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Apink( Korean :에이핑크, Japanese :エーピンク; also written asA Pink) is a South Korean girl group formed by Plan A Entertainment (formerly A Cube Entertainment) in 2011. The group consists of Park Cho-rong , Yoon Bo-mi , Jung Eun-ji , Son Na-eun , Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young . Hong Yoo-kyung left the group in April 2013 to focus on her studies.Apink made their official debut on April 19, 2011, with the mini album ,Seven Springs of Apink, along with the title track "I Don't Know". In October 2014, Apink released their first Japanese-language single, " NoNoNo ". The group has won awards at shows such as the 26th Golden Disc Awards , 21st Seoul Music Awards and 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards . Their first music program win was on M Countdown on January 5, 2012, for "My My" from their second EP Snow Pink . Apink has won more than 30 music awards and 32 music program awards. To date Apink has released seven Korean mini-albums, three Korean studio albums and three Japanese studio albums.

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 A Pink's History


A Cube announced Oh Ha-young as the third member.In March, Jeong Eun-ji was introduced as the fourth member on A Cube's Twitter account through a video of her singing a rendition of Jennifer Hudson 's " Love You I Do ".Hong Yoo-kyung was similarly announced through an online video where she was playing the piano.The last two members, Yoon Bo-mi and Kim Nam-joo, were introduced through the group's reality show,Apink News.

The week before Apink's official debut, they released their first television commercial for Ceylon Tea.

2011:Seven Springs of ApinkandSnow Pinkedit

A Pink at the GSL Season 5 Code S Final Performance, 2011

on April 21 to promote their album.After several months of promoting "Mollayo", they began promoting "It Girl".Apink also recorded the song "Uri Geunyang Saranghage Haejuseyo" (우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요; "Please Let Us Love") for the SBS drama,Protect the Boss, the soundtrack of which was released in September 2011.

with boy band Infinite. The show followed the efforts of the two idol groups to care for abandoned and mistreated animals over the course of eight weeks.

.The promotions for "My My" included a one-day idol tea café, serving fans to raise profits for charity, where the group members prepared the food and drinks themselves. The members also auctioned off personal items for charity.

In January 2012, they received three more "Rookie Awards", at the Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards and the Golden Disk Awards held in Osaka and the High 1 Seoul Music Awards in Seoul.

2012–2013:Une Année, Yoo-kyung's departure,Secret Garden, and rise in popularityedit

Apink performed "Bubibu" at MnetM CountdownSmile Thailand Southeast Asia, 2012.

Apink Newswas continued for three seasons.For season 3, which began to air in June 2012, Apink members contributed as writers, camera operators, directors, and in other production jobs.

, which was released on May 9, 2012. The group began promotion of the album with weekly appearances on music programs to perform the title song "Hush" through June.They continued to promote the album in July with the release of their third single from the album, "Bubibu". The single was chosen by fans through a poll on Mnet's website.

In November 2013, at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards , Apink received the Next Generation Global Star award.In December, Apink collaborated with Cube Entertainment acts Beast, 4Minute, BTOB , G.NA, Roh Ji-hoon , Shin Ji-hoon and Kim Kiri to release "Christmas Song".In the same month, they recorded a collaboration single with B.A.P , titled "Mini" for Skoolooks.

2014:Pink Blossom, Japanese debut andPink Luvedit

Apink at the 2014 KBS Song Festival red carpet

The song peaked at number 2 onBillboard's K-Pop Hot 100.Apink won six music show trophies for "Mr. Chu",and the song was the eighth best selling digital song in 2014, according to Gaon's year-end chart.

, Apink's fifth EP. The single "Break Up to Make Up" for the projectA Cube for Season #Sky Blue, featuring Jeong Eunji and label mate Huh Gak , was released on July 8, ranking first on Gaon's weekly digital chart.

Apink's Showtimefirst aired on August 7, 2014, and there were a total of eight episodes. The show followed Apink's daily activities.

More than 20,000 fans reportedly gathered for their debut events held in three Japanese cities.

On November 13, Apink received the Best Female Dance award at the 6th MelOn Music Awards for their video of "Mr. Chu".

BesidesThe ShowandMusic Core, they also won a triple crown onInkigayo, which only allows three wins before removing a song from competition.They finished the year by winning all the music shows in December with "Luv".On Gaon's year-end ranking, Apink was the third best selling girl group in 2014.

