A-Jax( Korean :에이젝스, stylized asA-JAX) is a South Korean boy band signed with DSP Media . Early in his career, the group was known as DSP Boyz but then was changed to A-Jax.The group is composed of seven members including Hyeongkon, Jaehyung, Yunyoung, Hyojun, Sungmin, Seungjin and Seungyub. They made the first appearance on TV as a group on MBC Music 'sMaking the Star - DSP Boyzin April 24, 2012. The group made its official debut with the single " One 4 U " in South Korea on June 1 and in Japan on August 8, 2012 with the same song.

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    A-JAX’s Joonghee To Enlist In The Military

    On January 14, DSP Media revealed through their official homepage that A-JAX’s Joonghee will be enlisting in the military on February 18. A-JAX debuted in 2012 with their single album “ONE 4 U.” Joonghee was added as a member of A-JAX in 2016, and he became more well-k…

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 A-Jax's History


The debut of the group was announced in April 1, 2012 with a video teaser of their MBC Music 's showMaking the Star. During that time, they were temporarily called as 'DSP Boyz'.More teasers of the show were revealed during the time on DSP Media 's YouTube account, the second on April 4, the third on April 9 and the last on April 12. On April 13, the group signed a two-year contract as endorsement models for the sports casual brandSprisand was also revealed that the members of the group will be revealed one by one starting in April 17, on DSP Media's YouTube account.On April 17, the first member of the group, Jaehyung, was revealed.On April 18, the second member, Yunyoung, was revealed.On April 19, the third member, Hyojun, was revealed.On April 20, the fourth member, Sungmin, was revealed.On April 21, the fifth member, Seungyup, was revealed. On April 22, the sixth member, Hyeongkon, was revealed. At this same day, more details about both members (Seungyup and Hyeongkon) were also revealed.On April 23, the seventh and final member, Seungjin, was revealed.

After announcing all members of the group, on April 24, DSP Media announced the group's official name as "A-Jax". At this day, DSP also explained the meaning of the group's name: "A-Jax is in reference to the mythological Greek hero that helped bring victory to the Greeks during the Trojan War."On May 7, a mysterious video featuring Kara's member Goo Hara was revealed on DSP Media's YouTube account with a male voice on the background. The video created a confusion because it was not revealed if the video was a teaser for an upcoming Korean comeback of Kara, or a teaser for an upcoming solo event of Hara, or something related to A-Jax. On May 10, another video of Hara was released, revealing that the teaser was related to A-Jax. In the teaser, a song of the group (at this time the name was not revealed) was playing at the background. On May 15, DSP Media released the song and music video of the song played on the teaser, called "Never Let Go". On the music video only appears Hara. Later it was stated that the song was only a prologue song.

On May 21, it was revealed that A-Jax was set to be the opening act in Kara's last two shows of their first tour,Karasia, in Saitama , Japan. The members stated "It's an honor to be able to stand on such a big stage before our debut. It'll be a learning experience for us. As it is a great opportunity, we're going to work to show as much of our charm as possible."


On May 1, it was revealed that the group will be debuting in South Korea and Japan simultaneously in 2012. It was also revealed by DSP that "A-Jax will be the first Korean idol group to debut within Korea and Japan simultaneously, and will follow in the footsteps of the group SS501 . A-Jax has signed under the equivalent conditions that other Korean male idol groups, who have already established their popularity, have been given, making it an unprecedented event. Thus, they are receiving much attention from Japanese music industry insiders." For their Japanese releases, they signed with the label Universal Sigma , where their labelmates Kara and Rainbow are currently signed.

In May 28, DSP Media released, on A-Jax's YouTube account, a teaser of the music video for their official debut song "One 4 U". It was later stated that the music video have cost $42,500 USD only with CG effects.The music video and full single of "One 4 U" were released on June 1. The group made its official debut on TV music shows on MBC 'sShow! Music Corein June 2, with the songs "Never Let Go" (used as opening)and "One 4 U".On June 4, it was stated that the group will perform on Japan's a-nation , along with the artists/groups AAA , Aaron, Breathe, Da Pump , Deep, Daichi Miura , Shu-I , U-KISS and 4ever. The event will be held in Yoyogi on August 9.

In June 19, Universal Sigma announced that "One 4 U" was re-recorded in Japanese and will be released as their debut single in Japan. The single will be released in August 8, 2012.It was also announced that the group will make a Handshake event commemorating the release of the single. It will be held in Tokyo on August 8, Osaka on August 10, Nagoya on August 11 and in Fukuoka on August 12.

In July 7, DSP Media started an event called "Wing Car Project", to the group meet their fans outside Seoul . In that same statement, it was also announced that the group will be releasing a new digital single in July.One day later, it was revealed a photo of the truck's back, revealing the name of the new single, titled " Hot Game ".The single was officially released in July 11, 2012 as "One 4 U" follow-up song. In July 17, A-Jax's fan-cafe was updated with the group's fan name, to be titled "A-Light".

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 A-Jax's Members

MemberBirth nameDate of birth
Hyeongkon형곤 Kim Hyeong Kon김형곤 (1988-12-03)December 3, 1988(age 23)
Jaehyung재형 Seo Jae Hyung서재형 (1990-04-02)April 2, 1990(age 22)
Hyojun효준 Moon Hyo Jun문효준 (1991-04-29)April 29, 1991(age 21)
Yunyoung윤영 Maeng Yun Young맹윤영 (1993-02-15)February 15, 1993(age 19)
Sungmin성민 Park Sung Min박성민 (1993-05-31)May 31, 1993(age 19)
Seungjin승진 Ham Seung Jin함승진 (1994-10-15)October 15, 1994(age 17)
Seungyeop승엽 Lee Seung Yeop이승엽 (1994-10-23)October 23, 1994(age 17)

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 A-Jax's Discography

Korean discography


Japanese discography


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 A-Jax's Filmography

  • MBC Making the Star: DSP Boyz(2012)

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 A-Jax's Trivia

  • Official Fan Club:A-LIGHT ( Korean :에이라이트)

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 A-Jax's References

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