning/History source: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/674/ultimate-koyotae/p1 한자어 "고요태(高耀太)" 높을고(高), 빛날요(耀), 클태(太), meaning "높고 크게 빛나라". "rise and shine brightly" During 1st and 2nd Albums they used 'Koyotae//고요태' But because in english 고요태 is spelled with a 'K' and doesnt the end w/ a KoyoTAE They officially changed it to 'Koyote//코요태' to make sense during 3rdAlbum

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