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Choi Min-soo(born March 27, 1962) is a South Korean actor known for the "tough guy hunter" image.

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    tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama “Lawless Lawyer” has revealed the mai…

    tvN New toil drama 'lawless lawyer' (Kim Jin-min directing / Yoon Hyun-ho drama / studio dragon, logos film production) will be broadcast on May 12th. The lawyer 's lawyer is a lawless lawyer who uses his fist instead of the law to fight his own life and fight against absolute power and grow in…

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    "Man Who Dies to Live" Episodes 5-6

    We get some much needed "awww" here as the married Ji-yeong and Ho-rim get a cute moment together. Because I mean really,"Man Who Dies to Live"skirts dangerously close to having us straight up root for their divorce. It's comforting to know that Ho-rim does, indeed, have some pos…

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    "Man Who Dies to Live" Episodes 7-8

    So you know that trope, that comes up in dramas where a character is searching for their lost parents/child, where they run into each other by accident and talk about family issues? Yet somehow, the conversation is always just vague enough that they don't make the obvious connections?"Man Who D…

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 Choi Min Soo's Biography

Queen of Tearsfor her excellence at acting for tragic dramas. His grandfather is Kang Hong-shik , an actor, a film director and singer active during the Japanese occupation period . Kang Hong-sik and Jeon Ok were the first married couple in Korean entertainment history. Kang went over to North Korea along with his daughter Kang Hyo-son who later became a famous actress of North Korea. Kang Hong-shik was honored as "Merited artist" as well.

, a film adapted from Park Bong-seong 's same titled manhwa .

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 Choi Min Soo's Filmography

YearEnglish titleOriginal titleRomanizationRoleDirector
2014 How to Steal a Dog 개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법 Gaereul humchineun wanbyeokhan bangbeob Dae-po Kim Sung-ho
2006 My Wife Is a Gangster 3 조폭마누라 3 Jo-pok Ma-nu-ra 3
2005 Holiday 홀리데이 Holiday
2005 The Myth 神話 Stanley Tong
2003 Sword in the Moon 청풍명월 Cheong Pung Myeong Wol
2002 Yesterday 예스터데이 Yeseuteodei
2001 Seoul 서울
Libera Me Liberame
Chu Noh-Myoung Bakery Ju Nomyoung be-ikeoli
Phantom, the Submarine Yulyeong
Story of A Man Namja i-yagi
Blackjack Beullaegjaeg
Film-making Jug-ineun i-yagi
Inch'Alla Insyalla
Come to Me Na-ege ola
Piano Man Pianomaen
Rehearsal Liheoseol
My old sweetheart Ajji-appa
Terrorists Teleoliseuteu
A Good Day to Fall in Love Salanghagi joh-eunnal (also credited as planner) Kwon Chil-in
Beullusigeol Beullusigeol
I wish for what is forbidden to me Naneun somanghanda naege
geumjidoen geos-eul
Life of Hollywood Kid Heolli-udeukideu-ui saeng-ae
A Honeymoon Trip Mil-wol-yeohaeng
The Man with Breasts Gaseumdallin namja
We Must Go to
Apgujung-dong on Windy Days
Balambuneun nal-imyeon
Abgujeongdong-e ga-yahanda
The Marriage Life Gyeolhon-i-yagi
Mister Mama Miseuteo mamma
For Agnes Ageuneseuleul wiha-yeo
The Winter Dream Does Not Fly Gyeo-ulkkum-eun nalji anhneunda
Man Market Namjasijang
1990 North Korean Partisan in South Korea Nambugun
The Last Dance with Her Geuneuwa-ui majimakchum-uil
That Last Winter Geu magimak gyeowul
The Lady in the Wall Byeoksok-ui buin
Son of God Sin-ui adeul
1985 Nun Nun

