Gong Hyo Jin


Gong Hyo-jin(born April 4, 1980) is a South Korean actressliving in Seoul , South Korea .

 Recent news about Gong Hyo Jin

  • by TaekYon.Kim  -  September 14, 2018 04:22 AM

    Gong Hyo Jin may be returning to the world of dramas soon!

    Actor Gong Hyo-jin is reviewing the appearance of 'camellia flower'. On December 12, the management company of the agency said, "Gong Hyo-jin is proposed and under consideration for the appearance of KBS 2TV new drama 'Camellia Flower'".   'Camellia Flower' is a new genre of 'Ssammai W…

  • by hwarang  -  July 10, 2018 02:56 AM

    Gong Hyo Jin playfully complains about how she was never involved in dating rumo…

    Gong Hyo Jinplayfully reacted toGong YooandJung Yoo Mi's marriage rumors. Recently, rumors stated that labelmates Gong Yoo and Jung Yoo Mi, who've also worked together for film 'Train to Busan', are getting married at a hotel in Seoul.Management Soop responded the reports with a stron…

  • by HyonJoo.Kim  -  June 30, 2018 01:32 PM

    Gong Hyo-jin, your own color to digest any styling

    For any styling, Gonghyojin digests his own color. Actress Gong Hyo Jin showed off the show's fashionista star dignity even in the pictorial behind-the-cut. Gong Hyo Jin showed off fashionista down style with a lipstick campaign pictorial behind-the-cut.  In the open photo, Gong Hyo …

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 Gong Hyo Jin's Filmography

YearKorean TitleEnglish TitleRole
1999 여고괴담 두번째 이야기 Memento Mori Ji-won
2000 가문의 영광 (MBC) My Funky Family Hyo-jin
여름 이야기 Summer Story
2001 화려한 시절 (SBS) Wonderful Days Jo Yeon-shil
선물 Last Present FemaleMC(bit part)
사랑하라 희망 없이 (KBSDrama City) Love Without Hope
킬러들의 수다 Guns & Talks Student
화산고 Volcano High So Yo-seon
2002 네 멋대로 해라 (MBC) Ruler of Your Own World Song Mi-rae
서프라이즈 Surprise Party In-ju
긴급조치 19호 Emergency Act 19 Kim Min-ji
철없는 아내와 파란만장한 남편 그리고 태권소녀 A Bizarre Love Triangle Geum-sook
품행제로 Conduct Zero Jang Na-young
2003 눈사람 (MBC) Snowman Seo Yeon-wook
상두야 학교 가자 (KBS) Sang-doo! Let's Go to School Chae Eun-hwan
2004 다섯 개의 별 (SK Telecommobile drama) 5 Stars
2005 건빵선생과 별사탕 (SBS) Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy Na Bo-ri
천군 Heaven's Soldiers Kim Su-yeon
2006 가족의 탄생 Family Ties Sun-kyung
2007 고맙습니다 (MBC) Thank You Lee Young-shin
아들 My Son daughter, flock of geese
행복 Happiness Soo-yeon
M M Eun-hye
2008 다찌마와 리: 악인이여 지옥행 급행열차를 타라! Dachimawa Lee Geum Yeon-ja
미쓰 홍당무 Crush and Blush Yang Mi-sook
2009 지금, 이대로가 좋아요 Sisters on the Road Oh Myung-ju
2010 파스타 (MBC) Pasta Seo Yoo-kyung
소와 함께 여행하는 법 Rolling Home With a Bull Hyun-soo
2011 최고의 사랑 (MBC) The Greatest Love Gu Ae-jung
타임: 새드 무비를 아시나요? (MBCdocumentary) Do You Know Sad Movies?
(Time, episode 1)
꽃미남 라면가게 (tvN) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Record store clerk
(cameo, episode 9)
2012 러브픽션 Love Fiction Lee Hee-jin
577 프로젝트 (documentary) 577 Project Herself
美好2012: 你何止美丽
미호2012: 그녀의 연기
(Youku"Beautiful 2012"short film)
You Are More Than Beautiful Young-hee

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 Gong Hyo Jin's Music Videos

YearArtistKorean TitleEnglish Title
2003 Lee Soo-young 덩그러니 (Part 1)Left Alone
Lee Soo-young 여전히 입술을 깨물고 (Part 2)I Still Bite My Lips
Yoon Gun 갈색머리 Brown Hair

