in Japanese, エーピース; in Korean, 에이피스

Apeace(in Japanese, エーピース; in Korean, 에이피스), formerly known as Double B 21(더블비21) or Double B, is a boyband from South Korea . The group was the largest K-pop boy band, with 21 members,until 30 June 2014, when it changed to 15 members.The group is subdivided into three subunits: Lapis5, Jade5 and Onyx5 (each with 5 members).The members were chosen and produced by Kim Kyungwook, known for working with groups such as H.O.T. , Shinhwa and TVXQ .Until 2015, subgroups performed 6 days a week, 2 times a day at K Theater at Yebisu Garden Place in Ebisu, Shibuya , Tokyo .The group now performs monthly concerts throughout Japan.

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 Apeace's History


Several members were models before debuting with Apeace. Ji Hyun-sung, Park Jae-won, Heo Chang-woo, and former member Hwang Seok-hyun and Im Ho-jun were models under DCM Models Management around 2008-2010.Yoo Dong-ho and Park Jae-won appeared on SBS Star School in 2009 with other models such as Kim Woo-bin . Other members that modeled before debuting were Hong Sung-ho, Song Seung-hyuk, Lee Tae-woo, Choi Yeong-won, Im Yeong-kyun, Kim Seung-hyung, Min Jin-hong, Son Yu-chang, Oh Seung-hyun, and Lee Myung-eun.

He was 12 years old at the time. He later served as the main vocalist for a kids progressive metal band named MetallateM, which was active from 2010-2012.

2010: Debut of Double B 21 with "One" and "S.O.S"edit

The original line-up of Apeace was called "Double B 21" (or "Double B"). It contained four sub-units: "Sky," "Earth," "River," and "Burning." Sky debuted with the single "One" on Mnet 's "M Rookies" on 25 August 2010. All members appeared together for the first time on 24 October 2010 at Lotte World and released their single "S.O.S" on 27 October.

In December, they changed their name to "A-peace" and they promoted S.O.S in Thailand.[citation needed]After a hiatus, several members left: Jung Man-soo, Im Ho-jun, Lee Ha-neul, Hwang Seok-hyun, Im Yeong-kyun, Oh Seung-hyun, and Kim Dae-geon left the group. Kim Dae-geon later became a member of F.cuz .

2011: Debut of Apeace with "Lover Boy"edit

Their name changed for a third time, officially becoming Apeace (without a dash). They released their debut mini-album in June 2011 called "We Are the One" as well as a music video for the song "Lover Boy" on 7 September 2011. The group was split into three sub-units with 7 members each: Lapis, Jade, and Onyx. Jeong Eun-ho was replaced by Lee Tae-woo.

They were cited in Japan by programs such as Sankei Sports and Kuraberu Kurabera. In addition, a special program covering the group's debut was aired by Fuji TV . Members Son Yu-chang, Kim Seung-hwan, Lee Tae-woo, Hwang Doo-hwan, Hong Sung-ho and Song Seung-hyuk appeared on a food program called K-COOK.

On 28 November 2011, Son Yu-chang left to continue studying composition and Lee Sung-woo left because of backache issues. They were replaced by Kim Won-shik and Lee Myung-eun, respectively. After recovering, Lee Sung-woo pursued a career as a drama musical actor.

2012: Japanese Debut with "We Are the One" and major debut with "Hero"edit

They held their first fan tour in Seoul in April, 2012.

On September 29, they launched their major Japanese debut with the release of their first full-length album called "1st ALBUM Apeace." The promotional video for the title track "HERO" was released on 1 September 2012.

From June 10 to July 1, members Hwang Du-hwan and Song Seung-hyuk appeared on HBC 's program Sega Sammy Cup .

2013: Japanese comeback with "X.O.X.O. ~Dreams~ / Never too late" and "Ur My Life"edit

A fanmeeting was held at Konkuk University and a concert was held at Lotte World . ONYX member Song Seung-hyuk did not travel with them because he was admitted to the hospital in Japan on March 6 due to pneumothorax .

Members Kim Seung-hyung, Kim Seung-hwan, and Jeong Ho-young left Apeace on April 23 to fulfill their mandatory military service . They were replaced by Yun Jun-sik, Kim Doo-hee, and Yoo Jae-deok (J.D), respectively.

Apeace released the promotional video for their single "Ur My Life" on September 13 and released the album on October 16, which landed 11th on the Oricon Singles Chart .

2014: Japanese comeback with "VEIL" and member graduationedit

He was replaced by Choi Sihyuk on April 9.

2015: After K Theateredit

In addition to monthly concerts, Apeace members have additional solo concerts during each of their birthdays.

RUN TO YOU Street Lifealong with U-KISS's Soohyun and Jun, Supernova's Kwangsoo and Geonil, and Block B 's Jaehyo and U-Kwon. It ran from June 26 to July 5.

On March 3, it was announced that Min Jin-hong would rest indefinitely from Apeace activities due to poor condition of his knees and lumbar vertebrae . He remains a member of Apeace as a stage adviser.From March, Apeace continued to perform as a 12-member group.

Once Againwas screened in theaters around Shinjuku from November 21–27.


