Lim Sung-bin( Hangul : 임성빈; born September 12, 1987),better known by the stage nameBeenzino( Hangul : 빈지노), is a South Korean rapper currently signed under Illionaire Records .His stage name is a play on that of Boston rapper Benzino , combined with "빈" (pronounced "been") from his birth name.Beenzino made his first official public appearance at Dok2 's Hustle Real Hard Concert on June 5, 2011 and has since released three solo albums, as well as other works in collaboration with hip hop producers Primary and Shimmy Twice, and as the duo Hot Clip with South Korean rapper Beatbox DG.He is noted for his melodic style of rapping.After establishing his reputation within the Korean rap scene, he became well known through singles such as "Dali, Van, Picasso", which was a mainstream hit.Beenzino toured as a solo artist in the U.S. in 2015.

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 Beenzino's History

Early life and career beginningsedit

Debut as a solo artistedit

By 2011, he was a respected solo artist, although still a rookie by industry standards.In October, he featured on Primary's 2011 albumPrimary and the Messengers.

In November, he collaborated with label-mates The Quiett and Dok2 in the free digital single "Illionaire Gang", which was released to coincide with their November 11 Illionaire Day Concert.

and featured on albums by K.Will (The Third Album Part 2: Love Blossom) and Lee Hyori (Monochrome).

and as a featured guest during Verbal Jint's international concert tour.

In 2016, he released his third album,12, including the prior releases "Dali, Van, Picasso", "We Are Going To", and "Break".

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 Beenzino's Discography

Studio albums

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsSales
Track listing
  1. Time Travel
  2. At The End Of Saturday (토요일의 끝에서)feat.Black Nut
  3. I Don't Mind
  4. Flexin!
  5. Januaryfeat.YDG
  6. Being Myself
  7. Break
  8. Imagine Timefeat.Suran
  9. Found (젖고있어)
  10. Dali, Van, Picasso
  11. We Are Going To

Extended plays

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsSales
Track listing
  1. Nike Shoesfeat.Dynamic Duo
  2. Slow it Down (진절머리)feat.Okasian&Dok2
  3. Boogie On & On
  4. Aqua Man
  5. Summer Madnessfeat.The Quiett
  6. I'll Be Back
  7. Profilefeat.Dok2&The Quiett
  8. If I Die Tomorrow
  9. Always Awake
Up All Night
Track listing
  1. Jackson Pollock D*ck
  2. How Do I Look?
  3. Crazy (미쳤어)feat. Don Mills
  4. Up All Nightfeat. Mayson the Soul
  5. I Don't Have to Work
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


TitleYearPeak chart
As lead artist
"Boogie On & On"2012 75N/A24:26
"Aquaman" 82
"Dali, Van, Picasso" 2013 1
"How Do I Look?" 2014 6
Up All Night
"So What" (어쩌라고)2015 4
Non-album single
"Break" 13
"We Are Going To" 59
"Life In Color"2016 43
Non-album single
"At The End Of Saturday" (토요일의 끝에서)
feat.Black Nut
"January(feat.YDG)" 22
"Up Up And Away"
"Illionaire Way"
withThe Quiett&Dok2
2011N/ANon-album singles
"Rockin' With The Best"
withThe Quiett&Dok2
2014 96
"The Color"
withYoon Jong-shin
2015 54
"No Matter What"
2016 7
SM Station Season 1
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

