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RealCollabo days (2010 - 2015)[edit]

Prior to his debut, Brother Su participated in "Christmas Card from Real Collabo" with his remix of "Winter Wonderland". The next year he officially debuted as RealCollabo's first singer with single "It was You". In the same year, he released another single "You Got Me".

The following years, Brother Su started featuring and writing for his label mates as well as other artists. Started with featuring in Mad Clown 's "바질 (Basil)", he was also featured in Andup's "지금 이대로 (Like This Right Now)", Giriboy's "선수 (Player)", Cheeze's "빠빠빠 (Papapa)", d.ear's "We need to talk", Kebee's "여행가방 (Travel Bag)", and Swings ' "엄지 두 개 (Two Thumbs)". He produced label mate Siaena's "빗소리가 (Sound of Rain)" and Lovey's " 돌려줘 (Return)", as well as Crucial Star 's "Flat Shoes". In his early years as lyricist, Brother Su teamed up with Ra.D for Jooyoung 's "All of You" and "Hang Up the Phone", and Ra.D's "고마워 고마워 (Thank You, Thank You)".

He shared episodes and his thoughts about this album on his personal Tumblr .

This success was followed with "꺼내 먹어요 (Eat)" ( Zion.T ), which did very well in Korean digital music charts.

"Space" was Brother Su's last release under RealCollabo.

Joining Starship (2015 - now)[edit]

Starship Planet 's 2015 winter song "사르르 (Softly)" was his first participation in the company's family song.

A few days later, he released a duet song with Mad Clown, "만화처럼 (Like Romance Comics)".

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 BrotherSu's Discography


Album InformationTracklist
  • Release date: July 4, 2013
  • Label: RealCollabo, CJ E&M
  • Format: CD, digital download
  1. Intro (늦잠)
  2. 왜 이러니 (Why are You Like This) (feat. Swings)
  3. 소심해서 그래 (Because I'm Timid) (feat. 달총이 of CHEEZE)
  4. 윗집 여자 (Upstairs Neighbor Girl)
  5. 좋대요 (Said Like You)
  6. I'm With You (feat. Ra.D)
  7. 다른 별 (Different Star) (feat. Lovey)
  8. 팔베개 (Arm Pillow)
  9. Outro (늦잠)
  10. It Was You (Bonus Track)

Extended plays[]

Album InformationTracklist
사이 (Space)
  • Release date: June 19, 2015
  • Label: RealCollabo, Warner Music Korea Ltd.
  • Format: CD, digital download
  1. Intro: 사이 (Space) (Space)
  2. 점 (Dot) (feat. Lovey)
  3. 아쉬워서 그렇지 (Because I'm Sorry) (feat. Giriboy)
  4. 그럼 됐어 (That's Okay)
  5. 왜 하필 (Of All Odds, Why)
  6. 반나절만 (Only Half the Day)


YearAlbum titleTracklist
2010 "It Was You"
  1. It Was You
  2. It Was You (Ra.D Remix)
2010 "You Got Me"
  1. You Got Me
  2. You Got Me (Gatti Remix)
2015 "아쉬워서 그렇지"
  1. 아쉬워서 그렇지 (Because I'm Sorry) feat. Giriboy

Collaboration singles[]

2015 "너를 그리다 (Draw You)" (with Ra.D, d.ear, Brother Su) Digital single
"사르르 (Softly) (with Starship Planet) Starship Planet 2015
2016 "요리좀해요 (Cook for Love)" (with K.Will, Junggigo, Brother Su) Digital single
"만화처럼 (Like Romance Comics)" (with Mad Clown) Digital single

As featured artist[]

2011 "바질 (Basil)" Mad Clown Anything Goes
2012 "지금 이대로 (Like This Right Now)" Andup 20
"선수 (Player)" Giriboy 치명적인 앨범 II
2013 "We need to talk" d.ear Lovegraphy
"엄지 두 개 (Two Thumbs)" Swings Swings #1 Mixtape Vol.1
"빠빠빠 (Papapa)" Cheeze Recipe!
"여행가방 (Travel Bag)" Kebee Lost & Found
"누군가 필요해 (I Need Someone)" Ra.D Wish me a Merry Christmas
2014 "지켜줘 (Protect Me)" Swings 감정기복 II Part 1: 주요 우울증
"살냄새 (Smell)" Mad Clown 표독 (Fierce)
"Good Life" Konsoul Good Life
"Gray" Mayson the Soul Gray
"사는게 꽃같네 (Life's A Flower)" Prizmoliq Life's A Flower
2015 "외로운 동물 (Lonely Animals)" San E, Mad Clown 못먹는 감 (Sour Grape)
"호구 (Stupid)" Giriboy 호구 (Stupid)

Soundtrack appearances[]

YearTitleTV series
2015 " 모르나봐 (You Don't Know Me)" with Soyou of Sistar 그녀는 예뻤다 (She Was Pretty)

Works as songwriter[]