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 Apeace's Members


Subgroup Lapis5edit

  • Kim Wan-chul (김완철)
  • Oh Se-hyeon (오세현)
  • Jung Young-uk (정영욱)
  • Choi Si-hyuk (최시혁)

Subgroup Jade5edit

  • Kim Won-sik (김원식)
  • Ha Geon-hee (하건희)
  • Hwang Du-hwan (황두환)
  • Yoo Jae-deok (J.D) (유재덕)

Subgroup Onyx5edit

  • Song Seung-hyuk (송승혁)
  • Hong Sung-ho (홍성호)
  • Yun Jun-sik (윤준식)

On hiatusedit

  • Choi Young-won (최영원) - in military
  • Ji Hyun-sung (지현성) - in military
  • Kim Jin-woo (김진우) - in military
  • Min Jin-hong (민진홍) - stage adviser as of March 3, 2015

Former membersedit

Subgroup Lapisedit

  • Kim Seung-hyung (김승형) - left April 23, 2013
  • Mun Byeong-hun (문병훈) - left June 30, 2014
  • Heo Chang-woo (허창우) - left June 30, 2014

Subgroup Jadeedit

  • Son Yu-chang (손유창) - left November 28, 2011
  • Kim Seung-hwan (김승환) - left April 23, 2013
  • Yoo Dong-ho (유동호) - left June 30, 2014
  • Park Jae-won (박재원) - left June 30, 2014
  • Kim Doo-hee (김두희) - left June 30, 2014

Subgroup Onyxedit

  • Lee Sung-woo (이성우) - left November 28, 2011
  • Jeong Ho-young (정호영) - left April 23, 2013
  • Lee Myung-eun (이명은) - left March 1, 2014
  • Lee Tae-woo (이태우) - left June 30, 2014

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 Apeace's Discography

as Double B 21
Korea August 2010 digital single One "One" by Unit Sky
November 2010 digital single S.O.S "S.O.S"
June 2011 mini album We Are the One "S.O.S"
"Lover Boy"
"달콤달콤(Sweet Sweet)"
"Bad Girl"
"We Are the One"
"하루하루(ハルハル/Haru Haru)"
as Apeace
Japan March 2012 single album We Are the One "We Are the One"
"We Are the One" off vocal
"One" off vocal
Japanese versions of original tracks
September 2012 full-length album Apeace "Hero"
"2 for 1"
"Bad Girl"
"We are the One"
"Tell me"
"ハルハル(Haru Haru)"
"Lover Boy"
"In Your Hands"
"Sweet Sweet"
"千年の誓い(Take Off)"
5 versions:
-Regular Edition
-LAPIS Version
-JADE Version
-ONYX Version
-Limited Edition
February 2013 single album X.O.X.O ~夢を抱いて /Never too late "X.O.X.O~夢を抱いて"
"Never Too Late"
"X.O.X.O~夢を抱いて" instrumental
"Never Too Late" instrumental
5 versions:
-Regular Edition
-LAPIS Version
-JADE Version
-ONYX Version
-Limited Edition
October 2013 single album Ur My Life "Ur My Life"
"Volume Up"
"Ur My Life" instrumental
"Volume Up" instrumental
2 versions:
-Regular Edition
-Limited Edition
April 2014 single album VEIL "VEIL"
"VEIL" instrumental
"Sakura" instrumental
2 versions:
-Regular Edition
-Limited Edition
December 2014 compilation album For You "君だけに/To You Only"
"愛してる/I Love You"
"僕たちの世界/Our World"
"유리조각/Pieces of Glass"
"그댈 향한 나의 사랑/My Love for You"
Solo songs by:
-Kim Wan-Chul
-Yoo Jae-Deok
-Oh Se-Hyeon
-Jeong Young-Wook
-Hong Sung-Ho
full-length album Colors "All My Love"
"I Miss You"
"Knock My World"
"Never Too Late"
"Ur My Life"
"Rain Cloud"
2 versions:
-Regular Edition
-Limited Edition
October 2015 compilation album 5th Anniv Best "Pray for…" "S.O.S."
"Knock My World"
"Ur My Life"
"Lover Boy"
"In Your Hands"
"Carry On"
"All My Love" PRAY FOR YOU mix
"Bad Girl"
"All My Love"
"Never Too Late"
"Rain Cloud"
"Volume Up"
"Knock My World" PRAY FOR YOU mix
20 previously-released songs,
2 remixes,
2 new songs
November 2015 single album Just Once Again "Just Once Again"
"Love at First Sight"
"Just Once Again" instrumental
"Love at First Sight" instrumental
2 versions:
-Regular Edition
-Limited Edition

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 Apeace's Videography

Music Videosedit

2010 One One
2010 S.O.S S.O.S
2011 A Ring Mark -
2011 Lover Boy We Are The One
2011 Lover Boy (Dance Ver.) We Are The One

Promotional Videosedit

2011 November 29 Lover Boy We Are The One
2012 December We Are The One We Are The One
August Hero Apeace
2013 September 12 Ur My Life Ur My Life
2014 April 07 VEIL VEIL
2015 November 18 Just Once Again (short ver.) Just Once Again
December 24 in your hands Apeace
2016 January 31 Carry On 5th Anniv Best 'Pray For'
February 26 Brand new days
September 12 I Love You I Love You
2017 February 18 どこまでも続く道を... CHANGE my LIFE / どこまでも続く道を...
2018 January 21 BANG! BURN! LOVE Dance Practice BANG! BURN! LOVE


2012 Glico Bitte
2015 Forty Niner Restaurant


2015 Nagai Toru
Tsushima Keisuke
Ishida Mai
Universal and EMI Artists

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 Apeace's References

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