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 Gong Hyo Jin's Discography

YearArtistSong TitleFrom the AlbumRef.
2002 Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Eun-ji 침대의 끝 A Bizarre Love TriangleOST
2011 My Q feat. Gong Hyo-jin 나 너를 사랑하나봐 "I Think I Love You" Ready for the World

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 Gong Hyo Jin's Books

  • Gong Hyo-jin's Notebook(environmental essays, 2010)

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 Gong Hyo Jin's Commercials

  • 2000: Migliore, Fujifilm , 700-5425, SK Telecom Power Digital 017
  • 2001: Binggrae Spicy Soya Ramen, Popeyes Chicken , Orion Yegam Baked Potato Chips, IZ Jeans
  • 2002: Persnet, Lotte Potato Slims, ZippyZiggy , ys'b
  • 2003: ys'b, Namyang Fresh Strawberry Milk, Lecaf sportswear, Rexona
  • 2004: MF
  • 2007: Auction.co.kr
  • 2008: Auction.co.kr, Guess Love Triangle-GLove Your Bodycampaign, The North Face
  • 2009: The North Face , CliniqueYES!campaign, BenettonGreen Ridecampaign
  • 2010: The North Face , Bobbi BrownBrighteningline, Orion Natural Chicle , Max Beer , Dior Cosmetics, Uniqlo , Motorola DEFY , Biotherm , Excuse Me + pushBUTTON lookbook
  • 2011: Biotherm (White D-Tox, Aquasource, Celluli Laser, Skin Ergetic, Age Fitness), Uniqlo , Samsung Card S Class, Aquarius , Max All Malt Beer
  • 2012: Biotherm Aquasource Nuit, Aquarius , Namyang Delicious Milk GT, Nintendo 3DS Mario Kart 7 , Los Angeles Project (LAP Korea) lookbook

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 Gong Hyo Jin's Awards and nominations

YearGroupAwardFilm / DramaResultRef.
2001 Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Guns & TalksNominated
SBS Drama Awards New Star Award Wonderful DaysWon
2002 Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (TV) Wonderful DaysWon
Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Volcano HighNominated
MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award Ruler of Your Own WorldWon
2003 Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Conduct ZeroNominated
MBC Drama Awards Best Actress, Excellence Award SnowmanNominated
KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Rain Sang-doo! Let's Go to SchoolWon
KBS Drama Awards Netizen Award Sang-doo! Let's Go to SchoolWon
KBS Drama Awards Best Actress, Excellence Award Sang-doo! Let's Go to SchoolWon
2006 Korean Film Awards Best Actress Family TiesNominated
Thessaloniki International Film Festival Best Actress Family TiesWon
2007 Korean Film Awards Best Supporting Actress HappinessWon
MBC Drama Awards Best Actress, Top Excellence Award Thank YouWon
2008 Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress HappinessNominated
Grand Bell Awards Best Supporting Actress HappinessNominated
Chunsa Film Art Awards Best Supporting Actress HappinessNominated
Buil Film Awards Best Supporting Actress MNominated
Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Crush and BlushNominated
Korea Visual Arts Festival Photogenic Award Crush and BlushWon
Korean Film Awards Best Actress Crush and BlushWon
Director's Cut Awards Best Actress Crush and BlushWon
Women in Film Korea Awards Best Actress Crush and BlushWon
2009 Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress Crush and BlushNominated
New York Asian Film Festival Rising Star Asia Award Crush and BlushWon
2010 China Entertainment Television Top 10 Asian Actors PastaWon
Style Icon Awards Style Leader Won
MBC Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Lee Seon-gyun PastaWon
MBC Drama Awards Best Actress, Top Excellence Award PastaWon
2011 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot Style Icon Won
Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot Drama Star - Female The Greatest LoveWon
Korea Drama Festival Best Actress The Greatest LoveNominated
MBC Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Cha Seung-won The Greatest LoveWon
MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award The Greatest LoveWon
MBC Drama Awards Best Actress, Top Excellence Award (Miniseries) The Greatest LoveWon
2012 Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (TV) The Greatest LoveWon
Mnet 20's Choice Awards 20′s Movie Star - Female Love FictionNominated

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