2015: Solo Concerts,Pink Memory, Japanese Album and Touredit

Apink during Pink Paradise in Shanghai

Apink released a Japanese version of " Mr. Chu " on February 18, 2015, which also included a Japanese version of " Hush ".It reached number 2 on Oricon's weekly singles chart, selling 54,000 copies the first week of its release.

The group also held release events in four cities, Tokyo, Sapporo , Okayama and Osaka as part of promotional event.

On August 26 the group released their first Japanese full-length albumPink Season.

At the end of 2015, Apink received Top 10 for MelOn Music Awards .The group closed the year as the second best-selling girl group of 2015 with sales of both Pink LUV and Pink Memory albums.

2016: North America and second Japan Tours, Overseas Performances,Pink Revolution, andDearedit

On April 19, Apink released a digital single entitled "The Wave", written by Park Cho-rong to celebrate their 5th anniversary along with a photobook called "Girls' Sweet Repose".

Apink at Korea Sale Festa Opening Ceremony, 30 September 2016

They performed in front of 20,000 fans throughout six concerts in five cities and was scheduled to release their 6th Japanese single,Summer Time, on August 3.To promote the song, Apink held release events in seven different cities, from 1 to 7 August, starting in Fukuoka , followed by events in Hiroshima , Nagoya , Osaka, Kobe , Tokyo and Niigata .

Pink Revolutionwould incorporate a new sense of Apink's growth and maturity since debut, while Eun-ji explained that Apink will begin to focus on making complex and beautiful music, rather than tracks that "are simply fun and catchy."Apink promoted "Only One" andPink Revolutionfor nearly a month, and the album has since sold 50,000+ copies in South Korea.

In November 2016, Apink began their "Pink Aurora" Asia Tour, performing at numerous destinations throughout eastern Asia including Taiwan and Singapore. Plan A Entertainment also announced Apink's 3rd Korean concert "Pink Party," which took place in Seoul on December 17 and 18. After this announcement, tickets sold out in just over two minutes. Also during this time, Apink returned to Japan to promote their upcoming second Japanese album, "Pink Doll," which is set to be released in Japan on December 21.

despite rigorous activities and promotions throughout the end of 2016. Plan A stated that the album would commend the unwavering love and invaluable support from their fans since debut.Dearhas five new original songs, three of which are duets sung and written exclusively by pairs of members. A music video for the album's title track, "Cause You're My Star," was uploaded on YouTube by 1theK and Apink's official channel. The album also included instrumentals and ballad versions of Apink's previous hits including "Mr. Chu," "NoNoNo," "Luv," and "April 19th".

2017–present: Solo activities andPink UPedit

On April 19, Apink released another fan song, "Always". Eun-ji's first solo concert took place on June 3-5.

topped the Gaon Album Chart , the first sincePink Luv."Five" peaked at number 4 on the digital chart.

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 A Pink's Image and musical style

Apink at a fan event, 2014

However, with releases like 2014's " Luv " and 2015's " Remember " group deviated, and showed a more mature and sensitive side to the group while still retaining their trademark innocence.

Their 2016 title track, " Only One " is described as mature, blending in mid tempo R&B and dance-pop with subtle hip-hop beats while song like " Boom Pow Love " shows a far more urban-pop, energetic vibe with pulsing beats compared to their previous hits.

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 A Pink's Discography

Korean albums

Japanese albums

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 A Pink's Concerts and tours


Korean Tours

  • Pink Paradise (2015)
  • Pink Island (2015)
  • Pink Party (2016)
  • Pink Space (2018)

Japan Tours

  • Apink 1st Live Tour – Pink Season (2015)
  • Apink 2nd Live Tour – Pink Summer (2016)
  • Apink 3rd Live Tour – 3 Years (2017)

Asia Tours

  • Apink Secret Garden in Singapore – Vizit Korea (2013)
  • Pink Paradise Asia Tour (2015)
  • Apink Pink Memory Day In Singapore Mini Concert & Fan Meeting (2016)
  • Pink Aurora Asia Tour (2016-2017)
  • Pink Up Asia Tour (2017)

American Tours

  • Pink Memory: Apink North America Tour (2016)

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 A Pink's Filmography

, from 2011–2012.In 2014, Apink appeared on another reality show,MBC Every1'sShowtime, and were the subject of the third season.

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 A Pink's Awards and nominations

The group has won awards at shows such as the 26th Golden Disc Awards , 21st Seoul Music Awards , and 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards . Their first music program win was onM Countdownon January 5, 2012, for "My My" from their second EPSnow Pink.

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 A Pink's References

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