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Leon Lai Ming, BBS , MH (born 11 December 1966) is a mainland China-born Hong Kong actor and Cantopop singer. The media refer to Aaron Kwok , Jacky Cheung , Andy Lau , and Leon Lai as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王). He uses the stage name "Li Ming" or "Lai Ming" which literally means "dawn."

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Biography

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Career

Early yearsedit

As a result, his teacher, Dai, arranged to have him signed a contract with Polygram , later known as Universal Music .


After several years at Polygram, he then signed a new contract with Sony Music on 23 March 1998.

Together with Jacky Cheung , Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok , Lai was among the four most popular male singers during the 1990s, when the media referred to them as Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings ( Chinese :四大天王).

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In 1996, he collaborated with composer-producer Steve Barakatt on his album "Feel". Two years later in 1998, he became the first HK singer to reach the Top 10 K-pop chart with the song "After loving you".In 1999 he announced that he would no longer accept any more awards in Hong Kong.

In 2004 he became the first Hong Kong singer to represent the territory at the first Asia Song Festival held in South Korea .

He then joined Michael Wong and Janice Vidal held a three-day "Magic Live" charity concert at Star Hall, Hong Kong from 9 to 11 Nov 2008.


Company founder & singeredit

Leon 4 in Love Concertwhere he performed not only his own hits but also hits of the other three heavenly kings. He performed a total of 18 songs, all of which are newly arranged by Mark Lui . He subsequently released an album titled "4 In Love" on 3 May 2007, comprising 16 of the 18 songs he had performed in the concert.


In the period before Lai participated in the New Talent Singing Awards , he enrolled in the ATV actor training class, a classmate with actress Cheung Man, however he didn't complete the training. He then applied for admission to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts but his application was rejected.

turned out to be a resounding success and propelled him to widespread fame in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

award at the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards for the filmComrades: Almost a Love Story. The next year in 1997, he managed to win the award forBest Original Songfor the filmEighteen Springsboth at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Awards . He was again nominated for theBest ActorandBest Original Film Songaward for the filmCity of Glassin 1999, but he only managed to win the award forBest Original Film Songwhich he shared with Albert Leung and Dick Lee .

in the filmCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, however he had to turn down the offer as he had advertising contract and live concert about to start which would not match his shaven head as was required for the role.

Everyday Is Valentine. In the film, Lai played a serial liar.

forThree: Going Home. Lai played a minor role asSuperintendent Yeung Kam WinginInfernal Affairs IIIin 2003. In 2004 Lai starred with Faye Wong in the romantic movieLeaving Me, Loving You, the story of which he co-wrote with Wilson Yip and he was also the creative/production controller of the movie. However, the movie was a flop raking in HK$ 10,529,501 in the box office.Still in that same year he was ranked 8th on the China Celebrity 100 list released by the Chinese edition of Forbes .

.In the same year in the filmMoonlight in Tokyo, Lai unexpectedly acted as a Chinese retard who pretend to be a Korean gigolo in Japan and thus shedding his idol image.He won theGolden Deer Best Actor Awardfrom Changchun China Film Festival for his portrayal inLeaving Me, Loving Youin 2005.

The Matrimonywhere he played a cinematographerShen Junchu, the love interest ofManliandSansan.JunChuwas pressurised into marryingSansanafter the untimely demise of his true loveManliin an accident. The film was released on 8 February 2007.In the same year, Lai wrote and directed a musical film titledA Melody Lookingwhich was shot in New York. It features Lai and the rest of the Amusic family of singers namely Janice, Jill, Emily, Charles and Chapman. This film marks his debut as a director.

Fly With Your Dreams" written by Albert Leung and composed by Mark Lui .

which was directed by Chen Kaige . He directed the music video for the film where he and Zhang Ziyi sang the theme song, "You Understand My Love".For the first time in his career, Lai played the role of a beggar in the Peter Chan directed filmBodyguards and Assassins.For his success a wax figure of Lai was revealed at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong .


In December 1995, he was appointed as "UNICEF Special Representative to Youth" at in the New York headquarters recognizing his contributions for the welfare of the children.

In a surprising move in Dec 2005, Lai appeared in a Hong Kong government television advertisement requesting the public to support a gradual political reform package tabled by the ruling government rather than asked for rapid political reform . This marks the first time he got himself involved in a politically motivated advertisement.

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Incidents

Commercial anthem incidentedit

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Personal

Lai was married to model Gaile Lok from 2008 to 2012.