2010 "It Was You" Brother Su It Was You Composer, lyricist, arranger
2012 "빗소리가 (Sound of Rain)" Siaena Cafe de SIAENA Arranger
"All of You"JooyoungFrom Me To YouCo-lyricist
"Hang Up the Phone"
"Flat Shoes" Crucial Star Fall Producer
2013 "We need to talk" d.ear Love Graphy Co-lyricist
" 돌려줘 (Return)" Lovey 돌려줘 (Return)Composer, lyricist, arranger
"Intro (늦잠)"Brother SuPaper
"왜 이러니 (Why are You Like This)" Composer, co-lyricist, arranger
"소심해서 그래 (Because I'm Timid)"Composer, lyricist, co-arranger
"윗집 여자 (Upstairs Neighbor Girl)"
"좋대요 (Said Like You)"
"I'm With You"
"다른 별 (Different Star)"
"팔베개 (Arm Pillow)"
"Outro (늦잠)"
"고마워 고마워 (Thank You, Thank You)"Ra.D 작은 이야기 (Small Story) Co-lyricist
"누군가 필요해 (I Need Someone)" Wish me a Merry Christmas Co-composer, co-lyricist
2014 "Super Crucial Rap 2" Crucial Star Super Crucial Rap 2 Composer, arranger
"겨울인데 (It's Winter)" Pento 겨울인데 (It's Winter) Arranger
"클럽이라도 좀 가 (At Least Go to Club)" Heize Heize Co-composer, arranger
"Good Life" Konsoul Good Life Co-lyricist
"여전해 (As Ever)" Andup No title: Bootleg Co-composer, arranger
"Give It 2 U" GLAM Give It 2 U Composer, lyricist
"좋아요 (I Like It) (Slow Jam Remix)" Bangtan Boys Skool Luv Affair Special Addition Co-composer, co-lyricist
"Best Girl"Ullala SessionreJOYceCo-lyricist
"그녀는 예뻐 (She is Pretty)"
2015 "왕복 30분 (Round trip 30 minutes)" Giriboy 성인식 (Coming-of-age Ceremony) Co-composer, co-arranger
"비가 내려와 (It's Raining)" Zia,Lee Hyun 비가 내려와 (It's Raining)Co-composer, co-lyricist
"I Need U" Bangtan Boys The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1
"꺼내 먹어요 (Eat)" Zion.T Eat Co-composer, co-arranger
"Intro: 사이 (Space)"Brother Su사이 (Space) Composer, arranger
"점 (Dot)" Composer, lyricist, co-arranger
"아쉬워서 그렇지 (Because I'm Sorry)" Composer, co-lyricist, arranger
"그럼 됐어 (That's Okay)"Composer, lyricist, co-arranger
"왜 하필 (Of All Odds, Why)"
"반나절만 (Only Half the Day)" Composer, lyricist, arranger
"여전히 (Still)" Ra.D 여전히 (Still) Composer, lyricist
"어깨 (Shoulder)" Soyou of Sistar, Kwon Jungyeol of10cm 어깨 (Shoulder) Lyricist
"Beautiful Lady" JonghyunofSHINee Oh My Venus OST Co-lyricist
"Butterfly"Bangtan BoysThe Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2Co-composer, co-lyricist, co-arranger
"Whalien 52"
"OUTRO: House of Cards"
"호구 (Stupid)" Giriboy 호구 (Stupid) Co-composer, co-lyricist
2016 "그 벤치 (That Bench)"Crucial StarThe Bench '16Co-composer, co-arranger
"시간낭비 (Time Machine)"
"뭐 어때 (Whatever)"Yoo SeungwooPit a Pat Co-lyricist
"선 (Line)" Composer, lyricist, co-arranger
"만화처럼 (Like Romance Comics)" Mad Clown, Brother Su 만화처럼 (Like Romance Comic) Co-composer, co-arranger
"야 하고 싶어 (Call You Bae)" JiminofAOA,XiuminofEXO 야 하고 싶어 (Call You Bae) Co-lyricist
"Interview" Eric Nam Interview Composer, lyricist, arranger
"돌아오지마 (Don't Come Back)" Heize 돌아오지마 (Don't Come Back) Co-composer, arranger
"문 열어봐 (Here I Am)"YesungofSuper JuniorHere I AmCo-composer, co-lyricist
"어떤 말로도 (Confession)"
"힘 (Strength)" Crucial Star 힘 (Strength)
"걸어 (All In)" Monsta X THE CLAN pt.1 'LOST' Co-composer

Music videos[]

2015 사르르 (Softly) K.Will, Sistar,Boyfriend,Monsta X, Mad Clown, Junggigo, Jooyoung, Yoo Seungwoo, Brother Su,Exy Starship Planet 2015 1theK (원데케이)
2016 Cook for Love K.Will, Junggigo, Brother Su,Sam Kim Cook for Love 1theK (원데케이)
만화처럼 (Like Romance Comics) Mad Clown, Brother Su, Han Kyunghun 만화처럼 (Like Romance Comics) 1theK (원데케이)

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