Lee Jae Jin


Lee Jae Jin(born July 18, 1979) is a singer, rapper and dancer formerly of the group Sechs Kies . Lee Jae Jin was a choreographer for Sechs Kies. Along with Kim Jae Duc , he created the dances for all of Sechs Kies music videos. After Sechs Kies ended, Jae Jin was the third member from Sechs Kies to begin a solo career. He released his first album, entitledS.Wing, in 2001. He released the following albumJ2in 2005. He has now[when?]released his third album, entitledIt's New. He served in the military, a duty for all under-30 Korean males. When he returned from the military, he held a fan meeting. Since leaving Sechs Kies, he has now[when?]changed his look, with longer hair and various light hair colors.

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