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 Choi Min Soo's Television

YearEnglish TitleOriginal TitleRomanizationRoleNetwork
2016 Jackpot 대박 Daebak King Sukjong of Joseon SBS
2014 Pride and Prejudice 오만과 편견 Omangwa Pyeongyeon Moon Hee-man MBC
2013 The Blade and Petal 칼과 꽃 Kalgwa Kkot Yeon Gaesomun KBS2
2012 Do You Know Taekwondo?( Drama Special ) 태권, 도를 아십니까? Taekwon, Doreul Ahshibnikka? Do-hyeon's father KBS2
Faith 신의 Shin-eui Moon Chi-hoo (cameo) SBS
Happy Ending 해피엔딩 Kim Doo-soo jTBC
2011 Warrior Baek Dong-soo 무사 백동수 Musa Baek Dong-soo Chun SBS
2010 Road No. 1 로드 넘버원 Rodeu Neombeowon Yoon Sam-soo MBC
2009 Father's House 아버지의 집 Ahbeojieui Jip Kang Man-ho SBS
2007 The Legend 태왕사신기 Taewang sasingi Daejangro MBC
2004 Han River Ballad 한강수타령 Han-kang-soo Ta-ryeong Shin Ryul MBC
2003 South of the Sun 태양의 남쪽 Tae-yang-ui Nam-jjok Kang Sung-jae SBS
2000 Legends of Love 사랑의 전설 Min-suk SBS
1998 White Nights 3.98 백야 3.98 Baekya 3.98 Kwon Taek-hyeong SBS
1995 Sandglass 모래시계 Mo-rae-shi-gae Park Tae-soo SBS
1993 Walking Up to Heaven 걸어서 하늘까지 물새 Jung-ho MBC
My Mother's Sea 엄마의 바다 Eommaui Bada Lee Dong-jae MBC
1991 What is Love 사랑이 뭐길래 Sa-rang-yi Mwo-gil-rae Lee Dae-pal MBC
무동이네 집 Lee Soo-hyun MBC
Humble Men 고개숙인 남자 In-soo MBC
Moon(Best Theater) Dal Lee Dae-pal MBC
1987 꼬치미 KBS2

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 Choi Min Soo's Awards

  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards : Golden Acting Award, Actor (Pride and Prejudice)
  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards : Golden Acting Award, Actor in a Historical Drama (The Legend)
  • 2004 MBC Drama Awards : Top Excellence Award, Actor (Han River Ballad)
  • 2001 37th Baeksang Arts Awards : Best Film Actor (Libera Me)
  • 2000 SBS Drama Awards : Big Star Award (Legends of Love)
  • 2000 37th Grand Bell Awards : Best Actor (Phantom: the Submarine)
  • 1996 19th Golden Cinematography Awards: Most Popular Actor
  • 1996 34th Grand Bell Awards : Best Actor (Terrorist)
  • 1995 SBS Drama Awards : Grand Prize/Daesang (Sandglass)
  • 1995 22nd Korea Broadcasting Awards: Best TV Actor (Sandglass)
  • 1995 16th Blue Dragon Film Awards : Best Actor, Popular Star Award (Terrorist)
  • 1995 31st Baeksang Arts Awards : Best TV Actor (Sandglass)
  • 1993 14th Blue Dragon Film Awards : Popular Star Award
  • 1993 31st Grand Bell Awards : Most Popular Actor
  • 1993 29th Baeksang Arts Awards : Best TV Actor (Walking Up to Heaven)
  • 1992 28th Baeksang Arts Awards : Most Popular TV Actor (What Is Love)
  • 1992 13th Blue Dragon Film Awards : Popular Star Award
  • 1991 12th Blue Dragon Film Awards : Popular Star Award
  • 1990 11th Blue Dragon Film Awards : Best Supporting Actor (North Korean Partisan in South Korea)
  • 1989 25th Baeksang Arts Awards : Best New Film Actor (Last Dance with Her)
  • 1987 11th Golden Cinematography Awards: Best New Actor (Long Journey & Tunnel)

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 Choi Min Soo's References

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