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Discography

(# Literal translation)

YearAlbum TitleChinese TitleLabel
2010 Leon Lai New + Best Selections: Fireworks 烟火Amusic
2008 It's Me 是我
2007 4 in Love
2006 Looking 展望#
2005 長情
A Story 一个故事
Love & Promises (2004/2005 Special Edition) 愛與承諾#
2004 Leon Dawn
Leaving Me Loving You OST 大城小事原聲大碟
Leon Dawn
2002 Homework Sony Music Entertainment (HK)
Leon Charged Up 2002世界盃衝鋒陷陣
2001 The Red Shoes 紅鞋
The Red Shoes...Evolution 紅鞋...進化#
2000 Beijing Station 北京站
You Are My Friend (Korean Version)
Hot & Cool (Japanese Version)
Leon Club Sandwich
1999 Eyes Want to Travel 眼睛想旅行
Leon Now
Never Ever (Korean Version)
None But Me 非我莫屬
Leon Now (Korean Version)
1998 I Love You Like This 我這樣愛你
City of Glass OST 玻璃之城電影原聲大碟
If I Can See You Again 如果可以再見你
If I Can See You Again (Japanese Version) 如果可以再見你
Korean Soundtrack
City of Glass OST (Korean Version) 玻璃之城電影原聲大碟
If I Can See You Again (Korean Version) 如果可以再見你
Longing 嚮往Universal Music (HK)
1997 If 假如#
Disagreement of Words and Thoughts 口不對心
DNA Gone Wrong DNA出錯
I Love You So Much (Korean Version) 我這樣愛你
The World of Leon Lai (Korean Version)
Leon Sound
1996 Perhaps
Why Aren't You My Future 為何你不是我的未來
Feel 感應
1995 Great Passion Between Sky and Earth 天地豪情
Dream Chase 夢.追蹤
Love is Hard to Get 愛難求
1994 Love Between Sky and Earth 天地情緣
Stay For Me 為我停留
My True Heart is Presented to You 我的真心獻給你
Destined Love + Compilation 情緣
Red Hot Fire Dance 火舞艷陽
1993 My Other Half 我的另一半
Summer of Love 夏日傾情
Autumn Dawn 深秋的黎明
Chateau de Reve 夢幻古堡
1992 Hope We Are Not Just Friends 但願不只是朋友
Accumulating All My Love 堆積情感
The Most Charming Person Compilation 傾城之最
I love you, OK?
1991 Just wanna be close to you 親近你
Its Love. Its Destiny 是愛是緣
Personal Feeling 我的感覺
Will You Come Tonight 今夜你會不會來
1990 Meet in Rain 相逢在雨中

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Filmography


(Note: the indication of a # next to the title means that it was a supporting/minor role.)

YearTitleChinese titleRoleBox office
2013 One Night Surprise# Tiger
2011 White Vengeance 鴻門宴 Liu Bang
2010 Frozen
Fire of Conscience 火龍
2009 The Magic Aster
The Founding of a Republic# 建國大業 Cai Tingkai
Bodyguards and Assassins# 十月圍城 Liu Yubai
2008 Forever Enthralled 梅蘭芳 Mei Lanfang
An Empress and the Warriors 江山美人 Duan Lanquan
2007 The Matrimony 心中有鬼 Shen Junchu
2006 A Melody Looking 緣邀知音 Leon
2005 Moonlight In Tokyo 情義我心知 Li Tze-Jun HK$ 9,417,992
Seven Swords 七劍 Yang Yuncong
2004 Leaving Me, Loving You 大城小事 Zhou Qian HK$ 10,529,501
2003 Infernal Affairs III# 無間道III終極無間# Yeung Kam-wing HK$ 30,225,661
Golden Chicken 2# 金雞2 Doctor Chow Man Kwong
Heroic Duo 雙雄 Jack Lai HK$ 8,453,877
2002 Three 三更 Yu Fai HK$ 7,367,895
2001 Bullets of Love 不死情謎 Sam HK$ 3,587,266
Everyday Is Valentine 情迷大話王 OK Lai HK$ 10,993,905
Dream of a Warrior 天士梦 Song Chen
2000 Skyline Cruisers 神偷次世代 Mac HK$ 8,549,418
Sausalito 一見鍾情 Mike HK$ 15,136,981
1998 A Hero Never Dies 真心英雄 Jack HK$ 6,792,090
City of Glass 玻璃之城 Hui Kong Shen HK$ 9,895,565
Love Generation Hong Kong 新戀愛世紀 Bill HK$ 9,754,950
1997 God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage 賭神三之少年賭神 Ko Chun HK$ 16,986,954
Killing Me Tenderly 愛你愛到殺死你 Lai Su-Kan HK$ 15,881,265
Eighteen Springs 半生緣 Chen Shijun HK$ 7,535,785
1996 Comrades: Almost a Love Story 甜蜜蜜 Li Xiaojun HK$ 15,557,580
1995 Fallen Angels 墮落天使 Wong Chi-Ming HK$ 7,476,505
1994 Love and the City 都市情緣 Liang Zhi-wu HK$ 9,905,608
Run 仙人掌 Lam Man-fai HK$ 5,572,381
1993 City Hunter# 城市獵人 Kôtetsu/Gundam HK$30,762,782
1992 The Sword of Many Lovers 飛狐外傳 Wu Fei HK$ 6,859,835
Gun and Rose 龍騰四海 Xiao Lim HK$ 14,944,759
The Magic Touch 神算 Yau Ho-Kay HK$ 36,399,307
The Wicked City 妖獸都市 Renzaburô Taki HK $10,778,465
Shogun and His Little Kitchen 伙頭福星 Lam Feng HK$ 9,687,943
1991 Fun & Fury 痴情快婿 Wai Hon HK$ 3,861,348
The Banquet# 豪門夜宴 Cook HK$ 21,921,687
With or Without You 明月照尖東 Ming HK$ 9,601,534
Fruit Punch Yes一族 Ming HK$ 5,246,001
1989 Four Loves 四千金 Dongni HK$ 7,355,334
Hearts, no flowers# 少女心 Tsui Ming Fai HK$ 2,810,849
Missing Man# 都市獵人 Simon
1987 Mr. Handsome# 美男子 Johnny HK$ 10,154,173
Total 40