As a featured artist

2009 "Sunshine" Crybaby(feat. Beenzino) Collage 2
"Ride" Steady B (feat. Verbal Jint, Beenzino) Collage 2
"City Life" Dok2(feat. Beenzino) Illstrumentalz Vol.1
"Rocksteady" Epik High(feat.Paloalto,Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino) [e]
"A milli" Swings(feat. E-sens, Beenzino)
"Dramas of Life" Verbal Jint(feat. Beenzino) The Good Die Young
2010 "The Invisible Man" Tiramisu(feat. Beenzino)
"100%를 채우자" (prod. Aleatorik, feat. Beenzino)
"She's having an abortion (그녀는 낙태중)" Defconn(feat. Yankie, Akira, Beenzino) Macho Museum
"Tomorrow Sucks (Bonus Mix)" Demicat(feat. Sean2slow, Beenzino) Tomorrow Sucks
"How dare you pour oil or something (기름 같은걸 끼얹나)" Verbal Jint(feat. Deb, Beenzino) Go Easy 0.5
"Where'd They Go" Nuol(feat. Beenzino) Instrumental of the Mission 2
"Fantom" Dok2(feat. Beenzino) Fantom
"Serious 3 (진지3)" Dok2(feat. Beenzino) Thunderground Musik Mixtape Vol.2
"Ssso What" Hwayobi(feat. Beenzino) Hwayobi
"Smoke" Vida Loca(feat. Beenzino)
"Femme Fatale" Swings(feat. Tyra, Beenzino) Growing Pains
"Hit Da Club" Untouchable(feat. B-Free, Beenzino) Who's HOT
2011 "Relation" Brownbreath(feat. Lonely Hearts Club, Beenzino) Spread The Message
"Mr. Independent 2"Dok2(feat.The Quiett, Beenzino) Hustle Real Hard
"Don't Do That (그쯤에서 해)" Do It For The Fans
"힙합 (Anthem ver.)" Dok2& Double K(feat.Bizzy,Jay Park,Paloalto,Swings, Beenzino) Flow 2 Flow
"Forever Young" Dynamic Duo(feat. Beenzino) DYNAMIC DUO 6TH DIGILOG 1/2
"Handalas (안달났어)" Leo Kekoa(feat. MC Meta, Beenzino) Handalas
"Maebong Station Line 3 (3호선 매봉역)" Primary(feat.Paloalto, Beenzino) Primary and the Messengers
"Welcome to the Show Remix"The Quiett(feat.Dok2, Beenzino)Back on the Beats Vol.2
"Give It To 'Em"
"Be Underground" Vasco(feat. JJK Sleepy,Basick, B-Free, Rimi, Innovator, Minos, Beenzino) Guerilla Musik Vol.1: Prologue
"She's There" Vida Loca(feat.Zion.T, Beenzino)
"Stand Up, Japan" Nuol(feat. Dead P,Swings,San E,Verbal Jint, L.E.O, Baby Bu, Dawn, Beenzino)
"Skillz" PREPIX(feat. Minoz, Nuck,Swings, Beenzino)
2012 "Can’t Stop" Brian(feat.Jay Park, Beenzino) ReBorn Part 1
"1LLIONAIRE GANG" Dok2(feat.The Quiett, Beenzino)
"You’re A Chemical" Giriboy(feat. Beenzino) Fetal Album
"LALALA" Okasian(feat. Beenzino) Boarding Procedures (탑승수속)
"Brothers in Confusion (혼란속의 형제들)" J-Tong(feat.Zion.T,Simon D, Beenzino) Mohican and Bare foot (모히칸과 맨발)
"Far (멀어)" Primary(feat. Beenzino) Primary and the Messengers Part 2
"Yourbody" Junggigo(feat. Beenzino) pathfinder
"What I See" PREPIX(feat.Junhyung,Esna, Beenzino) What I See
2013 "Thank You" D-Unit(feat. Beenzino)
"Bon Voyage"K.Will(feat. Beenzino)The Third Album Part 2: Love Blossom
"Come To My Crib"
"So Good" Leo Kekoa(feat.YeeunofWonder Girls, Beenzino)
"Where'd They Go (Dub Remix)" Nuol(feat. Beenzino) Dub In Noul Vol. 1
"1LLIONAIRE So Ambitious"The Quiett(feat.Dok2, Beenzino)AMBITIQN
"Get Dough"
"Hotter Than The Summer Remix" Dok2(feat.The Quiett, Beenzino) South Korean Rapstar Mixtape
"Boogie On & On (G-Mix)" Dok2(feat. Beenzino) Ruthless Part 2
"She" Zion.T(feat. Beenzino) Red Light
"A Real Lady" Swings(feat.Gray,Zion.T, Beenzino)
"Love Radar" Lee Hyori(feat. Beenzino) Monochrome
2014 "Born Hater" Epik High(feat. Beenzino,Song Min-ho,Bobby,B.I,Verbal Jint) Shoebox
"Want U (너를 원해)" Junggigo(feat. Beenzino)
"Bond" HA:TFELT(feat. Beenzino) Me?
"On Your Body (너의 몸에 벤)" Ven(feat. Beenzino) The Vgins
2015 "Cheers" Gaeko, Yankie(feat. Babylon, Beenzino)
"I Get Lifted" Peejay(feat. Beenzino)
"Get" Urban Zakapa(feat. Beenzino) [UZ]
"Mannequin (마네퀸)" Primary(feat.Suran, Beenzino) 2
"What U Know" Illionaire Records
"Calling In Love" Suran(feat. Beenzino) Calling In Love
"Mayo (마요)" Shin Seung-hun(feat. Beenzino) I am... & I am
2016 "Paldangdam (팔당댐)" Eddy Kim(feat. Beenzino)
"Thursday Night (목요일 밤)" Urban Zakapa(feat. Beenzino) Thursday Night
2017 "Sorry (미안해)" Zion.T(feat. Beenzino) OO
"5 More Minutes (5분만 더)" Sanchez(feat. Beenzino)
"You" Seulong(feat Beenzino)
"Surprise (서프라이즈)" Bumkey(feat. Beenzino)

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 Beenzino's Awards

2010 Beenzino Featuring of the YearWon
2011 Beenzino Won
2012 "Profile" Best Lyrics/VersesWon
2013 "Dali, Van, Picasso" Single of the YearWon

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 Beenzino's References

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