Television series

YearTitleChinese title
1994 Class Of Distinction 阿SIR早晨
1993 The Legendary Ranger 原振俠
1991 The Breaking Point 今生無悔
Challenge Of Life 人在邊緣
1990 Cherished Moments 回到未嫁時(挑戰未來)
1989 Song Bird 天涯歌女
Chun Mun Kong Chuen Kei 晋文公傳奇
Period of Glory 風雲時代
1988 Bing Kuen 兵權
Yankee Boy 回到唐山
1987 A Friend in Need 飛越霓裳
1986 Foundlings Progress 男兒本色
Total 12

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Concert

At Hong Kong Coliseum  :

YearDateTitleChinese TitleNo. of ShowsSponsor
2009 16–19 July Leon Dream Wedding Live 4 Chow Tai Fook
2007 13 Apr Leon 4 in Love Concert 1 3
2005 10 – 15 Oct Leon Crazy Classic Concert 6 Johnnie Walker Black Label
2001 14–16; 21–25; 28–31 Dec Leon Live Is Live Concert 12 CitiBank
1999 20 Nov – 12 Dec Leon Live 99 23 AXA
1997–98 20 Dec – 8 Jan Leon Lai Live 97 20 G Sushi 元祿壽司
1995 2 – 27 Nov Neon Leon Live 95 那一夜我們在霓虹下起舞 26 Hang Seng Bank Credit Card
1993 8 – 25 Aug Summer of Love Concert 夏日傾情演唱會 20 Saab
1992 7 – 14 Oct Night Devotion Live # 一夜傾情演唱會 10 Kao
Total 122

(Note: # indicate literal translation)

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Advertisement

1999 Hutchison Orange dual band network Acid
1998 Hutchison new line-Tianshan article If I Can See You Again
1998 Airport Express Line Happy 2000
1998 Hutchison new line-Xueshan article I Love You Like This
1998 Hutchison new line Love You, Love You Not
1997 Hutchison GSM Mobile 100 Possibilities

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 Alexander Lai Chit's Music pop chart

YearSinglePeak positions
RTHK Chinese PopCTHK Ultimate 903Metro Radio Pop ChartJSG BillboardUFO Mandarin Pop
2009"It's me"---1-
"In Hindsight"5----
2007"Why did I let you go?"14-3--
"Endless Love"323--
2006"You Have Ability"---1-
"Love Can Be Crazy"2-12-
"Frequent meeting without purpose"9511--
2005"Crazy Classic"11176--
"Lasting Love"1113-
"Love Crazy"-1412--
"Yi Yen Wei Din"1211-
2004"Bei Dian Shang Gao"11511-
"Bu Ge Yi Shi"7111-
YearAlbumHMV Sales Chart
Peak positionsNo. of Weeks in Top 20
2007"Leon 4 In Love"16
2006"LOOKING (+DVD)"3-


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 Alexander Lai Chit's Awards

2001 IFPI HK Top 10 Sales Album Leon Club Sandwich
IFPI HK Top 10 Sales Mandarin Album The Red Shoes
IFPI HK Top Sales Male Artist
1998 IFPI HK Platinum Disc I Love You Like This
1997 IFPI HK Platinum Disc IF
IFPI HK Platinum Disc Feel
IFPI HK Gold Disc Leon's ...
IFPI HK Gold Disc Leon Sound
Total 8

Commercial Radio
1998 Best Male Artist:Silver
Favorite Male Artist
No.3 professional recommendation Jin Shen Bu Zai
Best Co-operation Leon Lai and Hutchison Telecom
1997 Best Male Artist:Gold
Favorite Male Artist
Top 10 Songs professional recommendation Only if you love me for a day
Favorite Song Only if you love me for a day
10th anniversary Top 10 Artists
1996 Best Male Artist:Gold
Best Ads Song Unspoken words of sentiment
Four Media IFPI Top award Perhaps
1995 Best Male Artist:Bronze
Top 10 Songs professional recommendation Danger tracking
1994 Most Played Artist:Bronze
Top 10 Songs Not one day I don't think of you
Favorite Song Not one day I don't think of you
Most Favorite Live Performance Not one day I don't think of you
Top Composed Song Not one day I don't think of you
1993 Best Male Artist:Bronze
Favorite Songs Not willing to leave you tonight
Summer Devotion
Summer is burning
1992 Most Played Artist:Bronze
Favorite Song My Love
Wish We Are Not Just Friend
1991 Most Played Artist:Bronze
1990 Most Played Artist:Silver
Total 28

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